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Author: enchanted_jae
Recipient: jordanneleigh
Title: Peeping Tom
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry has been assigned to keep surveillance on Draco Malfoy, the person whom he has secretly been dating.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): Male/male sex, minor violence
Epilogue compliant? EWE
Word Count: 5,335
Author's Notes: Thank you, jordanneleigh, for the fun prompt, and special thanks to my betas, R and S.

On Sunday night, Harry escorted Draco a safe distance from the Muggle restaurant where they'd had dinner. It was only their second official date, and so far neither of them was willing to face the drama that would ensue when and if it became public knowledge that they were seeing one another. Making sure there was no one else about, Harry took advantage of the situation to gather Draco in a loose embrace.

"I had an enjoyable time this evening," he said.

Draco smiled at him. "I did, as well."

After their first date, Harry had brushed a modest kiss over Draco's lips, but tonight he was a little bolder. He angled his head to seal his mouth over Draco's, kissing him with slow, building heat. Draco was a willing participant, opening his mouth to allow Harry's tongue to slip inside. Harry's body reacted to the intoxicating nearness of his date, and it wasn't until Draco moaned and arched into him, frotting his hardness against Harry's hip, that Harry reluctantly broke the kiss. He raised his head and stepped back to put some space between them. Harry swiped the pad of his thumb over Draco's swollen lower lip, grinning as his date's pupils expanded further. He chuckled softly. "I didn't mean for that to happen," Harry said, "but I can't say that I regret it."

"You're welcome to come home with me," Draco invited in a voice rough with passion.

"Mm, tempting," Harry hummed. "However, I don't want to rush things between us."

"Ruddy Gryffindor morals," Draco grumbled, stepping completely out of Harry's arms.

Harry grinned at him. "Are we still going to the theatre on Friday?"

"I'm looking forward to it," Draco replied, drawing his wand and moving to the nearby Apparation point.

"Don't splinch yourself," teased Harry.


Harry arrived at the Ministry in a good mood the following day. Things were progressing smoothly in his budding relationship with Draco Malfoy, and his job as an Auror in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement was exciting and fulfilling. Harry greeted his colleagues as he took a seat at his desk, and he began going through the messages he'd received. Most of the morning was spent testifying before the Wizengamot in a case involving two witches who'd been arrested for dealing in dark artifacts. Harry went to lunch with Dean Thomas afterward, and he was still laughing at something his friend had said as he returned to his desk.

"Harry, Shacklebolt wants to see you," one of the Auror trainees said.

Harry thanked her and made his way to Shacklebolt's office. He knocked and entered at the summons from within. "You wished to see me, sir?"

"Potter, come in and have a seat," Shacklebolt said. "I want to discuss a new case with you." Harry settled into the chair across from his boss and waited while Kingsley shuffled through some parchments on his desk. Shacklebolt looked up at Harry and tossed a file across the desk to him. "We need you for some surveillance work," he stated.

Harry flipped the file open and felt his blood go cold. The photo on top was of Draco. He composed his features before raising his eyes to Shacklebolt. "Draco Malfoy, sir?"

"We have information that indicates he has been harboring rogue Death Eaters," Shacklebolt said.

"How reliable is our source?"

"One of our Aurors overheard some suspected Death Eaters planning to rendezvous at Malfoy's in the near future," replied Shacklebolt. "I viewed his memory of the event in a Pensieve. It's all in the report," he added. "Take the file to your desk, go over the contents, and report back to me before you leave today."


Harry tried to review the report with a detached, clinical eye, but he couldn't stop the feeling of dread that churned in his stomach. As he read through the intelligence gathered, however, Harry found nothing that implicated Draco other than that damning Pensieve memory. Was it possible Draco knew nothing about the plans of this faction? Or, was he merely dating Harry in hopes of getting an edge on the Auror Department? Harry waged a mental war with himself as he alternately doubted Draco and believed in his innocence. When he could no longer stand his own inner turmoil, he gave up on the file and returned to Shacklebolt's office.

Seated across from his boss once again, Harry asked, "What needs to be done with the Malfoy case?"

"I want 24-hour surveillance on him beginning as soon as possible," Shacklebolt told him.

"Why me?"

"As an Animagus registered only via the DMLE, you are uniquely qualified to keep tabs on Malfoy," said Shacklebolt. "I understand he spends most of his time at his home in the country, where he has his own lab and brews potions to sell."

