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Regarding Hot Recs...

As most of you know, we mods try our hardest to collect recs of your hard work for submission to daily_snitch, a hugely distributed fandom newsletter, as a hot rec. We like it when fic and art that was created for our humble fest is given love outside of the postings themselves...but more importantly, we know the author/artist loves it.

That being said, our respective flists only reach so far. I know that recs get missed, and certain pieces don't get the attention that maybe they should. I know that I - taradiane - have discovered many a new author to stalk just from learning about their work via hot recs. It would be a shame to have missed out on some of those...

That being said, we'd like to open the floor to suggestions. The two most obvious for us mods are:

1) Let the author/artist do the legwork and submit their own hot rec to the mods at daily_snitch, or
2) Compile a small team of volunteers to keep a lookout for recs to be submitted.
* Rules for submission are HERE.

Now, obviously, nothing has ever stopped participants in the past from getting their stuff on the hot recs list on their own if we missed them - but as our fest is anon 99% of the time, folks are reluctant to do that (from what we've heard) since it's a dead giveaway to the DS mods that, well, it's their story or artwork. And, as we've taken it upon ourselves in the past to do that for them, people just don't see the need.

Last year, we weren't able to compile as many recs as we would have liked simply because of time constraints and late submissions. We'd like to do better this year and make sure that everyone gets the recognition they've earned.

So as we lead up to December, we'd like to open the floor for ideas/volunteers/etc to assist us with this task. We feel it is an important part of overall fest enjoyment. :)
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