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A note from the mods on commenting...

Hello, lovely watchers, authors and artists of H/D Holidays.

Sorry for the mod post interrupting the Christmas cheer and awesome fic and art, but some inappropriate behavior has been brought to our attention, and we are not of the opinion that every comment is a valid comment. Sorry if that ruffles feathers.

Comments that merely outline all the problems, particularly grammatical, in a story are NOT constructive or appropriate. Playing editor on stories and posting a laundry list of errors in order to "instruct" and embarrass the writer is uncouth, and not something we will allow. Sorry.

Similarly, snarky, purely negative comments meant to be clever that ultimately hurt the author/artist? Not appropriate. This is an anon gift fest, not your personal reading list, and it IS valid that every piece of fic and art was created for a recipient, with wishes and requests. Just because something does not suit you, doesn't mean it wasn't created to someone else's taste, and that someone did not work hard on it. You don't have to love everything, but comments should always be constructive.

Anonymous accusations of shady behavior, including plagiarism, inappropriate warnings (or lack thereof), etc., are useless left on fics and art. Please address ALL potential issues with the mods, over email. Doing otherwise is just hurtful, and achieves nothing.

We are NOT actively deleting comments, but from this point on, we will be keeping a much closer eye on them, and screening those that are not in good taste. We will engage in discussion with those leaving any comments. We are not censoring constructive criticism, as mentioned. This is something that only applies to a few commenters, but we wanted all involved to know that we are aware of it.

Please play fair and clean, and just ENJOY! We're all here for the same reason, and this year's fest is of truly outstanding quality, and, though biased, we mods truly believe this! There is still some amazing work to come, and we hope everyone will keep reading, looking, reccing and commenting in the weeks to come. But no grinches!

NQ & Tara
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