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Author: lavillanueva
Recipient: scarletscarlet
Title: The Sound and the Fury
Pairings: Harry/Draco, implications of Harry/Ginny and Draco/Astoria
Summary: "Harry wished he didn't respond to Malfoy this way, wished his self-control wasn't reduced to nothing the second Malfoy touched him."
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings: Mild dub-con, bondage, sounding, casual infidelity, orgasm delay, a little rough sex. Lack of anything resembling a plot.
Epilogue compliant? Canon-compliant, epilogue-ambiguous.
Word Count: 5,300
Author's Notes: Thank you so much to my long-suffering betas, especially B. Ladies, every last one of you is an angel. I would also like to extend my gratitude and apologies to my friend P, who will likely never again answer my calls, and to William Faulkner for lending me the title. Finally, thanks to the mods for their eternal patience and support.

scarletscarlet, I was positively ecstatic when I received this assignment; I hope you don't mind that I've ignored your prompts and gone the kinky PWP route. This was an absolute joy to write and I hope very much that you enjoy it.

The weight of an arm draping over his chest nudged Harry awake. He pushed it away. The thick duvet already had him sweating; there was no way he'd be able to sleep with another person resting on top of him as well.

"Ugh, Gin," he muttered, flipping onto his stomach. "I think you overdid it on the warming charms." Climate control was one area where the Muggles had it right.

"Hmm?" said the person next to him - who was blond, male, and definitely not Ginny.

"Fuck!" Harry shot up, sending the covers flying as he scrambled from the bed.

"Watch it," Malfoy warned as he tugged the duvet back around his chest. "You wake me up, you're putting me back to sleep."

"Not tonight," Harry told him as he rooted around for his clothes. "I have to go. I was supposed to be back by now." He picked up a pair of trousers from the floor and had them halfway to his hips before he thought to make sure they were his. They were.

Malfoy pushed up on his elbows. "You're not staying?"

"I can't." Harry tried to focus on threading his belt through the loops and not on the look Malfoy was surely giving him. "I told Gin I'd be home tonight."


"Why what?"

"Why're you going home tonight?"

"She's leaving for Japan on Thursday- I should see her before she goes. Have you seen my socks?"

"You saw her last night," Malfoy said, ignoring the question.

"I know, but--" The bed creaked under Malfoy's shifting weight. Harry looked up just as Malfoy reached the foot of the bed, kneeling up so they were almost the same height. Sure enough, there was a look in his eye that made Harry's stomach do cartwheels. "...but she'll be gone all next week," he finished around the knot in his throat.

"Stay," Malfoy said, tucking his fingers into the waistband of Harry's trousers, "please?"

It was crazy, the way Malfoy could all but undo him in the space of a single word. Please. Only one little word, but Harry could never get over the way it sounded coming out of Malfoy's mouth. Not at lunch, when Malfoy would oh-so-innocently ask him to pass the salt. Not on duty, when Malfoy wondered if Harry would mind finishing this deposition without him. And not in the third floor men's loo - the one that seemed impervious to Silencing charms - when Malfoy had a tube of lube in one hand and Harry's cock in the other.

Especially not then.

"I can't," Harry said again, but it came out as nothing more than a dry whisper. Malfoy's knuckles were rubbing against the skin of his belly and it was difficult to think. "I'm sorry, I have to--"

"You don't have to," Malfoy said, calm and soft, like he was coaxing a frightened animal. "Tell her you had to stay. Ministry emergency. I'll back you up." His fingers extended below Harry's belt, long enough to brush against his pubic hair but not quite enough to touch his awakening cock.

"Stop." Harry wrapped his fingers around Malfoy's wrist and tried to prise his hand away, but Malfoy held fast. "I can't stay."

"Yes, you can. Do you need a reason?" Malfoy tightened his grip and pulled Harry closer so their bodies touched. His lips tickled against Harry's ear. "I can give you a reason."

The cold shivers dancing down his spine shocked Harry out of his sex-and-sleep-induced stupor. "I'm sure you could," he snapped, ducking away from Malfoy's mouth. "But I'm not staying just so you can avoid a little quality time with your wife."

