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Happy H/D Holidays stillaseeker!! | Long Time Coming - NC17

Title: Long Time Coming
Author: charlotteschaos
Recipient's name: stillaseeker
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Disclaimer: Characters and locations belong to JK Rowling, situations belong to the author.
Warnings: Rimming
Word count: 4844

Summary: The war is over and much of the Hogwarts staff has died or retired. Harry and Draco work about as well together as professors as they ever did as students.

Author's notes: I fail at summaries, it's actually rather funny. Thanks to A and D for the beta!

The huge, heavy door swung open and crashed against the stone dungeon wall with a resounding crack when none other than Harry Potter, looking rumpled and as disgruntled as ever flew in, eyes wide, glasses half-fogged with fury, lips already contorted into rant mode. "What is the meaning of this, Malfoy?" he hollered.

Draco looked coolly up from his grading, Potions homework adorned in red with a super-sized inkwell waiting for its next dip. He gazed at Harry's flushed face, down to his empty hands and finally to the orange Muggle-born first year trembling behind him, peeking out from behind Harry's robes. "I would say that someone mucked up a Calming Draught, although it's entirely possible that the child has eaten too many carrots."

When Draco returned to his grading without so much as an acknowledgement of the wrongness of what he'd done, Harry advanced on his desk and slammed his fist in the middle of the paper, pulling up a fair bit of red ink. "Malfoy! You will not get away with this!"

Sighing, as if the entire weight of the world was on his shoulders, and as if this burden was solely Potter himself, Draco eyed the heel of Harry's ink-red fist and then met his eyes. "Professor Malfoy to you. And just when is that curse of the DADA teachers going to kick in? How many years has it been now? Twenty? Thirty?"

"Three, Malfoy," Harry answered, narrowing his eyes. "For the last time, it's been three and since I killed Voldemort, the curse has been removed. You know that."

"You just like to dash all of my hopes, don't you?" asked Draco petulantly as he waved Harry off. "Very well, since you're clearly not going to do anything entertaining like die or become interestingly evil, shoo. I've work to do."

"Don't you dare dismiss me, you demi-evil prick!" Harry shouted. Sometimes, Harry didn't know why he'd bothered to testify on Draco's behalf in the first place. Sure, it was true to the extent of his knowledge that Draco had been pressed into service, but at times like these, he wondered if that hadn't just been an elaborate excuse said to a dying man for.... He couldn't really work out why Draco would lie at that point. Probably because he was a liar. And a git. And evil.

"Are you waiting for a goodbye kiss?" asked Draco as he pulled his wand. He tapped it to the area on the parchment affected by Harry's palm and huffed. "I have to grade this bit again, now. I hope you're happy."

"I'm very happy!" Harry raged.

"Good. Now go be happy somewhere else," said Draco, shaking his pallid hand at Harry again before pushing back his long, silvery hair that made him look more like an Inferi than anything attractive. Well, perhaps a little attractive. If he were a girl. Which he wasn't. So really, he just looked stupid.

"Not until you fix this!" Harry snapped, standing irritably over Draco's desk, not thinking about how stupid Draco looked.

"There is no fix for you, Potter," said Draco. He leered at Harry, his lips quirking into a smile. As if he could read Harry's mind, he pulled his hair over his shoulder and toyed with it.

"Not for me... for the student!" Harry's hand sailed back to indicate the student behind him, but he ended up slapping the child across the face, knocking him back.

Draco cackled.

"Stop that, it's not funny!" Harry howled, swirling around to tend to the assaulted Hufflepuff. "I'm so sorry, really. I didn't mean to."

"Potter, assaulting students is wrong. Isn't that in the manual somewhere?" said Draco between chuckles.

"Sod off, you prig!"

"Language! Goodness. Well, since I can't take points from you... twenty points from Hufflepuff," said Draco.

Both student and teacher glared up at Draco from the floor. Draco shrugged, smirked, and retuned to his work. Harry helped the student up to standing. "Malfoy."

