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Let's just cut to the chase, shall we?


misterwalnut drew Keys to the City for silyara

chibitoaster drew Certain Truths for softlysweetly

citrus_lime drew (Un)Pleasant Surprise for amightypenguin

nsche drew The Green Tie for maab_connor

froggie drew Take Another for tray_la_la

draykonis drew Aurors in Neverland for red_rahl

katerina_black drew Two...Four...Six... for femmequixotic

sugareey drew Parallel Lives for stillaseeker

yumekutteikt drew The Joyous Misdelivery(a.k.a. it was because Hermione always wears granny's knickers) for yellownovella

pink_mint drew In the Dusk of Early Winter for alaana_fair

horcruxhymen wrote Gardenia for fireflavored

red_rahl drew If Only In My Dreams (You'll Be Home For Christmas) for mindabbles

naadi drew This Moment With You Could Last Forever for the hd_holidays community

aluinnsearlait drew Under the Mistletoe for fat_teaspoon

star_sailor13 drew Deplorable Behaviour for sesheta_66

reira_21 drew The Day Before the War for melusinahp

ghot drew Red Wall for mizbean

raitala drew Draco Malfoy and the Deathly Hallows for ms_mindfunk


fireflavored wrote Symbiosis for faithwood

amightypenguin wrote Unexpected, A Holiday Tail of Mistaken Identity for dirty_darella

penguin474 wrote Observations for enchanted_jae

marguerite_26 wrote Savage for froggie

alovelycupoftea wrote The Question of Q for mahaliem

tray_la_la wrote Give Chase for snivellyx

yellownovella wrote Bad Gifts and Good Results for chibitoaster

treacle_tartlet wrote And Burn Your Bridges Down for sugareey

literaryspell wrote Who Fell As Beautifully As Their Ballads Tell for cassie_black12

mahaliem wrote From Ashes Reborn for oldenuf2nb

lotus_lizzy wrote Twelfth Night, or Harry Potter Is A No-Good Tosser for penguin474

ennyousai wrote What We Know for thilia

cassie_black12 wrote The More the Merrier for soul_bound_8686

dirty_darella wrote At the Boiling Point for spark_of_chaos

ashe_frost wrote Secretary Tuesdays, or: Things Unspoken for misterwalnut

chinae wrote Diaspora for treacle_tartlet

soul_bound_8686 wrote Invisible to the Naked Eye for eruditefics

snarkyscorp wrote Fragile Pleasure Here on Earth I Find for dm_p; surprise art by _aurora_sky_

dragenphly wrote The Art of Telling a Lie for okydoky

enchanted_jae wrote Peeping Tom for jordanneleigh

tealeaf523 wrote Soaring for nsche

dm_p wrote In Treatment for reira_21

oldenuf2nb wrote Magic and Miracles for coffeejunkii

chemical_haven wrote Barter System for chyldofeternity

thilia wrote At the Soundless Dawn for ennyousai

stillaseeker wrote Not Just Another Cream Bun for acromantular

softly_sweetly wrote A Helping Hand for literaryspell

silentauror wrote Portrait of a Headmaster for bewarethesmirk

furiosity wrote Darkstar for themostepotente

leo_draconis wrote Unfamiliar Territory for tealeaf523

fat_teaspoon wrote The Hogwarts Clerks for lotus_lizzy

sesheta_66 wrote Everybody's Hero for i_claudia

alaana_fair wrote The Moment of Volition for dysonrules

i_claudia wrote Sudden Wholeness for silentauror

winnett wrote Finding Fritz for alovelycupoftea

silyara wrote Where in the World is Lucius Malfoy? for horcruxhymen

moonlitdark wrote With a Certain Charm for fourth_rose

okydoky wrote Malfoy the Vampire Slayer (Or How Harry Bit Off More Than He Could Chew) for cutecoati

nursedarry wrote Joy Ride for dragonfly_lily

maraudersaffair wrote Taking the Easy Way Out for nursedarry

melusinahp wrote Draco Malfoy's Travelling Theatre of the Strange and Spectacular for pink_mint

maab_connor wrote Fight the Starless Midnight for maraudersaffair

lavillanueva wrote Celle Qui Sais Vous Garrotter for marguerite_26

sassy_cissa wrote Reflections of Love for ghot

bewarethesmirk wrote Slick n’ Easy for celandineb

ms_mindfunk wrote Night Shift for katerina_black

cutecoati wrote Under the Influence for annafugazzi

snivellyx wrote Foreplay for lavillanueva

acromantular wrote Potty <3 Drakey for winnett

bookshop wrote Trajectories for moonlitdark

coffeejunkii wrote Labour of Love for sassy_cissa

celandineb wrote Fall Apart, Come Together for morganmuffle

jordanneleigh wrote The Horribly Optimistic and Naive for leo_draconis

dysonrules wrote Praxis for novembersnow

fourth_rose wrote Kneazles and Crups for aluinnsearlait

mizbean wrote Mr Brightside for yumekutteikt

eruditefics wrote Lesson Learned for the hd_holidays community

lavillanueva wrote Light to a Blind Man for the hd_holidays community

bryoneybrynn wrote Homecomings, Hostile Doors, and Sugar Rum Fairies for the hd_holidays community

spark_of_chaos wrote Lies of Liquid Truth for vaysh

dysonrules wrote Amelioration for draykonis

chyldofeternity wrote Something More for chinae

morganmuffle wrote Desperation for snarkyscorp

femmequixotic wrote Says The Magpie To The Morning (Sorrow, Take Your Own Advice) for bryoneybrynn

mindabbles wrote Duplicity and Impossible Tasks for citrus_lime

rurounihime wrote The Trouble with Good Sense for ashe_frost

themostepotente wrote The Pocketwatch Chronicles for raitala

novembersnow wrote The World Thy Gaol for furiosity

annafugazzi wrote And I’ll Tell You No Lies for taradiane

vaysh wrote Stracciatella for chemical_haven

faithwood wrote Draco Malfoy, It’s Your Lucky Day for bookshop

taradiane wrote Chasing Time for dragenphly

Okay, now that you've all had a chance to marvel at how well you did (or didn't!) in the guessing poll...

I hope you were all surprised by some of the authors/artists, and I suspect you will be because I've been watching the poll results as the guesses have come in, haha. But that's what's awesome, right? It's proof of just how talented this fandom is that we can still surprise each other.

Authors and artists, feel free to flood our inbox with replies to comment reviews in all your naked username glory! And, of course, you are free to pimp your fic far and wide and post wherever you like...the hdhols.com domain isn't going anywhere, but if you do want us to change the link on your uploaded art/story, just send us an email with the new link. We will be updating the individual posts with your usernames tonight.

Thank you to each and every one of you for participating - especially those of you who threw your hat into the ring at our request to save someone from going without a gift. We'd also like to thank all of those who helped us out with proofreading/editing when we mods got a bit overwhelmed with the volume of 20k+ fics.

And for the record, we plan on sticking around for as long as fandom will have us, so until next year...

Thank you!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

taradiane, dysonrules, and bryoneybrynn
Tags: [admin] masterlist, round: winter 2009

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