Firming his resolve, Harry nodded in agreement. "I'll take the case."


There was a bad taste in Harry's mouth as he closed in on the edge of the wards surrounding Draco's estate. Once he'd reached his destination, he assumed his Animagus form--a stocky grey tomcat. Harry trotted the rest of the way to Draco's house and made a circuit of the dwelling. He peered into the windows on the ground floor until he saw Draco in his living room. Draco was seated at one end of the sofa reading a book. He appeared relaxed and content, and Harry felt some of the tension leave his body. He made himself comfortable in the window box, smashing some of Draco's flowers in the process.

Harry kept up his vigilance, even after Draco had gone to bed. He went to explore the pet flap he had discovered in the kitchen door. He poked at the flap with a paw, encouraged when it gave easily. He hadn't seen signs of any pets, nor had Draco ever mentioned one; therefore, Harry surmised the home's previous owners had installed the flap and that Draco had never bothered to remove it. Pushing against the flap with his head, Harry was able to gain access to Draco's house. He wondered if the wards would alert Draco to such a small intruder, but Harry was unconcerned. He planned to allow Draco to begin seeing him about so as to get used to having a cat around. The worst that could happen was that Draco would deposit Harry back outside.

He explored the ground floor of the house, noting the location of the Floo and an Apparation point in the main corridor. His heightened sense of smell was inundated with scents he associated with Draco, and Harry's ears perked forward in interest. He was tempted to seek Draco out, but Harry refrained. He continued mapping out the interior of the house until he heard Draco's tread on the stairs. Darting for the kitchen, Harry escaped through the flap and into the night.


Throughout his surveillance, Harry observed nothing unusual in Draco's behavior or routine. Over the course of the next couple days, he allowed Draco to see him sunning himself at the edge of the garden or skulking around the outside of the house. He played coy when Draco first called for him, holding out for a bribe of food like any self-respecting cat would. Harry finally deigned to approach for a dish of cubed chicken, which he devoured while Draco stroked his back and rubbed his ears. Harry's rumbling purr surprised even himself; he wasn't given to purring in cat form.

"I wasn't exactly looking for a pet," Draco mused as he scratched Harry's ears. Harry purred louder when Draco rubbed his nape. "You may belong to someone, but you're not wearing a collar," he remarked aloud. Harry squeaked in affront when Draco abruptly checked beneath his tail. "You've not been altered," observed Draco.

Harry sprang away from him to sit at a safe distance and wash his paws in a huff.

Draco laughed at him. "Have I offended your delicate sensibilities, old man?"

Harry's ears went back. Old man, indeed, he thought. Just because his coat was grey didn't mean he was a grizzled old tom. He would love to have Draco admire his bits, but not in cat form, thank you very much.

Still chuckling, Draco rose to his feet and dusted off the seat of his trousers. Harry's eyes were drawn to Draco's arse, and he enjoyed the view until Draco disappeared back inside the house.

That evening, Harry dared to enter through the kitchen flap before Draco had gone up to bed. He slunk into the living room and made himself at home on the back of the sofa.

The first time Draco walked through the room, he didn't even notice Harry. It wasn't until he came through the second time that he did a double-take and stopped in his tracks. "My, don't you look all cozy," Draco snorted. Harry responded with a cheerful meow, and Draco shook his head. "Did you Apparate in?" he asked. "Oh, I had forgotten the pet flap. Very well, cat, you may stay, but if I should find one claw mark on a piece of furniture or any worse sort of feline indiscretion in my home, I shall turn you into a frog."

Harry reacted to the threat with a mighty yawn, earning another laugh from Draco. After scratching Harry's ears, Draco went about his business, and Harry continued to keep watch from his comfortable perch.


Harry broke off his surveillance early on Friday evening in order to nip home and prepare for his date with Draco. He tamped down his feelings of guilt by rationalizing that he could keep a much better eye on Draco when they were together.

Harry and Draco met at the Apparation point nearest the Muggle theatre, and they walked the few blocks to their destination while chatting amicably. Midway through the production, Harry felt Draco's hand close over his in the darkened theatre, and a shiver of awareness scattered goosebumps over his skin. He turned his hand palm up and linked his fingers with Draco's, smiling to himself when he felt his date give his hand a squeeze.