The flex of Malfoy's jaw was all the warning Harry received before he was yanked onto the bed and flipped on his back. For someone so thin, Malfoy was deceptively strong.

"Quit it, Malfoy, I need to--" Harry tried to get up, but Malfoy pushed him back to the bed, climbing on his chest to hold him down.

"I don't- I don't have time for this," he said. It was difficult to breathe with Malfoy's weight constricting his lungs.

"We'll make time. I'll just put in a Floo to your girlfriend--"

"Wife," Harry corrected him.

"Wife, girlfriend, whore," Malfoy waved his hand noncommittally, "does it matter? She knows how busy you are. One more night won't make a difference."

"Don't you dare."

Malfoy grinned, somewhere between amused and malicious. "So now it's a dare? I think I'll take you up on that. But first--" he reached over to the bedstand "--let's make sure you don't go running off, yeah?" When he sat back, his wand was in his hand.

"Fuck, don't--"

"Incarcerous." Thick ropes appeared out of nowhere to wind around Harry's wrists and strap them to the headboard.

"Damnit, Malfoy!" Harry struggled, but with his arms stretched out and Malfoy sitting on his chest, it was a futile effort. The lack of oxygen was making him dizzy.

"Careful there." Malfoy sounded as though he'd start laughing at any second. "You'll give yourself rope burn, and you don't want to explain that to the little woman."

"Then let me go," Harry gasped, but he stopped struggling. Malfoy was right; his wrists were already beginning to chafe.

"Oh, but that wouldn't be any fun," Malfoy said, climbing off the bed and heading towards the bedroom door.

When Malfoy returned a few minutes later, looking immensely pleased with himself, Harry was no closer to free than he'd been when Malfoy left.

"Not so fussed about the rope burn?" Malfoy shucked his robe and climbed back on the bed, this time positioning himself over Harry's hips. Harry was only half-hard, but wouldn't be for long if Malfoy kept shifting against him. "I suppose we can say you were held hostage. It wouldn't be so far from the truth."

"Let me up," Harry said, trying not to buck into the pressure of Malfoy's arse. He didn't want Malfoy to think he was giving in, but Malfoy was right there, touching him without providing any friction.

"If I do, are you going to leave?" Malfoy canted his hips, once, and Harry had to fight to keep still.

"No," he said, and his voice was a little shaky but at least he hadn't groaned it out.

"Why don't I believe you?" Malfoy smirked and ground down against Harry's erection. "Don't worry, I'll make sure you enjoy yourself."

"I am going to kill you," Harry said as Malfoy unbuckled his belt.

"One less incentive to release you." He pulled Harry's trousers down and deposited them on the floor. Without anything to constrict it, Harry's cock sprang to attention, standing perpendicular to his body. Harry flushed and turned his head to the side. He wished he didn't respond to Malfoy this way, wished his self-control wasn't reduced to nothing the second Malfoy touched him.

"Malfoy." He tried to keep his voice clear and strong despite the way Malfoy's fingers ran over the tops of his thighs. "I really- I can't play these games tonight."

"Games?" There was a hard edge to Malfoy's voice and his fingers stopped moving. "Which one of us is playing games, Harry?" Before Harry could respond, Malfoy's fingernails dug into his hips.

"Ow! What are you--" he looked down to see his skin blanch under Malfoy's nails. "Fuck's sake, Malfoy, stop! She'll see!"

"Mmm," Malfoy hummed, relenting at last. He ran his fingers over the red half-crescents that sank deep into Harry's skin. "I suppose she will."

"Are you insane?" Harry said, trying - and failing - to twist out of his restraints. "Do you know what'll happen?"

Malfoy paused and cocked his head. "You know, I'm not sure I do." He found the mark his thumbnail had left and pressed it in again, deep enough Harry could feel it scratching against his hipbone. "Shall we find out?"

"No!" Harry tried to press his hips down into the mattress, to escape Malfoy's nails cutting into his skin, but there was no where to go.