"Oh, fine," huffed Draco as he pulled open a drawer. He set a vial of a blue fluid down on the edge of the desk and slammed the drawer shut, dislodging the glass tube from the side. "Oh, oops!"

Used to Draco's tricks, Harry's hand almost casually flicked out to catch the potion before it landed on the floor and broke. "Thanks," he said brightly.

"Hrmf," Draco retorted.

The child took the potion and soon turned to his normal color, but complained bitterly about the taste. Draco smirked at the whinging as he returned to his grading. He didn't even look up after Harry dismissed the child and asked him to close the door after he left.

"Look, Malfoy," Harry started.

"Blah, blah, blah, can't poison children, blah, blah, blah. I can and I do in the fine tradition of Severus before me." Draco appeared quite pleased with the way Severus's name caused Harry's hands to ball into fists.

"He was not a good teacher."

"Well I learned a lot from him, even without his special book." Draco's grin turned malicious and Harry knew that he was in for another dead end conversation.

"I don't know why I bother with you, Malfoy, I really don't," Harry said as he wheeled around and headed for the door.

Draco's grin broadened and he flicked his wand, turning Harry's hair Slytherin green. "You can't resist, silly Potty, that's why."


Draco sat in the headmaster's office, one leg crossed over the other as he lazily sipped the cup of tea he'd helped himself to. He kicked the front panel of the desk, making a loud booming noise as a sign of his irritation at being kept waiting.

Harry blustered into the office, narrowing his eyes at Draco's foot, causing Draco to kick it harder once more before he stopped. "Help yourself, Malfoy," huffed Harry as he crossed to sit behind the Headmaster's desk and summoned a cup.

"Don't mind if I do," said Draco drawled drolly.

Rolling his eyes, Harry poured himself some tea, stirred milk and sugar in, as he decided to pick his battles. "I think you know why you're here, Malfoy."

"Next time they won't forget to put the lethifold hairs into the potion after stirring twelve times counter-clockwise." Draco took another sip of the tea meant for Harry and set it down.

Harry knew for a fact that Draco didn't take his tea white, which was why he'd had the house-elves prepare it for him before he returned in the hopes that Draco wouldn't take it. No such luck. It just meant that Draco didn't drink much of it. At least this time he didn't have his feet on Harry's desk. Un-hexing the boils must've been difficult, even for Draco, and the memory of him trying to walk out of the room as if nothing was the matter still brought a smile to Harry's face. "You can't leave your students with forked tongues, Malfoy."

"Professor Malfoy."

"Malfoy, why must you vex me? I testified on your behalf, I kept you from Azkaban, and gave you a job when no one else would employ you. This is a job you need. I know you've nowhere else to live since the manor was seized and what money you had left went into your defense. You've nothing. But still you bite the hand that feeds you. What is wrong with you?" Harry pushed his tea away and leaned forward. He didn't expect an answer. Draco never gave straight answers.

"Giving me a job was the least you could do considering you ruined my perfectly brilliant future in Azkaban."

"It's prison, Malfoy, not a day spa," said Harry, meeting Draco's gaze.

Draco flipped his hair and seeing how Harry stared at it, pulled it forward again and started to plait it, smirking again. "Yes, well, at least I would've known people."

"If you keep this up, someone's parent is going to press charges and you'll be reunited with your friends," said Harry coldly.

"Quite." Briefly, Draco's whimsy was sunk and he studied his fingers threading through his pale hair.

Sensing that perhaps something had gone too far, Harry changed the subject. "Why do you keep your hair so long? It's perfectly ridiculous."

"Wizarding tradition. My father had long hair, as did his father and his father before him." Draco finished his loose plaiting and picked up the tail of his hair and brushed it over his cheek, closing his eyes.

For the merest of moments, Harry wondered if it was as soft as it looked, or if it felt as nice as it looked like it felt. Ginny's hair had felt nice against his face at one point, but that was a while ago now. "Your mother had long hair, too."

"Then I honor both of them." Unfazed, Draco started tracing the tail of his hair down his neck before one of the many whirring and spinning instruments in Harry's office. "What's that?"