After the performance, Harry took Draco to a Muggle restaurant for a late dinner. Their subtle flirtation increased by degrees throughout the meal as they exchanged heated glances and tidbits of food from their plates. They returned to the Apparation point hand-in-hand. Draco stepped into Harry's arms and initiated a kiss between them. It began as a tentative exploration and soon became a fierce conflagration. Draco arched closer to Harry, and Harry reached down to cup and knead Draco's arse as he pulled him tighter against himself. Harry's ability to think was rapidly dwindling, and he turned his face and dropped his forehead to Draco's shoulder as he fought to rein in his need for this man.

Trembling fingers threaded through Harry's hair. "Come home with me," Draco murmured.

Harry raised his head and gave him a rueful smile. "I can't," he sighed. "My case-"

Draco silenced him with a quick, hard kiss. "I understand," he lamented. "I don't like it, but I understand."

Harry raised his hands to cup Draco's face. "Thank you," he said. "I'll make it up to you soon."

Draco stepped back. "I'll hold you to that, Potter," he said with a cocky grin before disappearing with a muted pop.


Harry was quick to return to Draco's after their date. In cat form once more, Harry paced the outside of the house and determined that Draco had retired to his bedroom. He let himself in through the pet flap and bounded up the steps, unable to resist seeing Draco again. The bedroom door was slightly ajar, and Harry nosed his way inside.

Draco was lying naked in bed, his hand a blur of motion as he pumped his engorged cock. Soft moans tumbled from his lips, and the scent of his arousal teased at Harry's sensitive nostrils. Drawing closer, Harry hopped up on a chair across from Draco's bed for a better view. He had never experienced arousal in his feline form...until now. Harry's body felt odd, and he had a strong urge to join Draco on the bed. He covered his confusion by anxiously washing his fur with rough licks. If it wouldn't ruin his cover, Harry would be in bed with Draco in a heartbeat.

Draco's moans grew louder as he twisted, and when he climaxed it was with a cry of "Harry!"

Long moments passed before Draco sighed and used his wand to clean himself. Harry jumped across to the bed as Draco pulled the blankets over himself, and he curled against Draco's side.

"Pervert," Draco muttered without rancor, stroking Harry's fur. "Was it good for you, too?"


On Saturday, Harry returned to the Ministry to report in and to owl Draco with an invitation to dinner the following evening. After speaking to Shacklebolt Harry was pleased to see an owl waiting patiently at his desk. Draco's reply was short and succinct:

Allow me to make dinner for you, and you'll have yourself a date.

Regards, Draco

Harry smiled in pleasure and scribbled a quick acceptance.


It was late in the afternoon when Harry returned to Draco's home, and he was alarmed to find his unwitting host gone. Harry paced around outside, berating himself for relaxing his vigilance. Eventually, he went in the house to await Draco's return. Harry dozed off in the sunny window seat in the study where he had taken up watch. The crack of Apparation awakened him. Harry jumped down and trotted into the entryway, relieved to see that Draco had returned alone. He scolded Draco as he followed him into the kitchen, demanding to know where he'd been.

Draco set some bags on the counter, and Harry was appeased. Draco had been grocery shopping. Harry demonstrated his approval by winding his sinuous body around one of Draco's legs and purring loudly. Draco laughed and leaned down to scratch Harry's ears. "Did you miss me?" he teased. "I wasn't gone very long." He straightened and said, "I bought you something, by the way." Draco rummaged through his groceries and pulled forth a bag of cat food.


Harry was reluctant to allow Draco out of his sight for the remainder of the evening. Other than placing a firecall to his mother, however, Draco neither left the house nor contacted anyone else. Instead, he spent the evening in the potion lab at the back of the house, and Harry stayed out of his way. He was finding it more and more difficult to believe Draco was a central figure in a diabolical Death Eater plot. When Draco headed up to bed, Harry went into the kitchen and transformed back into a human. He drew his wand and banished the kibble in his bowl so that Draco would think he had eaten it. Harry couldn't help but grin at Draco's actions. The man obviously needed a pet.

I'd love to pet him, Harry mused. As his body reacted with a quiver of interest, he forcibly redirected his thoughts. Transforming into a cat once more, Harry resumed his surveillance.


Narcissa Malfoy came to have tea with Draco the following day. Harry tried to be as unobtrusive as possible while remaining close enough to listen in on their conversation. Unless they were speaking in some elaborate code, however, Harry detected nothing untoward in their discussion. Rather, they spoke of what they had been doing in their lives, and they caught up on what their acquaintances were up to. Harry felt slighted when Draco made no mention that he was seeing someone, but then again, he hadn't mentioned it to anyone either.

