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Second-timers with a November 7th due date, your assignments are expected tomorrow by the end of the day!

That means that if you have not received an extension, we will be expecting something sparkly and beatific from you in the hdhols inbox on Monday morning when we check our email.

Please do not forget to include the header template wherein all the specs and goodies about your submission will go - if you leave it blank, one of us will be forced to fill it out for you.

Also, remember that you are responsible for all the html. We will not comb your fic for italics and blockquotes and insert that for you - we will post it as we receive it. If you totes forgot to do this up front, megyal has created a tutorial showing you how to make multiple formatting changes with just a few clicks. Learn it, live it, love it! And drop her a comment telling her how wonderful she is for showing you such a nifty, neato, swell trick.

As always, we are here to assist.

taradiane, dysonrules, byaghro and bryoneybrynn

Yes, I mostly copy/pasted this from the last reminder - behold my lazy nature. I had midterms this morning and 99% of my brain function has dribbled out of my ears.
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