Harry examined the magical time and appointment keeper and tilted his head, reading the runes in confusion until he remembered what it was. "Oh. Divination professor is coming for a meeting."

"Loony? Oooh, is it personal?" asked Draco as he pushed up from the chair by the arms, his expression more petulant than Harry found reasonable.

"Of sorts."

"Indeed," snapped Draco. "I shall remember this personal meeting the next time you call me up here for inappropriate behavior."

"No, it's not like that." Harry wondered why he was placating Draco, but reasoned that it wouldn't do for Draco to think something untoward was happening. "She's asking for advice."

"Tell her to stop being such a loony. Oh wait, coming from you...."

"Romantic advice," Harry said before he thought to edit it.

Draco had turned and was just about to head to the door when he froze, wheeled around and raised a brow. "And have you actually dated anyone since breaking up with the littlest Weasley?"

"Goodbye, Malfoy," said Harry, hating that he was starting to blush and let his longish dark fringe fall to shield his face.

"What was that, five years ago?" asked Draco.

"Look, I was busy, all right? Killing off the charismatic leader of a death cult took up some time, as has being the youngest headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen!"

"Oh, you just love being able to say that, don't you? Not just the youngest in a century, now it's ever!" Draco huffed.

"No one else wanted the job!" Not that this was the first time a discussion with Draco had gone this route, which was why he was ready with, "You don't count. You-were-part-of-that-death-cult, and-you're-lucky-you-have-a-job-here-now-go!"

"No need to get all huffy about it," said Draco before bustling off, flicking the heavy rope of hair back as if that left some final insult.

Harry sat back down and sipped his tea. He could get a date if he wanted one. He was just busy, was all. Really busy. All of the time. Really.


"What in the buggering hell did you say to Luna?" Harry shrieked, flying into Draco's private potions room. Most professors had their private areas and Harry respected all of them enough to not barge in as he had, even though he obviously could, given that he was headmaster and responsible for all of it.

Now he'd wished he'd knocked first, as Draco was glistening pale and naked, standing chastely behind his cauldron for modesty's sake. The room was cramped, more like a large closet than a room. High up were shelves with books and a dusty assortment of bottled eyes in green liquid and white fleshy fish bellies along with plain tins of herbs. The back wall was blank, but there was a counter on either both walls with a special loop around the cauldron to lean on without getting burned-- a smart precaution if one were inclined to make potions in the flesh, as it were.

Harry blinked and furrowed his brows. "You brew potions naked?"

"I'm really not sure how that's any of your business, given that this is my private space," said Draco.

Harry was embarrassed to now know that Draco was a body blusher. He averted his eyes, but he wasn't going to be run out of the room over the simple matter of Draco's heaving bare chest with rippling muscles dripping with sweat from the humidity in the confined space... and did he just think about Draco Malfoy's heaving bare chest with rippling muscles? Draco wasn't even that muscular, so Harry didn't even know where that came from. He needed to get that book back to Hermione. Now he was staring. Time to talk again. "I wouldn't normally, but I just had Luna in my office crying so hard that she could barely get your name out. So what did you do to her?"

"Not even half of what she wanted me to," said Draco. He shrugged then, seeming to decide that Harry wasn't leaving and he had a potion to get on with. He consulted his book and then went back to stirring.

"What is that supposed to mean? And stop mucking about with that potion!" Harry snapped.


"What? Luna wanted an antidote?"

Draco stared up at the ceiling and shook his head. "No, I'm brewing an antidote. I'd estimate in another hour you'll know why and demand I have this. I'm simply planning ahead."

"WHAT?" Harry raised his hands in a pantomime of throttling Draco, which he would have gladly turned into a live act if he had his druthers. Instead, he flattened his palms and said, "All right. One thing at a time, what did you say to Luna? Then we'll get to your mistreatment of the student body."

"I turned her down, is all. I suppose I could've been nicer about it, but I didn't see the advantage." Draco flipped the page and sprinkled something into his potion and tapped his wand on a timer on the counter.

