hd_hols (hd_hols) wrote in hd_holidays,

Due date reminder!

Wow, October is half over already! How'd that happen so fast? Is it trick or treat time yet???? I WANT STRANGERS TO GIVE ME FREE CANDY!!!!

FIRST-TIMERS, your submissions are due in exactly TWO WEEKS on October 31st.

Second-timers, you have three weeks remaining until your November 7th deadline.

Veteran reserved participants - you have one month until yours are due on November 14th.

Here again is your handy dandy uber nifty header template...


If you are struggling for whatever reason, please tell us! Having issues with time management and fret that you can't possibly be done on time? Lost your beta? Just want a second opinion that your giftee won't weep and cry at the mere sight of your submission? We are here to assist and, if need be, soothe and pet in a very non-threatening manner.
Tags: [admin] mod post, [admin] rules & templates

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