"Hmm, no, I shouldn't send you home all marked up." Malfoy retrieved his wand from his discarded robes and aimed it at Harry's chest. "A tattoo would be more to the point."

Cold fear flooded through Harry's veins. "You wouldn't," he said without any confidence.

"Oh no?" Malfoy caught his gaze and held it as he crawled backwards. "I think I would." He bent over Harry's body, licking at the hollow between Harry's groin and thigh. Harry squeezed his eyes shut and exhaled sharply.

"Right here," Malfoy breathed, kissing the patch of skin he'd selected. "So she could see it when she sucked you off. So anytime anyone put your cock in their mouth they'd read the words Property of Draco Malfoy." He pressed the tip of his wand to Harry's hip.

"Don't--" Harry tried to say, but he couldn't complete the thought. At that moment it was difficult to verbalise why tattooing Malfoy's name on his skin would be a bad idea.

"No," Malfoy said, pulling away. "You're right. I have no interest in having my bits hexed off."

Harry took a deep breath. Malfoy was so lucky he didn't have use of his arms at the moment. "I'm still going to kill you," he said. "The second I get up. It's going to be slow and painful."

Malfoy did not look the least bit scared. "I guess I'd better have my fun first, hmm? Don't worry," he said in a way that Harry knew meant he should be very worried indeed, "I won't leave a single mark."

He replaced his wand on the bedstand then bent over further to retrieve something from the bottom drawer. When he sat back up, there was a rolled-up length of cloth in his hand. Before Harry could ask what it was, Malfoy set it on his chest and let the cloth unravel.

Inside was a neat row of a dozen long glass rods of increasing thickness - color-coded, so the thinnest one had a light blue core and the thickest, a deep navy. To the innocent eye, they looked like embellished stirring rods for Potions-making, but Harry knew better.

"Draco." His throat caught on the second syllable. "I don't- come on. Not tonight."

The wicked look left Malfoy's face. "It's all right," he said gently. "We won't go too high, okay?"

Harry swallowed and looked down at the rods - sounds, Malfoy had called them last time, when he'd licked his lips and said the magic word and the next thing Harry knew he had a cock full of glass. "Okay," he whispered, watching nervously as Malfoy's fingers hovered between the third and fourth rods.

Malfoy smiled and kissed Harry's stomach. "See? I told you we'd have fun." He plucked the second rod - one with a sky-blue core - from the canvas, and Harry almost laughed with relief.

Harry watched as Malfoy slicked the rod with lube. Just as Malfoy was about to slide it in, though, he paused. "Do I need to tie your legs?" he asked, "or can you be still?"

Harry shook his head. Being bound was one thing, but immobility was quite another. He liked having some line of defence left to him, even if it was only to knee Malfoy in the balls and hope he wasn't so pissed that he left Harry there for the night.

"Let's hope not," Malfoy said, and he took Harry's cock in his free hand, pressing his thumb against the sensitive spot on the underside. For a moment he didn't do anything else, just rubbed his thumb in slow circles. Harry's hips jerked in response.

"Still, remember? Don't want to hurt you."

Harry nodded and bit his lip, trying to block out the feel of Malfoy's hand manipulating his foreskin.

"That's good," Malfoy said softly, encouraging. He raised the rod again, positioning it at the tip of Harry's cock. The glass was cool against Harry's hot skin, but he bit down harder and managed to keep his hips under control. "Very good. Deep breath now."

Part of Harry wanted to close his eyes and turn away. Try to pretend he was somewhere else. But as soon as the glass began to sink into his body he found he couldn't take his eyes off the sight, not even to blink. What he was seeing didn't seem to have anything to do with what he was feeling: it looked as though the rod was sliding in with ease, but it felt like the glass could barely fit, like it was stretching his inner walls to their breaking point and plugging him up airtight.

At least he didn't have to worry about keeping still. He was too transfixed to move. Malfoy didn't stop, just continued guiding the rod deeper and deeper until only a few centimetres were left protruding from his slit. Right down to the root, and it felt like the rod was filling his entire body, not just his cock, leaving his skin taut and sensitive. His throat was tight and his cock was burning from the inside out.