Narcissa didn't notice Harry until she was about to leave. When she saw him, she cooed and reached for him. Harry darted away and escaped through the pet flap. He had no wish to be cuddled close to Narcissa Malfoy's endowments. When he deemed it was safe, Harry barged through the pet flap and found Draco in the kitchen.

"Mum complained about your lack of manners," Draco stated. Harry didn't bother to respond. He did, however, wind himself around and between Draco's legs again. "Run along with you," chided Draco, nudging Harry aside. "I have work to do."

Harry wandered away and noticed that Draco had refilled his dish with kibble. He sat on his haunches and began to clean his face. When he saw that Draco was in the preliminary stages of preparing dinner, Harry exited through the pet flap and left him to it.


Harry arrived at Draco's via Floo that evening, armed with a bottle of wine. Draco was delighted to see him, and he greeted Harry with a lingering snog. Draco took a step back and rescued the bottle of wine from Harry's slackening grip. "If you don't mind, I'll save this for another time," he said. "I've already selected a wine to go with dinner."

"That's fine," Harry replied, following his host into the kitchen. "May I help with anything?"

"It's all under control," said Draco, bending to peer in the oven.

"I didn't know you had a cat," Harry remarked. As Draco straightened, Harry added, "Of course, I only saw half a cat disappearing through the pet flap."

Draco chuckled. "He only recently showed up," he said. "He doesn't seem to like strangers, however."

"What's his name?" Harry asked, sneaking a stuffed mushroom off a plate of appetizers.

"I hadn't thought about it," Draco shrugged. "Although I reckon if he's going to hang around I should give him a name."

"Harry is a good manly name," teased Harry.

"It would serve you right if I named him after you," sniffed Draco.

They shared a laugh, and Harry helped Draco carry the food to the dining room table. Dinner was delicious, and the conversation largely consisted of coy flirtation. Harry couldn't help but feel the meal was nothing but elaborate foreplay, and after Friday night he doubted he had the willpower to resist Draco's seductions.

Once they had finished eating, Draco cleared the table with a flick of his wand. "Why don't you go relax in the living room, and I'll open the bottle of wine you brought?" he suggested.

Harry retreated to the living room and sat at one end of the sofa. Draco joined him a moment later, bottle of wine in one hand and a pair of glasses in the other. He poured the wine and handed Harry a glass. "Cheers." They clinked glasses together and Draco sat next to Harry on the sofa and sipped his wine. "Harry?"


"Please tell me you plan to spend the night."

There were many reasons why that was a bad idea, but all of them paled in comparison to the need Harry felt for Draco. "Yes," he murmured. "I'd like that very much."


They fell on the bed, bodies straining to get closer. Wandering hands learned the flex and curve of muscles and sinews. Clothing was cast aside between searching snogs, and Harry groaned at the first contact of skin on skin. He couldn't get enough of simply touching Draco and mapping the planes and contours of his slender body.

Draco pulled back from a kiss and gasped, "Harry, please. Need you." He pushed up on his elbows and got a bottle of lubricant and a condom from his headboard. He pushed them into Harry's hand and rolled over. "Don't make me wait any longer."

Harry made him wait for the time it took to lean down and place a kiss to the base of Draco's spine.

"Tease," Draco accused in a whisper.

Harry smiled against Draco's skin and nipped the upper swell of his bum before he sat up and poured some lubricant in his palm. He swirled his fingers in the slippery liquid and drew his forefinger down the cleft of Draco's arse. Harry rubbed Draco's rim, feeling it flutter beneath his touch. He pushed his finger inside, biting his lip when Draco gripped him snugly. Harry worked his finger in and out while Draco panted and frotted against the bedding. Harry slid another finger in and curved them to press on Draco's prostate.

"Ah god, Harry," gasped Draco. "Now--take me now."

Harry gritted his teeth and resisted Draco's pleas. Instead, he took his time to be sure Draco was fully prepared. Harry eased his fingers from the clasp of Draco's body and sheathed his cock with the condom. He guided himself into place and penetrated Draco with a slow stroke.

Draco's spine dipped as he arched up in reaction. "More, Harry," he demanded, digging his fingers into the blankets.

