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Author: bootsy_mine
Recipient: misterwalnut
Title: School Days Remembered
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Budget problems cause drastic changes in Hogwarts administration, including Harry Potter as Deputy Headmaster and Draco Malfoy covering the Muggle Studies Class
Rating: NC-17 (just to be safe)
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the a of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): 2nd generation ages are not compliant
Epilogue compliant? Epilogue? What epilogue? I tore mine out of my copy because it doesn't exist...
Word Count: ~ 8200
Author's Notes: Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity and to misterwalnut for an amazing prompt. I tried to get most of your requests in.

School Days Remembered

The sky darkened and the thunder rolled yet, Draco sat gazing out his office window and filing his nails.

“McGonagall is angry,” Blaise reminded from his chair before Draco's desk.

Draco sighed but otherwise ignored the comment his friend had made.

“She's not going to go away,” Blaise patiently added.

This comment earned Blaise a patented Malfoy glare before Draco turned his attention back to the storm brewing outside.

“You can glare at me all you like but it's not going to change the fact that McGonagall is furious with you and until you speak with her she will continue to hound you and as a byproduct harass me,” Blaise growled.

“Blaise, if you can't handle the babbling of a little, old, decrepit woman, you don't belong in this office,” Draco responded continuing his steadfast inspection of the outdoors.

“I would normally agree with you but this is no little, old, decrepit woman. This is Minerva McGonagall, Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Wizardry, War Hero with a First Order of Merlin and fifth most influential witch in all of Europe.

Draco feigned a yawn before returning to his nails.

“Draco, I'm warning you...” Blaise began to threaten but was interrupted by a heavy knocking on the door.

Draco instantly dropped his nail file and looked to the door with panic in his eyes. He whispered, “Who is that?”

Blaise wanted to laugh at the abrupt change in his friend but couldn't be so cruel, despite their sometimes rivalry, he really did love the evil git. So, he whispered back, “I'd imagine its just the old, decrepit lady that you've been avoiding.”

Draco's pupils dilated and his hand shook slightly as he whisper growled, “how did she get past the reception area?”

Blaise managed to keep a straight face, “With me in here trying to get you to speak with her, it isn't exactly very well guarded.”

“Well, you'll just have to get rid of her, I'm far too busy to discuss minor details at the moment,” Draco huffed waving Blaise towards the door with a dismissive air, his icy mask returning.

“Draco, you are the head of the Board of Governors. Hogwarts is your main priority. How can you be too busy to deal with the Headmistress?” Blaise grumbled in exasperation.

Draco dropped his mask and allowed his fear to show on his face, “Blaise don't leave me alone with her, that woman scares me more than a Dementor.”

Blaise nodded, taking pity on his friend, “I promise, I'll interrupt if she makes me leave.”

Draco nodded and let his icy mask fall over his face once again.

Blaise stood and walked to the door opening it with a smile, “Why Headmistress McGonagall, what a lovely surprise.”

Blaise smirked at Harry Potter but refrained from greeting the former war hero.

“I'm afraid I'm really quite busy,” Draco called out as he began shuffling papers and folders on his desk as though in the middle of some very important paperwork.

“That's a shame, Mr. Malfoy because this can not wait a moment longer as you've already put me off a month and classes begin next week,” McGonagall answered coolly taking a seat in the chair in front of Draco's desk and motioning for Harry Potter to take the second seat.

Draco looked up as the second shadow moved over his desk and had to swallow hard to not allow an expression to cross his face over seeing Harry Potter again. He flicked his gaze over to Blaise to give the man a hateful glare.

“Would you all care for some tea?” Blaise suggested heading towards the door.

“Zabini, I'll be needing you in here to take notes,” Draco quickly informed his personal assistant.

“As you wish, Mr. Malfoy. I'll just be a moment to get the tea service,” Zabini announced before he abandoned Draco to the two former Gryffindors, the traitor!

“What is Potter doing here? These are private negotiations,” Draco demanded quick to take the high road.

“He is my new DADA teacher, the new Head of Gryffindor, and my new Deputy Headmaster and as such has as much business here as I. You would know this if you read or answered my correspondence,” Minerva was quick to explain.

Draco had to clench his jaw tightly to keep his mouth from dropping open. He turned his attention to Potter for a moment. The years had been kind to his former arch nemesis. As Draco recalled, he'd married the youngest Weasley and had a handful of children.

“Potter, are you sure you want to take a position that will take you away from your family nine months out of the year? We don't permit spouses to live at Hogwarts unless they are also teachers,” Draco quickly pointed out.

Harry looked at Draco in surprise, “I took the position to be near my family.”

“I realize that your children are likely at Hogwarts by now but your wife...” Draco began.

“My wife divorced me last year. Taking this position will allow me to spend time with my children for nine months out of the year,” Harry quickly answered a defiant fire lighting his green eyes.

“My apologies, Potter, I didn't know,” Draco was quick to explain.

“I spent a fortune to keep it out of the papers,” Potter answered.

“I see, well I'm sure having you as DADA teacher will be good for gaining new students,” Draco begrudgingly admitted.