"Like that," Malfoy said, voice tinged with awe. He ran his fingers up the length of Harry's cock - gently, reverently, but it was enough to shift the glass. Sharp waves of not-quite-pain shot through Harry's body with each tiny movement of the rod, leaving his fingers and nipples tingling in their wake. God... it was the strangest feeling, and Harry needed to be touched - somewhere, anywhere, so long as he found an outlet for the electric charge building up inside of him.

Rather than touch him, though, Malfoy flicked the end of the sound with one nail. Harry nearly screamed: it was like brushing against an exposed wire, only the shock waves were travelling down the rod and up his spine and his cock was set to explode if Malfoy did that one more time and why the fuck had he agreed to this?

"Take it out," he said, rolling his back against the bed to dampen the vibrations. "Please, take it out!"

"Shh." Malfoy rested his hands on Harry's thighs, massaging them lightly. "It's okay, I'll make it better." Once Harry stopped squirming, Malfoy leant over and closed his mouth around the head of Harry's cock, sound and all.

"Oh, God." Harry wanted to cry: it hurt so much but it felt so good and God what he wouldn't do to flip Malfoy over and fuck him through the mattress.

Malfoy licked slowly, gently around the head of his cock, careful not to disturb the protruding glass and send Harry into another fit. Eventually Harry felt his body relax: Malfoy was right, this did make it better. Malfoy's mouth, hot and soft, couldn't make him forget about the rod shoved deep into his body, but it did make the situation bearable. More than bearable.

All of a sudden, though, Malfoy stopped moving and held the tip of Harry's cock inside the loose ring of his lips. "Hey," Harry whined, "what--"

He never finished the sentence, because at that moment he felt a gentle suction pulling at the head of his cock. Harry watched with equal parts fascination and horror as Malfoy's cheeks hollowed and he began to suck the glass rod into his mouth.

"Fuck! Oh fucking, fucking- fuck!"

It didn't exactly feel good, the way the rod slid out of him: his inner nerves were too raw and hypersensitive for that. And the end of the sound, though smooth, scraped over the delicate skin inside his cock, pulling involuntary gasps and cries from his throat. But just when he thought he'd reached his limit, that he couldn't last one second more before he twisted and screamed and begged for it to stop, Malfoy's tongue darted out and started licking at his cockhead, and Harry had no idea what hurt and what didn't anymore.

"Draco..." he whined, afraid for a moment that he'd come just like that, with the vile glass obstructing his release.

But as soon as the thought struck him, Malfoy's mouth disappeared, abandoning Harry to the heat and the pain and the impossibility of relief.

"Please," he said, unsure what he was asking for.

"Wait. Watch." Malfoy placed his fingers around the root of Harry's cock, positioning it so it stood straight in the air, several inches of glass extending from the tip.

At first nothing happened - and then, as Harry watched, the glass began to move. Powered by nothing but its own weight, the sound sank into his body, refilling the empty space. Suddenly the pain seemed far away, eclipsed by the sight of the glass rod working its way down, down and it was just, just...

"Oh my God."

"I know."

Neither of them spoke again until the rod stopped. The room was silent and Harry swore he could feel his heartbeat in his cock, could feel each pulse squeezing him tighter around the sound.

"See?" Malfoy said. Harry nodded.

When Malfoy reached for it again, his hand was tentative, hovering above the sound as though afraid touching it would break the spell that had settled over the room. But his hesitation lasted only a second, and then his fingers closed around the end of the rod and twisted it - first to the right, then the left, and right again...

"Oh fuck, oh fuck--" It was like fingernails raking all over his skin, tickling and scraping and scratching at itches he hadn't known were there. Harry thrust up, wanting more, harder, something.

"Stop," Malfoy commanded him. He laid a hand on Harry's hip, exerting just enough pressure to cease his frantic movements.