"Turned her down for what?" As he asked it, the pieces fell into place. Somehow, Harry had gotten the impression that Luna was feeling him out for the possibility of asking him out, or failing that, he'd thought perhaps the new Arithmancy professor. Deep down, he'd flattered himself that she was being especially cagey about feeling him out for a date, but Luna usually didn't have agendas that crafty. She was pretty blunt. He hadn't asked, she hadn't told. "She asked you on a date?"

"Yes. And might I say, Potter, your advice was shite." The timer dinged and Draco started fussing with tubes and beakers, swishing liquid from tube to tube, swirling it, then he flipped it in the air like a flair bartender and caught it. He waggled his bows at Harry and nodded as if to say, I am really awesome, aren't I? and then added it to the potion, which flared up into a brilliant lavender.

"My advice would've been perfect if she'd been wanting to date a human being," snapped Harry.

Draco clapped his hand over his heart. The contact made a wet slap that hung in the air over the burble of the bubbling cauldron. "Ouch, my feelings."

"Should I even ask what you said to her?"

"I don't remember," said Draco, his eyes meeting Harry's with a devilish gleam. "Something about how while I found her wide-set hips to be appealing in a breeding capacity, that she wasn't nearly attractive enough for me to be seen with."

Harry turned red and an empty vial exploded.

"Oh, and I said that while I had money I donated to the special people, but I certainly wouldn't date one, pureblood or not."


Draco tapped his finger to his lips and said, "Seems like I did."

"That's it!" Harry truly snapped. It felt like a vein in his temple was about to explode and all he could see was red. He flew around the caldron and slammed Draco against the back wall, satisfied with the terrified look on Draco's face.

He had Draco pinned to the wall with his hands on his shoulders, his face was a breath away from Draco's soaked, shocked face. To Harry's surprise, Draco's breath smelled sweet, like white tea and treacle tarts. He looked down at Draco's parted lips, the soft way they looked when his mouth was opened in an "o" like this.

Though he didn't remember exactly making the decision, and later there would be much debate as to who initiated it, he soon found himself wrapped up in Draco, kissing him so hard that his lips were being gnashed by his own teeth; his inexperienced tongue stretched out and claimed, demanded, pulled everything from Draco. His hand gripped the back of Draco's neck and he pressed hard against him, feeling his hot chest, the wet of his skin against Harry's clothes, creating a human fabric radiation between them.

Draco's prick poked against him and Harry's grew in response. He wound his hand through Draco's long hair, twisting it over the back of his hand as he kissed over Draco's slightly stubbly chin and down to his throat, tasting the salt of him. It was so repulsive that it made it irresistibly erotic.

For a wild instant, Harry thought of all of the ways in which he could abuse his power. Draco needed this job, no matter how he behaved. He could make Draco do anything he wanted him to if he wanted, and part of his brain wondered why he wasn't already pushing Draco to the floor to see what the fuss was about blowjobs anyway.

When he felt Draco's hand cupping his prick, he feared he must've said it out loud and swallowed thickly, trying to will himself to take it back. He pulled away from the kissing with the full intention of telling Draco he didn't have to if he didn't want to, but Draco's hand had already wormed its way through his robes and down the front of his boxers. Who would believe a Death Eater over Harry Potter anyway, he wondered.

Still, it was wrong and he needed to say something. Grabbing Draco's wrist, Harry said the words that he really didn't want to have to say, words that his cock throbbed its protest to; "You don't have to, Malfoy."

"Christ, you repressed nutbag. You're finally doing something we've been gagging for since school and now you're trying to passive aggressively stop it?"


"Shut up, Potter," said Draco before he kissed him with brutal fierceness, squeezing his fingers lightly over the sensitive tip. Harry wasn't sure if that was for pleasure or to punish him, and given the sensation it had resulted in, it could really go either way.

Harry groaned and pressed more of his weight against Draco, thrusting madly into his hand. He broke the kiss again to whisper, "I've never done anything..."