“Now that we've established Mr. Potter's right to be here, Mr. Malfoy, as you know from the multitude of owls that I've sent you...” McGonagall began.

“What owls?” Draco drawled hoping to buy time until Blaise returned.

“Mr. Malfoy! Do not pretend that you didn't receive my requests to go over the budget and make some changes,” Headmistress McGonagall scolded.

“Headmistress McGonagall, I assure you that your budgets are a very insignificant part of...” Draco began.

“If they are so insignificant then perhaps you wouldn't find it difficult to increase them,” the Headmistress was quick to suggest.

“Increase? Increase? You can't be serious. We are in a recession! Do you understand that word? Recession? It means there are less funds to work with and therefore I should be lowering your budget but instead, I've increased it by 5% every year for the last three years. If anything you should be working with a surplus,” Draco complained, forgetting his fear of the woman when compared with the fear of loosing money.

Minerva's face grew red, “You think I have a surplus? Hogwarts has been sadly underfunded for decades. A 5% increase is a drop in the cauldron. What we need is a 50% increase so that I can hire fresh professors and be competitive. Durmstrang has taken 10% of my potential first year students this year due to their celebrity quidditch coach, Victor Krum. Beauxbaton stole 15% of my potential first year students last year with their world renounced Charms teacher, Krystal Copperfield. Furthermore, my staff hasn't taken a pay raise since I've been promoted to Headmistress and I'm still teaching Transfiguration as I don't have funds to replace myself. I didn't realize that Headmaster Dumbledore had forgone his salary in order to maintain the prior budget. And did you realize that Professor Binns should have retired before he died, if his ghost wasn't still teaching, I wouldn't have enough funds to hire the teachers I need even if I continue teaching Transfiguration as well as run the school. So you see, I don't have enough funds to hire the teachers I need for every subject as I'm sure you are well aware based on all my correspondence.”

Draco shook his head, his temper rising and helping him to conquer his adolescent fear of the entity that is Minerva McGonagall.

“Alright. Perhaps revamping your budget is necessary. Let's get a fresh piece of parchment and go over what it currently is and what changes you suggest. I won't promise to meet all your demands but I will ensure that you have a teacher for every subject, fair enough?” Draco offered.

“That will do for now. At least you're finally addressing the issue,” McGonagall agreed, settling more firmly into her seat.

Blaise arrived pushing a tea cart laden with pots, cream, sugar, biscuits, and petit fours.

“Tea?” he offered.

“Please,” McGonagall agreed reaching out for a teacup that Blaise had already prepared to her taste.

“You'll need to prepare your own, Mr. Potter as I have no idea how a hero takes his tea,” Blaise teased with a sparkle of mischief as he prepared Draco's cup to his liking.

Draco took a fortifying sip, nodded his thanks to Blaise and gestured for him to take a seat at the small desk he used when taking notes.

Blaise nodded with a pleased smile and pulled out a fresh piece of parchment before dipping his quill into the ink pot.

“Now then, what teachers are you currently employing and what are their current salaries?” Draco began the tedious chore of balancing Hogwarts budget. After an hour of recitation and Blaise's notes, Draco had a form that looked like this:

Draco scanned the salaries and teachers and immediately saw the problem. The professors that were still there were ones that had taught him over two decades ago. Many were reaching retirement, though at 10 Galleons a month, he didn't see how they would be able to retire even if they took all their meals at Hogwarts and didn't buy anything for themselves.

“I see the problem,” Draco reluctantly admitted, “What changes are you looking for?”

“An immediate 10 Galleon a month increase for all current teachers and an additional 5 Galleon a month increase for Head of Houses and new teachers. I can't hire staff with these slave labor salaries,” McGonagall answered looking pleased that Draco was finally willing to hear her.

“I see where that is necessary but you don't seem to understand that we're still repaying the loans for the rebuilding of Hogwarts. You have repeatedly refused to raise tuition and the money has to come from somewhere,” Draco explained patiently looking almost apologetic for the Slytherin.

“If we had better teachers, we would have more students and therefore more tuition,” McGonagall pointed out.

“But we need the tuition before we can offer the salaries. What if I give you an additional 2 Galleons a month for each existing teacher and 1 Galleon a month to entice new teachers,” Draco suggested looking at the figures before him and seeing that this would leave the budget terribly strained with the current student tuition.

“I'll settle for 5 Galleons for existing teachers and 3 for new teachers,” McGonagall bargained.

“You don't understand, there isn't anything left in the budget,” Draco sighed in frustration.

“What about the Founders deposit?” McGonagall questioned.

“Given to fund the war orphans education as agreed upon at the staff meeting three decades ago,” Draco answered.

“Why was it not replaced?” McGonagall questioned in shocked surprise.

“Because you wouldn't allow the increase in tuition and money doesn't just fall out of the sky,” Draco pointed out irritably.

“But the war reparations,” McGonagall continued.

“You insisted they be given to St. Mungos so they could rebuild,” Draco reminded.

“The donations received to help rebuild,” McGonagall continued not to be deterred.

