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Header Template...and a due date reminder!

Fellow artists and ficcers, here be the required header for your submissions...this includes the DON'T SUE ME disclaimer, so no need to add one to your submission. :)

Copy/paste the template below...

Authors, please remember to include all formatting in your submission - italics, centering text, etc...if the html tags aren't included in the doc, we aren't going to do them for you. Anything over 10,000 words will be hosted on the hdhols.com server as we've done in previous rounds, so don't worry about post breaks.

Artists, we will be hosting your art on the hdhols.com server as well. Don't worry about file size, we have loads of space! Please remember not to sign your artwork - we know it's hard for some of you to maintain any degree of anonymity because of style, but let's not make it too easy. ;-)

First-timers, you have 43 days until your submissions are due on October 31st...
Second-timers, you have 50 days until November 7th...
Reserved/third-timers, you have 57 days until November 14th...

Additionally, IF YOU DO NOT YET HAVE A BETA, AND YOU ARE IN NEED OF ONE, please contact us! Naturally we want you to obtain one on your own, and hopefully you have already done so, but if you are in a pinch for whatever reason, please let us know!
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