Harry thrust deeper and twisted his hips.

"Nngh," Draco moaned as his forehead dropped to his pillow.

Harry pulled back and drove in again, establishing a steady tempo. He feathered the fingers of one hand over Draco's hip and reached beneath him. Harry grasped Draco's prick and gave it a squeeze. Draco whimpered and thrust himself into Harry's fist. From that point their movements gained in speed and intensity as they writhed together. Harry felt Draco's cock jerk in his hand at the same time as Draco's rim tightened around Harry's shaft in a series of rhythmic pulses. Harry thrust twice more before he came, body shaking with pleasure.

Draco hummed in contentment and slumped forward, uncoupling them as he did so. "I can't believe you made me wait for that," he murmured.

Harry disposed of his condom and stretched out next to Draco. "Was it worth the wait?" he prodded.

"Oh, yeah," Draco replied, voice slurred with exhaustion. He settled into Harry's embrace and was soon breathing deep and even.

Harry pressed a kiss to Draco's temple and wondered how badly his heart would break should Draco reveal himself to be a deceitful Death Eater.


Harry accepted Draco's offer to stay for breakfast, but he was adamant that he had to rush off to work afterward. Draco allowed him to use his Floo, and Harry returned home only to quickly Apparate to the edge of Draco's wards once more. He shifted into cat form and trotted to Draco's house, entering through the pet flap.

"There you are," Draco said when he saw him. "I thought Harry had scared you away for good." He scooped Harry up in his arms, and Harry responded with a rumbling purr. "I suppose you're hungry," Draco sighed, setting Harry down. He placed the plate of leftover kippers on the floor, and Harry fell on the food with gusto.

Draco watched him eat and remarked, "You do rather remind me of Harry. I think I shall name you Harrison." Draco then went about his business, and Harry eventually found him in the study. Harry twined around Draco's legs once then perched in the window seat to keep watch.

Throughout the day, Draco firecalled his mother, and he received one missive via post owl. It took Harry almost two hours, but he was finally able to see the note when Draco left the room. He hopped up on the desk and read the message. It was nothing more sinister than a confirmation of an order Draco had placed for some potion supplies, and nothing on the list looked to be illegal. Harry was beginning to think this entire assignment was a wild Snidget chase. For once, he found himself pleased with the prospect.

It was after dinner when Draco received some visitors.

Harry was dozing on the arm of Draco's chair when the Floo roared to life. Three figures stepped forth, wands in hand. Harry couldn't quell the instinctive growl that issued from his throat. He rose to his feet, ears flat and fur standing in a ridge along his spine.

Draco nudged him none-too-gently off the chair and stood also. "Flint," he greeted coolly. "What can I do for you?"

Marcus Flint was standing at the forefront, flanked by Theodore Nott and Malcolm Braddock. Their wands weren't pointed at Draco; at least not yet. "We need a place to host a...small gathering of friends," Flint said, "and we've decided your home is the perfect location."

"Forget it, Flint," Draco said, voice calm but firm. "It's taken me too long to restore my good name, and I'm not letting you and your group of malcontents ruin it for me."

"You are a disgrace to your family name, Malfoy," spat Flint, wand twitching upward.

Harry stalked around the small knot of Death Eaters, determined to get the drop on them from behind. He was trusting Draco to take care of himself.

The argument was escalating.

"You're a fine one to talk," sneered Draco. "At least I've made something of myself after the war instead of clinging to the ideals of a half-blood madman."

"How dare you?!" Flint screeched, bringing his wand to bear on Draco.

Harry shifted forms, and his wand was in his hand in an instant. "Stupefy!" he shouted, striking Nott from behind and dropping him in his tracks.

In the meantime, Draco had flung himself to the side as Flint's wand fired a curse in his direction. Flint and Braddock both pivoted to face Harry, sending him diving behind a chair for cover.


That was Draco's voice, and it was followed by the sound of a body hitting the floor. Harry peeked out to see who was still standing, and what he saw chilled his blood. Flint had a hand fisted in Draco's hair to wrench his head back, and his wand was pressed to Draco's throat.

"Throw your wand out here, Potter, or I'll decapitate him!"

"Finish him, Harry," Draco rasped, wincing as the hand in his hair tightened.

"Harry is it?" mocked Flint. "I always knew you were a whore, Malfoy, but I thought even you had some standards."