Harry made a plaintive noise and strained against his bonds. He wished he could have his hands free, wished Malfoy didn't have to tie him down for things like this. Wished he could allow Malfoy free reign with his rings and clamps and plugs without the fight-or-flight instinct taking over. Even now, with Malfoy's hand to steady him, Harry was having a hard time lying back and letting Malfoy have his way. He took a deep breath and wrapped his hands around the lengths of rope attaching him to the headboard.

"There," Malfoy said, tracing the line of Harry's hipbone with his thumb. Harry closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on that touch, rather than the sensations emanating from his cock. "There. All right. Ready now?"

Harry nodded quickly, his eyes still squeezed shut. He was ready. More than ready. He needed it to hurt more - or less - either one. He was tired of being on this edge where he didn't know whether to cry or come and couldn't quite manage either.

He felt Malfoy reach across the bed and tightened his grip on the ropes. Hopefully Malfoy would keep his word about not going too high - he could handle one more rod, maybe two, but beyond that... He was fairly certain Astoria had heard his screams last time, even through the gag and the endless hallways of the Manor.

The cool touch of Malfoy's fingers on his inner thigh came as a surprise.


"Legs apart. There you are." Harry spread his legs and Malfoy's wet fingers found his entrance, applying a generous helping of lube.

"You're not..." Harry glanced over at the rolled canvas beside him on the bed.

"Next time," Malfoy promised. He pushed gently at the rim, exploring but not penetrating. Harry could feel the tight ring give way under Malfoy's touch, but Malfoy kept his fingers outside, slowly circling Harry's hole. Suddenly he pulled back. "Unless you'd like me to stop."

"What? No!" Harry tested the limits of his bonds, trying to force Malfoy's fingers into his body. He needed that touch, needed something, but Malfoy kept his fingers out of reach, denying Harry any contact at all.

Malfoy laughed. "I didn't think so."

Harry groaned. He was beginning to think Malfoy would never get him off, that he'd spend the rest of his life inching his way towards orgasm: always taking one step closer only to have Malfoy drag him back.

"C'mon," he whined, bucking into Malfoy's fingers. The action set his cock into motion, swinging heavily back and forth like a metronome, and fuck it, even the air felt good rushing over his skin. "Come on," he said again, "I need- fucking hell, Malfoy! I need--"

"More?" Malfoy offered, resting his fingers outside Harry's arsehole.

"Yes." Yes, fuck, he needed more, and if Malfoy didn't give it to him soon he was going to rip the bed apart trying to get his hands on his cock.

"If you insist," Malfoy said, and thrust two fingers into Harry's hole. Harry howled, more out of surprise than pain - he was still loose from their earlier round - and felt himself clamp down around Malfoy's fingers.

"Did that hurt?" Malfoy asked, turning his hand slowly.

"Yes, you bastard," Harry seethed, trying to relax his muscles again.

"How about this?" Malfoy stopped his hand, palm-up, and curled his fingers into Harry's prostate. "Does this hurt?"

For the first time since Malfoy had pulled his toys out of the drawer, waves of pure pleasure flowed through Harry's limbs. "No," he said, letting his eyes fall shut. He imagined Malfoy was sniggering above him, but so long as Malfoy kept up that glorious pressure, he could do whatever he wanted.

All too soon, Malfoy withdrew his fingers. "Hold on," Malfoy said before Harry could protest. He placed one hand under each of Harry's knees, propping them up so he could scoot closer, the front of his thighs touching the backs of Harry's.

"Don't move, okay?" Malfoy asked, still holding Harry's legs in the air. "Let me do the work." When Harry nodded, Malfoy released his right hand to position his cock at Harry's entrance.

"Wait!" Harry said as Malfoy began to move forward. Malfoy halted, but the nails on his left hand dug into Harry's thigh. "Aren't you going to take it out?"

Malfoy looked down at Harry's cock, the sky-blue rod still protruding from the end, and licked his bottom lip. "Not yet," he said. He flexed his hips and the head of his cock breached Harry's body, but his gaze stayed fixed on the sound.