Draco clamped his hand over Harry's mouth before sinking to the floor. "I'll give you my shocked expression while I suck your cock, if that's all right with you."

Without even a second to respond, Harry felt a luxuriant slickness around the head of his cock that slowly enveloped him. Harry grabbed the wall in front of him, balancing on his forearms as he sunk fully into it with agonizing slowness. Draco's tongue was flicking over the shaft, massaging him as his hands worked to unbutton more of the robe. Fair was fair, Harry supposed, and started at the collar, unbuttoning as best he could given the unsteadiness of his hands due to the way Draco's head bobbed on his cock

He flicked off one sleeve and switched his balance till he had the other off. Draco worked his boxers off and he stepped out of them, not sure at all where this was going, but so long as Draco continued doing that with his mouth sucking so deliberately at his cock, he couldn't force himself to think ahead.

Harry looked down at Draco, the way his cheeks hollowed out and he twisted his head this way and that, giving a slightly different sensation with each time his cock dipped into his mouth. Harry moaned at the contortions Draco's face went through to accommodate him, his cheek bulging at times, sucking in at others, the way his throat flexed. Harry was close, so close... and then Draco stopped.

"Malfoy..." he gasped, his whole body twitching with need, want, suffering for Harry to touch him there. He reached down to grab himself, but instead, Draco spun him around, leaving him with nothing to grip but the counter behind him, which made him bend awkwardly. "No... don't fuck me."

He was about to repeat himself when Draco pulled his cheeks apart, but then he felt something highly unexpected. It was jut as soft and warm as Draco's mouth, but it couldn't possibly be... because Draco would never put his mouth there.

Burning with shock and a strange sense of shame, Harry looked over his shoulder to see Draco's face was indeed buried between his cheeks. That soft stroking of balmy wetness brushing over the dirtiest part of him was indeed Draco's tongue.

Babbling out something garbled and inane, Harry lowered his head, pushing his arse harder against Draco's mouth, spreading his legs out brazenly for him. With his head down like this, he could see under him at the bob of Draco's cock fisted in his hand as he sucked and kissed at Harry's arsehole.

Leaving one hand up to hold the counter, Harry grabbed his own cock and did the same. Draco's tongue opened him, sliding slickly inside of him, parting him in the most gentle of ways. Harry had never, in a million years, ever thought that that part of his body could ever feel so sensual, like the brush of feather-light touches on a neglected area that bordered on being ticklish.

All Harry could do was moan, shifting restlessly against it, widening himself and thrusting his arse harder and faster against Draco's mouth. On its own, the feel of this act was overwhelming, but knowing that it was Draco Malfoy-- who fancied himself a snotty aristocrat-- licking out his arse was enough to make him release, but again, all at once, Draco stopped what he was doing and he gave Harry's arse a hard slap to snap him out of it.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, I WAS ABOUT TO..." but as Harry sorted himself out enough to finally swirl around to confront Draco, thinking a punch to the face for jerking him around like this was the very least he deserved, he was left speechless at the spectacle of Draco's back to him. His arse was perfect, pert and pale. Well muscled and parted crudely with Draco's fingers fussing between them as his other hand held him against the stone wall.

"I.... came in to talk about..." Harry sputtered, suddenly balking at the idea of actually doing this. Again his cock pulsated in protest to Harry's mental block, it had to time for Harry's neuroses.

Draco didn't say a word but simply brought his other hand down, leaning forward more as he pulled his cheeks apart, exposing the dark little hole, hot pink and irritated from Draco's invasion and glistening with lubricant.

Harry had to remind himself to breathe. He shouldn't do this. It was wrong. Even if Draco had mostly initiated it, even if he clearly wanted it, he was the headmaster here.

He was just about to say no when Draco flicked back his long hair. It reached nearly down to his splayed bum and he now knew it to be not quite so soft as it looked, but it was still beautiful and this was still Draco Malfoy, and the prat deserved to be buggered, deserved to take everything Harry could give to him.

Plus, he wanted it.

