Not Quite Donne (nqdonne) wrote in hd_holidays,
Not Quite Donne

The Big Reveal!

Time for reveals! Click below to see who wrote/drew what - and then please continue to read and leave feedback! If you have not yet commented on your gift, please do - there is nothing worse than not hearing from your giftee!

You are now free to repost your fic and art wherever you choose. If we are hosting your fic off-site (anything over 12K!), please relocate your fic to somewhere more stable (your LJ, archive site, website) and provide us with the new link in a comment to this entry. We do not plan on keeping the server long-term, so in order that people can read your fic for years to come, relocation is key! Same goes for artists, who I'm sure will want to add their signatures to their pieces and post on their own archives, as well.

Thank you again to everyone, especially those mentioned in this post. We couldn't have done it without help! Would like to add a new thank you to kriken for doing my bidding today and helping me catch up on tagging the entries and plugging in who wrote/drew what into all the posts.

All done! Tara and I have had a ball doing this, though we also had some moments where we both were pulling our hair out! Because of that, I can definitely tell you ahead of time that we will be running a smaller, stricter fest next time!

We haven't decided on too many specifics, but we will definitely be keeping the size closer to that of that last fest, aiming for three posts a day instead of four. If you have done this fest more than once and have been a reliable participant, don't worry, you will have a reserved space. "Reliable" means you turned in clean, recipient-appropriate copy in good time, and we didn't have to kick your story back for multiple edits. This is most of our second/third timers. For the rest, we are still trying to figure out the logistics of running a lottery system.

But that's jumping the gun, eh? Sign-ups will be in August and we'll run the fest in December, just like this year. Those of you craving another H/D fest should check out hd_worldcup and hds_beltane in the meantime - they will be running in April and May, respectively. There should also be another round of hd_remix in the summer.
Tags: [admin] masterlist, round: winter 2007

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