Neither Harry nor Draco responded to the taunt. "Give it up, Flint," Harry growled. He could see Flint weighing his options, and Harry steeled himself for what would come. Flint made his move, shoving Draco toward Harry in preparation for Disapparating away. Draco, however, snagged Flint's wand and gamely hung on. As they grappled for control of the wand, Harry waded in and ended the scrap with a good old fashioned Muggle punch. Flint crumpled to the floor, and Draco stood over him, shaking and panting, with Flint's wand in his hand.

"Let me have that," Harry said gently, extricating the wand from Draco's grip. As Harry secured the three Death Eaters with Incarcerous spells, Draco retrieved his own wand from where it had fallen. When Harry met Draco's eyes, they were hurt and confused. "Draco, I can explain-"

"Save it for your Auror report," Draco told him coldly. "Get out, and take these bastards with you."


Marcus Flint and his minions had been turned over and were awaiting trial while Harry had been trying unsuccessfully to contact Draco. None of his owls had been answered, and Draco's Floo remained closed to Harry. Clearly, he had some serious groveling to do to get back in Draco's good graces, not to mention back in his bed. Harry, however, had a plan.


Harry strolled up to Draco's house, alert for any spell traps or hexes that would hamper his progress. He made it to the house without incident and entered through the pet flap. Harry padded into the kitchen and beyond, finding Draco seated on the sofa. A book lay open on his lap, but he was staring off into space. The corners of his mouth were turned down and there were dark shadows beneath his eyes. Harry felt a pang of sympathy; he hadn't been sleeping well either.

With a plaintive meow, Harry jumped up on the arm of the sofa.

Draco's expression brightened immediately, but just as quickly it closed down. "I should have sealed the pet flap," he groused. "Go away. I don't want you here."

Harry made a soft purrip noise and bunted Draco's hand. Draco sighed and absently scratched Harry's ears and rubbed his chin. Harry's purrs grew louder. "I am still angry at you," muttered Draco, letting his head drop to rest against the back of the sofa.


"You were spying on me," Draco accused, glaring now at Harry. He ducked his head when Harry pawed at his arm.

Encouraged, Harry shifted to his human form. "Draco?"

Grey eyes lifted to meet Harry's and glowered.

"I was assigned to keep tabs on you, I admit it," Harry told him. "However, I received that assignment after we'd begun dating, so don't think for one minute that I asked you out for that reason." Harry paused to take Draco's hand, tightening his grip when Draco tried to tug away. "As you can imagine, I was surprised when I was asked to conduct surveillance on you. I wanted to refuse at first, but then I realized I'd rather be the one to do it."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Draco demanded. "Didn't you trust me?"

It was a prickly question, but Harry didn't dare lie. "I believed in you for the most part, Draco, but I couldn't be absolutely sure." Once again, he had to tighten his hold on Draco's hand. "Hear me out, please."

Draco stilled with an irritated huff.

"I wanted to be the one to conduct the surveillance because I knew most of the other Aurors would have taken the assignment having already pre-judged you. The allegations of collusion were contrary to everything I'd seen in the time I'd spent with you, and I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Aside from that, I was worried about you, Draco."

"Worried about me?"

"For all I knew you could have been the victim of blackmail or coercion, and I wanted to protect you."

Draco's expression softened, but his voice was sharp when he said, "I'm not ready to forgive you yet."

"I can understand that," Harry nodded, "but will you at least allow me a chance to redeem myself?"

Draco worried his lower lip with his teeth as he considered the request, and Harry's stomach churned with anxiety as he awaited Draco's decision. Draco gave Harry's hand a barely perceptible squeeze, and he nodded slowly. He smiled at Harry and said, "I missed...Harrison."

Harry laughed. "You are such a prat." He leaned close to kiss Draco, pleased and relieved when Draco responded eagerly.

Draco broke off snogging Harry and pushed back from him, eyes wide with accusation.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked.

Draco punched him in the shoulder and cried, "I can't believe you watched me wank, you...peeping tom!"
Tags: [fic], ewe, rated: r, round: winter 2009

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  • Fics/art no longer hosted on private domain

    Long time no see! So, yeah. This update is a few months overdue, and for that I apologize. Archive of our Own H/D Holidays Collection That link…

  • Admin notice: AO3 collections

    *dusts off* Some of you may have received AO3 notifications today regarding your fics that were used for hd_holidays. snowgall has taken…

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