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Poll Results & Announcing of cap/lottery format

Thank you to everyone who filled out our polls! It's given us a good, general idea of how the numbers are skewing, and it's nothing that surprises us, honestly :D General results, as of now:

-- There are 24 people claiming reserved spots, and 10 people considering claiming. (Update: as of 6/16 there are 27 claiming reserved and 11 people considering)
-- There are 34 people definitely taking part in the lottery. (Update: as of 6/16 there are 39)
-- There are 36 people who might take part in the lottery. (Update: as of 6/16 there are 37)
-- That's a grand total of 104 :D (Update: as of 6/16 total is 114)

Here are the decisions we've made about how the numbers will run.

  • There will be a participant cap of 80.
  • We expect 30 of those spots to go to reserved candidates, bearing in mind that currently only 24 have affirmed they definitely want a spot, so that number could be less.
  • With a normal number of drop-outs and reassignments, we will still be posting 2 fics/arts a day with the occasional 3 post day.
  • After a modest artist response, we are revising the reservation rules for artists who have previously participated. If you are an artist who has participated AT LEAST ONCE (and turned in their piece, of course!), you are guaranteed a spot. New artists will enter the lottery. We are happy to post a list of eligible artists if you feel you need it, but most of you will know who you are.
  • Following on that point, should the artist reservations tip our cap over 80, we will let the participant number go up to 85-90 ONLY if the overflow is from artists. Meaning: no extra artist will "steal" a writer spot, nor will the overabundance of writers punish an artist -- make sense?
  • The remaining 50 lottery spot hopefuls will be divided into two groups -- 2nd time participants and those completely new to the fest. This means a smaller pool for both groups, and new people won't be competing with 2nd-timers for a spot. This is to ensure an even distribution, statistically, of new people and 2nd timers. We may have a third pool of new artists, but only if a large number sign up.
  • Anyone who doesn't make the lottery is encouraged to sign-up as a pinch hitter. On average, we integrate anywhere from 3 to 8 pinch hitters per round, so you may get your shot that way!
  • If you are eligible to reserve and would PREFER to be a pinch-hitter on call, please let us know!

We look forward to solidifying reservations in July, and sign-ups in August! Feel free to ask us questions, especially in the event that we've forgotten something here that we promised to address!
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