"But- ohh." Unlike his fingers, Malfoy slid his cock into Harry's arsehole with care, allowing Harry to experience the gradual stretch and contraction of his arse around Malfoy's length. When he was fully seated, Malfoy took Harry's left knee in his hand again and spread his legs apart.

Harry felt a bit like a puppet on strings with his arms and legs splayed out that way, but if Malfoy was finally going to fuck him, he didn't care how he looked. He squirmed, trying to gain some leverage, but there was nothing for his legs to hook under. No way to push back against Malfoy, who was inside him at last but wouldn't bloody move.

"If you don't get on with it," Harry growled, "in the next five seconds, I am never- ow, fuck!"

Malfoy cut him off with a snap of his hips, the quick back-and-forth movement setting the rod back in motion. It swung over Harry's stomach in a jerky pattern, pinching the skin inside his cock with every change of direction. "You were saying?"

Harry whimpered as his cock bobbed. Every few seconds the head would graze over his stomach - he was tempted to try rolling his hips, see if that would get him more than a cruel tease of a touch. But it would also get him more erratic, painful movements of the rod inside his cock, and so he remained still.

"Be good," Malfoy said, pulling out slowly, "and it won't hurt so much." Once he'd slid nearly all the wait out, he pushed back in, a tiny bit faster but angled so his cock would rub against Harry's prostate. Harry groaned, the prickles of pain in his cock entirely forgotten.

"See?" There was a lesson there somewhere, one more profound than lie still and let me do what I want. But Harry didn't know - didn't care - what it was, and so he nodded and croaked out a yes and waited for Malfoy to do it again.

He did, sliding in and out with a deliberate, unhurried pace, brushing against Harry's prostate each time. Harry wanted to settle into it, ride the waves of pleasure to the crest, but he couldn’t with the bursts of pain intersecting the pleasure. So he yielded to Malfoy's directions, doing his best not to move as Malfoy fucked him.

Harry had nearly given up hope on getting off when Malfoy wrapped one hand around his cock. "Oh, God yes," he babbled as Malfoy pumped his hand, "yes, fuck, like that, God, harder-"

Malfoy stopped his hand just below the head of Harry's cock and squeezed, hard enough to bring tears to Harry's eyes. "Ow, ow fuck! Stop, take it out, you have to take it out!" His cock burned where Malfoy's fist forced it against the glass. If Malfoy didn't take it out immediately, Harry was going to die. There was no way he could endure the long-awaited relief of Malfoy's hand on the outside and the searing pain on the inside both at once. He needed the fucking sound out, now, and if that meant no orgasm or no sex or whatever else Malfoy wanted to punish him with, then so be it. He needed it out.

Ignoring him, Malfoy reared back and slammed forward, driving directly into Harry's prostate. Harry's vision flashed white, then black, and he screamed into the darkness, every muscle in his body contracting at once. His cock throbbed and balls drew into his body and he was ready to come, he needed to come, but the God-forsaken rod was still blocking his release.

"Please." Harry tried to look into Malfoy's eyes, but he couldn't focus with the black spots dancing across his vision. Malfoy must have come: his breaths were rapid and he'd stopped moving. The black spots disappeared just as Malfoy's hand went slack, and Harry could see that Malfoy was still staring down at his violently red cock and the rod sticking out of it. "Malfoy, please!"

"Hmm?" Malfoy's hand curled around the base of Harry's cock, not enough to hurt but enough to remind Harry that the sound was still deep inside him. As though he could forget.

"Malfoy, please," Harry whispered as Malfoy stroked the length of his cock at a glacial speed. "Please, take it out. I need to come."

"And then what?" Malfoy's hands tightened around Harry's leg and his cock. "Going to run away?"

"What? No, I- fuck, not so hard!"

Malfoy eased his grip a little, but made no move to withdraw the sound. "Not going to run home to your wife?"

"No, no, not leaving, please." Was it possible to come with a rod buried in your cock? It sounded painful, but it couldn't possibly be worse than Malfoy wanking him off, rubbing his sensitive skin into the unforgiving glass.

Releasing Harry's leg, Malfoy brought his other hand to Harry's cock, resting one fingertip on the end of the sound. "Promise?" he asked, pushing down.