After giving his cock a few more pumps, Harry approached Draco and pressed the tip against his hole and leaned forward. At first, Draco tensed and Harry had serious doubts that he was going to fit. Not that he was an especially large man, but the space seemed so incredibly compact. But then something seemed to give way and Harry found himself sliding headlong inside of Draco, filling him with his prick as Harry held onto his hips, gripping them with crushing strength.

He'd never felt anything like this. Harry moved as much of himself inside of Draco as he could, finding the passage slightly dry, but snug and incredibly hot. He had no idea how hot another body might be, but it almost felt searing. He pressed his forehead against the back of Draco's neck and slowly pulled back, almost afraid to look at what might be on his cock, but it came out glistening with lubricant and nothing else.

"Oh god," he whispered into Draco's ear, slowly pushing into him again, squeezing his hips as he pulled Draco back, falling headlong into the tight warm bliss of his body, suddenly achingly aware of how close they were, how unforgivably intimate this was.

Distantly, he could hear Draco's groans and the rustle of skin-on-skin of him tossing himself off. Harry kept moving slowly, not wanting to end this as quickly as his body wanted to. He wanted to draw this out, to drag it out for as long as he could. Even with his slow strokes and the way he shifted to try out new angles, he knew it wouldn't last.

He heard Draco gasp when he slid into him a certain way and experimentally tried it again with the same response. Harry finished himself in a few hard, long thrusts into that spot, beyond thrilled with the noises he'd made Draco make. He groaned again, feeling the hard winding of something coiling in his stomach, a spring setting to release. The anticipation built with each hard thrust, with each of Draco's whimpers until he heard the rush in his ears and felt the hard jolt of his body pumping deep inside of Draco.

He held himself deep in him as his cock continued to twitch and pulse inside of Draco until he had finished. Then he continued to fuck him, hitting that spot until he heard Draco's breath catch, felt his body tighten around him and Draco's muscles quake. When Draco began to pant and flopped forward against his arms, Harry finally slowed to a stop and pressed kisses to Draco's shoulder through his hair.

Perhaps the lack of tension left Harry's mind relaxed enough, or maybe it was because of the mad dash to have a first thought that did it, but suddenly it popped into Harry's mind that the reason Draco was acting up was for attention. He'd noticed that many only children tended to view any attention as good attention, and in retrospect, Draco had always had the antidotes prepared by the time Harry came to him, and generally surrendered them after he'd wasted some of Harry's time. Or at least before that Harry had seen it as a waste. Now he was a little touched that someone would go to such elaborate lengths to catch his fancy. As much as Harry wanted to ask about it, he couldn't imagine Draco giving a straight answer.

Gently, he pulled out of Draco, but then turned him around, pushing the long, blond hair from Draco's face. He hadn't exactly thought of himself as gay before this, but he'd never thought ill of it. With Draco looking up at him with such a strangely needy expression, looking vulnerable, Harry wondered if this wasn't a face he could really grow to love. Then the sly smile returned and something in Harry's heart twisted and he wondered if this wasn't a face he already loved a little.

"So you're making an antidote?" Harry asked softly, caressing the side of Draco's face. This close to him, he could see the tiny seam of where his curse had split Draco's face open, and he sadly thought back on that frightening minute where he'd believed he'd killed him. Maybe the job, the testimony, the faith had been to repay him for that mishap. It was hard for Harry to know anymore, and he wasn't sure he saw much point in pinpointing it now.

"Yeah, it's done. But I think it adds a little something to the fourth years to have evergreens sprouted on their heads. They certainly smell better," said Draco, his tone not nearly as sharp as it usually was.

Harry kissed the seam on Draco's forehead. "Well, let's get them fixed up, and after that..."

Draco looked hopefully up at Harry and all Harry could do was smile sloppily down at him. "And after that?" asked Draco.

"After that, I want you to come to my personal chambers." Harry paused to appreciate Draco's dirty little grin. "Bring a toothbrush."
Tags: [fic], rated: nc-17, round: winter 2006

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