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Round Six sign ups are here!

Round Six Sign-Ups HERE!

This is the official sign-up post. Sign-ups will run until August 1, 2010 at midnight EST (so ending Sunday night). Sign-ups are for EVERYONE, including those with a reserved spot. Proxy sign-ups ARE allowed if you can't make that window, but as sign-ups are NOT first-come first-served, there's less urgency in signing up early. Assignments will be sent out on August 7th.

The Rules

1. Fanfic/fanart should be:

* At least 1500 words in length, sufficiently beta read/free of spelling and grammar issues. Artists have no minimum requirement, but should think of the "under 1500 words" equivalent as something that is merely a sketch or done in MSPaint. In either case, you should put real effort into your gift! That said, you don't have to write a novel! Everyone loves a concisely written ficlet, so don't think you have to write 20,000 words to be a hit. :D

* It should also contain any and all HTML that you wish included (such as italics). We will NOT go back and edit these in for you; your fic will be posted as it is received.

* Not part of a series, or a sequel to a fic that the giftee may not be familiar with.

* Based on the prompt originally assigned to you. No switching prompts/recipients or having a writer write fic for your art without consulting with the mods first.

* Be advised that your fic will be proofread because even the best editors miss things (especially when it's their umpteenth time reading it, wherein their familiarity with it makes their eyes glance over mistakes). This is not a judgment on your writing ability! It is simply to try and insure the best quality for writers and readers alike. And yes, we will miss things, too. ;-)

* Artists, do not forget to exclude your signature on your artwork! We will gladly re-upload your piece that includes said signature after reveals if you want us to.

2. There will be both a participant cap of 80 and a reservation vs. lottery system for this round. Who has a reserved spot? Anyone who has done the fest at least twice, and has never had their submission returned to them for major editing or rewrites is guaranteed a place in the fest if they want it. Everyone else (brand new newbie or people who were first-timers last year) will enter a lottery. We are unsure of the exact number of reservation vs. lottery spots until sign-ups close and we tally up the total. Do not let this discourage you! Never before have we encountered a lack of space for first-timers or second-timers. We typically end up with a 60/40 split, percentage wise.

3. We are using staggered submission deadlines again - those who have participated at least two rounds (aka the reserved slot people) of the fest will have a later deadline than those who are new to the fest, or have only done it once. First timer's submissions are due by October 31. Second timer's submissions are due by November 7. Third/fourth time participants' (aka: the reserved spot people) submissions are due by November 14. This gives the first timers just a few days shy of three full months to complete their assignment. Second-timers and veterans, you have even more time. The deadlines were moved up for two reasons: first, we are getting started earlier this year than last...second, allowing more time between submissions and first day of posting will allow us to better fill in for those who drop out or need extensions. This also allows us more time to read through the longer fics that we receive (and are encouraged despite the minimum word count requirement!) and get the uploading sorted.

4. The mods assume the right to approve and deny extensions (and multiple extensions) as they see fit. Behavior from the past rounds of hd_hols will have a bearing on how lenient we are with your extension - if you strung us along last time, we are less likely to be generous. Again, we are getting started earlier this year, so we are hoping to see less extension requests than last year when things got a bit out of hand. We understand that things happen, and we will help you in any way we can!

5. Anyone who was kicked out of hd_hols round five is not eligible to participate. If you are not sure whether or not this includes you, please email us. Anyone who dropped out of round four, however, can have a second chance, but you will go into the lottery regardless of how many times you've participated in the past. Also, if you are known to be a frequent sign-up-and-runner, we may not allow you to participate. When in doubt - ask! We would prefer that you email us rather than lose a participant. Sometimes there are horrible circumstances like a death in the family that caused someone to drop...obviously we are not going to count that against you.

6. Submissions should be emailed to hdhols at gmail.com. You can also contact any of the mods directly with comments and questions - we all have LJ's 'send a message' feature enabled.

Please think very carefully before you sign up, and please only do so if you can make the commitment. This includes those who would like to reserve a spot.

FIRST-TIMERS...Please read r_becca’s guide to being a good fest participant for starters. Think about your own writing abilities, how fast/slow you write and how good you are at meeting deadlines, because there is nothing more frustrating to a mod than the flaky and inconsistent.

Round six sign-up form

If you have a RESERVED SPOT, please put RESERVED in the subject line of your comment. This will help us sort through all sign-ups for the lottery, and to crunch the numbers. Otherwise, there is no need to say you're trying for the lottery -- we'll know :)

Please fill in every required field, and if you are asking for art or have no preference please include some prompts that lend themselves to artistic interpretation. Give some visual scenarios/ideas, including if you've listed you'd like to receive either. Prompts are welcome, but your gifter is under no obligation to write/draw that specific story! So please make sure to be as detailed as you can in your likes/dislikes (and squicks) portions of the sign-up...vague sign-ups are a double-edged sword, my friends. Your gifter is given free license to do whatever they want, but if you don't like it you've no one to blame but yourself. ;-)

Proxy sign-ups ARE allowed, so if you are going to be away during the sign-up period, you may ask a friend (or the mods) to sign up on your behalf.

You MUST put your age/make an age statement. No one under the age of 18 can write/draw and/or receive NC-17 work. Those under 18, however, CAN participate. Please help us stay on LJ by following this rule!

Please note that you should use the field regarding Era/Epilogue/Next Gen preferences to note whether you'd like epilogue compliant fic, fic set during DH canon, after the end of the war but before the epilogue, etc. Basically give your writer/artist guidelines for how they should take into account Deathly Hallows canon when creating your gift. You are also free to note here that you'd like a complete AU fic that disregards DH altogether.

Last, but not least, as with every other year we do expect to have fic outweigh art by a considerable number. We ask that you try and be flexible in what you'd like to receive. I guarantee you that if you put 'art or fic' in that section, we will try and match you with an artist because we love them and want to use them! But there is nothing more disappointing than having only 10 artists and 15 'art only' requests.

(Just copy/paste into your reply)

That's all, folks! Thank you again for showing such enthusiasm for yet another year of this fic exchange!

Good luck!

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