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Approaching the finish line!

Well, ladies and gents, we're in the home stretch! In a short while, we'll be posting the first of the final day's entries. There are four pieces left, and they are well worth the wait for those of you anxious for your gifts! Thank you to everyone who has made this a success so far, and that especially includes you readers and art fiends out there reccing fest entries! We're a wee bit behind on submitting hot recs for a certain newsletter, but we are collecting them!

Puts on stern modly-type mask. Participants, if you haven't already, please make sure that you've responded on the entry where your gift was posted. We know that everyone worked incredibly hard to make their giftee happy, and it's a bit disheartening when they don't acknowledge it. Even just saying OMG stuck in holiday hell! Will read/admire when I have time to do it properly goes a long way when your gift has been up for twenty days and the author/artist is left hanging.[/stern]

Meanwhile, please enjoy the last four pieces of awesomeness that we've been holding onto, and maybe use what's left of your vacation/school break to catch up on what you've missed so far. :) We will we doing reveals on January 16! That gives you a good two weeks to get through the many 20k+ fics, haha. If anyone plans on making a poll for artist and author guesses, please let us know by responding to this post so that we don't waste our time doing it this weekend. ;-)

taradiane, bryoneybrynn, and dysonrules
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