hd_hols (hd_hols) wrote in hd_holidays,

We need to hear from a few folks...

The following people have not acknowledged receipt of their assignment, and have not responded to PM's sent on Thursday asking them to confirm...

The above participants need to contact us no later than August 17th, or we will assume that you no longer wish to participate and will need to reassign your giftee to someone else.

I loathe making a public post like this, but we don't have much choice otherwise when our other means of communication are yielding no results. If you are friends with one of the above, and know why they may not be getting in touch with us, please email us at hdhols-at-gmail-dot-com (they're on vacation, their computer died, their arch-nemesis has them locked up in a dungeon somewhere in Wiltshire, whatever).
Tags: [admin] mod post

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