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Just a quick note re: tomorrow's assignment emails...

Hi folks! Are ya'll excited to get your assignment? Because they are ready to go!

Just a quick note about the mass emailing that'll be happening tomorrow (because some of you have asked about this) - I will make a post once all of the emails have been sent. This might take, oh, twenty minutes or so. We do all the reserved people first, then the second timers, etc. So if you are cruising your flist tomorrow and you see someone post at *2pm something along the lines of 'OMG MY ASSIGNMENT IS AWESOME' and you look at the clock and it is 2:01pm, and you have no email, please do not assume that you did not make it through the lottery. It may just mean that I haven't made it that far down the list yet. :)

*No this doesn't mean I am doing it at 2pm, but it will be sometime tomorrow (late) afternoon for sure.

Second small note, and this is mainly for the first-timers...we always aim to give you something that we feel, based on your sign up (or maybe we just know you really well), you will enjoy writing/drawing. That being said, please do not hesitate to email us if you look at your assignment and feel trepidation (or, God forbid, dread). We want you to be happy with it, because if you are, you'll turn in something awesome and hopefully on time. We would rather do some minor shuffling of assignments than deal with someone dropping out last minute because they couldn't handle their giftee's request. Additionally, we are not always going to be aware of, um, who has issues with whom, so if we inadvertently match you with your arch-nemesis, please let us know. *awkward*

See you all tomorrow!
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