Tara (taradiane) wrote in hd_holidays,

Modly post of modly things...

So apparently there have been some murmurs of curiousity about whether or not nqdonne and myself would be doing hd_holidays this year. The answer is no.

Namely because I can't handle it on my own. School starts back up for me this week, and nqdonne is rarely on LJ these days. She was the backbone, handling 99% of all the admin issues - dropouts, reassignments, etc. - while we split the proofreading duties.

I did contemplate going solo, but the fest would have to be pared down to such extent, probably half the volume, that it would leave a lot of people out, and we tried to be as inclusive as possible with the sign-ups and always pushed our limits on what we could handle. We really did read every fic that was posted. Additionally, I could bring in someone to co-mod with me, but those whom I really know and trust aren't into that sort of thing. And believe me, you need to be able to trust your co-mod.

Does that mean the fest is dead? Well...

A little birdie told me that two of you might be interested in taking over. You know who you are. Please contact me privately.

Stay tuned...

P.S. I'm so glad that people are still interested - you've no idea. It seems every year there are diatribes about how fandom is dead, H/D is dead, blahblahblah, and while for some that may be true, H/D is still one of the most hardcore devoted factions around.
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