"I promise!" Harry cried as the rod pressed against a spot that sent tremors through his body. "I promise promise promise. Please." He was going to come, he was going to come and it was going to hurt and he didn't care.

Malfoy whipped out the sound just as Harry was about to have the most painful orgasm of his life. "No," he whispered as he fell back from the edge yet again. Before he could complain any further, though, Malfoy leant over to close his mouth around Harry's abused cock.

After the intensity of the sound and the sex, Malfoy's mouth was almost too gentle. Harry bucked his hips, trying to shove his cock further into the tight heat of Malfoy's throat, but Malfoy's hands pinned him down to the bed.

Harry closed his eyes and tried to think up a fantasy, something that would push him over, but he couldn't conjure any image more erotic than being tied to the bed while Malfoy went down on him. And here he had it and it was perfect and yet it still wasn't enough. "I need- I need-"

He didn't have to finish the sentence. Malfoy released his hips, wrapped one hand around the base of Harry's cock and the other around his balls, and squeezed them both at once. Harry shouted as his body went rigid and finally, finally, he came. It went on forever, each spurt of come burning its way through his cock, every touch of Malfoy's tongue sending new ripples of pleasure through his body. He never ever wanted it to end.

When the last traces faded away, Harry opened his eyes. Malfoy was kneeling over him, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. They stared at each other for several moments, chests heaving, until Malfoy dropped his gaze to the bed. He packed away his set without saying a word, then lifted the Incarcerous.

Harry sat up and rubbed his wrists, unsure where to look or what to say. He hadn't yet mastered the skill of reverting to normal conversation after they did- that. What were you supposed to talk about after being tied up and tortured and brought to a mind-numbing orgasm?

At the edge of his vision, Malfoy's hand reached for the edge of the duvet, then paused. "You're staying, then?" Malfoy asked.

"If I say no, are you going to tie me to the bed again?"


Harry smiled in spite of himself. He looked up to see Malfoy doing the same. "Then I guess I'm staying."

"A wise decision." Malfoy tugged on the duvet, pulling it out from beneath Harry's arse. "Budge up," he said, lying down beside Harry and covering them both.

They lay in silence for a while, not touching except where Malfoy's knee dug into Harry's thigh. Malfoy's breaths were shallow and even, warm against Harry's neck as he exhaled. Harry closed his eyes and listened to the steady rhythm of Malfoy's breathing, ready for sleep to take him as well.

"It's not because of Astoria."

"Hmm?" Harry turned his head: Malfoy's eyes were open wide and fixed on his face. "What's not?"

"You, this." Malfoy was barely blinking. His grey eyes shone black in the pale light. "It's not because of her."

"I know." Harry's heart was beating too fast in his chest. He took one long breath, then another. They didn't help. "You don't have to tie me up to keep me here," he said quietly.

"I know." Malfoy said, then grinned. "What if I just do it for fun?"

Harry blushed and looked back at the ceiling. "Then I suppose that's all right."

He wanted to say something else, apologise for needing to leave occasionally, explain that it wasn't because he'd rather be home than here. But he suspected Malfoy knew it all already.

Malfoy's hand brushed against his, and Harry hooked their fingers together. "Oh, go to sleep, you complete sop!" Malfoy said.

"All right," Harry agreed. He turned to his side, holding onto Malfoy's hand so it curled around his chest.

"You're awfully touchy-feely tonight, Potter."

"Would you rather I go?"

Malfoy's arm squeezed tighter around his body. "Don't even try it."

"I didn't think so." Harry's heavy eyelids fell shut. "Just 'til it gets too hot," he said.

"Fine." Malfoy moved closer behind him, pressing his chest to Harry's back. His breath raised gooseflesh on the back of Harry's neck, sending shivers through Harry's body.

Harry's last disjointed thought before falling asleep was to wonder how Malfoy managed to be in him, on him, and all around him, all at once.
Tags: [fic], genre: kinky, genre: pwp, rated: nc-17, round: winter 2008

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