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Round Five Submission Guidelines

When you are ready to submit your fic or artwork. PLEASE ACTUALLY READ THIS. The part about EMAIL FORMATTING is very important so that we can find you, especially if your email address bears no resemblance to your LJ name.

(1) Please remember when you submit and when you ask us questions to include your LJ name (the one you signed up with - and if you change your LJ mid-fest TELL US) either in the subject or in your sign-off. We have you sorted on all our master lists by your LJ name, and if someone just named "Sarah" or "Jade" (or whatever) emails us, honestly we have no idea who you are, and I do NOT want to have to comb through 120 emails to figure it out.

2) On that vein, when you email/submit your fic to us ( hdhols@gmail.com), PLEASE format your email as follows:

Subject: hd_hols SUBMISSION, yourljname
Subject: hd_hols, EXTENSION REQUEST, yourljname
Subject: hd_hols, DROP-OUT, yourljname (not that we want you to drop out!)

This will help us immensely in sorting the emails that come into the inbox, and differentiate things. It would also be optimal if the file you submit - doc files preferable, btw - has your LJ name attached, too.


This is essential. It's also a worst case scenario bit of information, NOT our permission to ask for endless extensions or drop out just because you feel like it. If you MUST drop out, email us SOONER rather than later. If you drop out now, we'll understand and fixing it up should be relatively painless for everyone. If you drop out on November 22nd, I will hit you with pointy evil glares of doom (electronically, yes, but still very potent), and both Tara and I will likely NOT be very happy with you. Mods are people, too, and we can get pissed off if you're rude to us.

That said, anyone who drops out in this round will not be able to participate in the next round of hd_hols. And, personally, depending on the circumstances, I may not let you participate in any other fest I mod in the future.

General Rules
1. Fanfic should be:
  • At least 2000 words in length, sufficiently beta read/free of spelling and grammar issues. Artists have no minimum requirement, but should think of the "under 2000 words" equivalent as something that is merely a sketch or done in MSPaint. In either case, you should put real effort into your gift!
  • That said, we are encouraging short fic -- you don't have to write a novel! Everyone loves a concisely written ficlet, so don't think you have to write 20,000 words to be a hit :D
  • It should also contain any and all HTML that you wish included (such as italics). We will NOT go back and edit these in for you; your fic will be posted as it is received.
  • Not part of a series, or a sequel to a fic that the giftee may not be familiar with.
  • Based on the prompt originally assigned to you. No switching prompts/recipients or having a writer write fic for your art without consulting with the mods first.
3. YOUR FIC MUST BE BETA READ. We are very strict about quality guidelines, so please have your fic betaed by one or more competent individuals and please do not take offence if we find your fic needs more beta work and send it back to you. Not all betas are created equal, and when we say we want your stories beta read, we mean by someone who will make sure there are no extraneous mistakes, narrative issues, etc. There are plenty of people on LJ who are willing to beta, who are either professional editors/writers or teachers of English/Literature, etc. When in doubt, you are free to ask the mods to beta read for you, but note that Tara and I may not have time. But we can be your last resort. A beta resource list is forthcoming.

It is RARE, but we will dismiss a participant due to quality issues; we reserve the right to do this in extreme cases (such as where the submission blatantly disregards the prompt). We are always open to discussion, so please email us with any concerns about canon, styles, etc.

We'll be proof-reading all the fics to make sure they meet a minimum standard of grammar/usage/quality; we may correct small typos and run those things we find by you, and please do not take offence or be surprised if we email back with questions or issues with your story. Part of the reason the last round went so well is we made sure all copy was clean copy – in a word readable - it's not about stifling your style or narrative, trust me, just making sure the language and usage are as strong as possible. Individual styles are GREAT, typos and multiple usage errors are not. Those who were in the last round can tell you that we don't bite, and if anything, now that I know more than half the participants and how amazing you all are, I'll likely be far less stringent in general. But, you know: it's a disclaimer, just in case :D

4. Every story must use our uniform header, which is below. You cannot name your beta by name in your author's notes. You may refer to them by initial or without names, but too many people use the same beta readers and mentioning them is a giveaway to your identity. So don't do it.

5. You must include ALL HTML FORMATTING in your story. If we find while proof-reading that you have not, we will send it back to you for formatting. HTML formatting to use include any italics (< i > & < /i>), bolding (< b > & < /b>), underlining (< u > & < /u>), block quotes (for letters, etc: < blockquote > & < /blockquote>), etc. (without spaces, obvs.)

For your reference, once again, our email is: hdhols@gmail.com. Email us if you have any issues/questions, etc. We really do like hearing from you.

Comment here with any questions, etc. pertaining to the submission guidelines.

And PLEASE email us if you're having any issues! Thank you and happy festing!

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