“Half the promised donations never materialized. The ones that actually showed up were spent to purchase a third of the necessary supplies to rebuild Hogwarts walls and fence. There wasn't enough to replace the gates or the dead House elves. It cost the balance in the treasury to replace those and then the workmen needed to be paid and loans were taken. Then you insisted that the returning students didn't have to pay tuition as they didn't receive an education during the Carrows reign. Hogwarts still owes the goblins 100,000 Galleons for the building materials and 500,000 Galleons for the labor and those greedy goblins are charging exorbitant interest so that its all I can do to stay even and not end up owing them more money and our tuition continue to dwindle,” Draco pointed out.

“Why have there been no fundraisers? Why haven't there been any donation drives?” Minerva continued to question.

“Headmistress McGonagall, surely you've noticed that the upper class that used to attend such fund raisers is sadly lacking. The Greengrasses, Parkinsons, Crabbes, Goyles, and Notts all lost their fortunes in the war. The Changs moved to Spain and refuse any correspondence from the board of Governors. The Lovegoods were willing to listen to my pleas for donations but ultimately decided that their money would be better spent in trying to save the...the...Blaise what was it?” Draco asked turning to his assistant.

“The Simpadroobles,” Blaise answered managing to keep a straight face.

“Yes, that was it, by the way Zabini, why aren't you donating again?” Draco continued turning his attention to his assistant.

Blaise rolled his eyes, “Draco, we've been over this. I don't get my inheritance until my mother dies and my allowance is barely enough to keep my ex-wives content.”

“You really should discuss with your mother a better way of disposing of your wives, divorce is much too expensive,” Draco chastised.

“I didn't exactly see an obituary for Asteria when you divorced,” Blaise pointed out.

“That's because Scorpius would have been upset over the loss of his mother,” Draco retorted.

Headmistress McGonagall cleared her throat loudly to break up the discussion between the two former Slytherins.

“While your discussion over poor marriage choices is fascinating, can we please return to the budget problem gentlemen?” Minerva stated pointedly.

“Fine, you're in need of a Potions Professor, a Head of Slytherin, and a Muggle Studies teacher, correct?” Draco asked.

Minerva sighed in frustration, “Yes, and a Transfiguration teacher.”

“Alright. What if I lend you Blaise? I'll continue to pay his salary as an Assistant and he can teach Potions and head Slytherin house. Then, you'll just need to find a Muggle studies teacher for the year,” Draco suggested.

“You've forgotten Transfiguration again,” Minerva pointed out looking frustrated while Blaise looked mutinous.

“Draco, I despise children, you know that. I refuse to go to that cold, moldy, filthy dungeon and deal with its infestation of rug rats,” Blaise answered pouting.

“Now Blaise, surely you want to help out your old Alma Mater,” Draco drawled.

“No, I don't. I hated being trapped in those cold, wet, dungeons during school and I'm not going back. You can't make me. I was hired as an assistant to you. I shouldn't have to babysit a bunch of spoiled rotten brats,” Blaise huffed.

“Oh come on, Potter's willing to do it,” Draco pointed out gesturing to Harry who looked surprised to suddenly be a part of the conversation.

“Potter was also a Gryffindor,” Blaise answered as though this were proof enough that Potter's opinion on things wasn't a good one.

It appeared that Draco found it a sound argument because he paused briefly.

“What if I put you in the Transfiguration position and you didn't have to deal with the dungeons or being Head of Slytherin House?” Draco wheedled.

“I suppose I could deal with that,” Blaise agreed.

“Fine, Minerva, you have a Transfiguration teacher. I'll leave the rest in your capable hands,” Draco answered appearing to wipe his hands of the mess and opening a fresh file to dismiss Minerva.

“Not so fast, Mr. Malfoy. I still need a Muggle studies Professor, a Potions Professor, and a Head of Slytherin house,” Minerva pointed out.

“Well, what about Potter's old girlfriend? She was a Muggle, she should be able to handle the job,” Draco continued ignoring the problem.

“Ginny is already busy...” Potter began defending his ex-wife.

“Not that one,” Draco was quick to interrupt, “the frizzy haired bint.”

“Hermione?” Harry asked in disbelief.

Blaise laughed aloud, “Draco, don't you pay any attention to anyone outside of your own circle? Granger is the Head of St. Mungo's Research division, I highly doubt she'd leave her illustrious position to teach about Muggles.”

“If she has such an illustrious position why have we not asked her for a donation?” Draco was quick to point out.

“Again, don't you pay attention to anyone outside your manor? Granger's parents reacted poorly to the memory charm she cast on them and are no longer able to take care of themselves. Every galleon she earns goes towards their care,” Blaise answered.

“What about the Weasel?” Draco asked looking shocked.

“You mean Ron?” Harry asked in surprise.

“Who else, doesn't he bring in an adequate salary?” Draco asked.

“He did when he was still playing for the Cannons but that injury last year left him unable to play and the medical bills have been huge,” Harry explained.

“Then who do you recommend?” Draco asked pointedly.

“I don't, that's why we came to you. Isn't it your job to make sure that Hogwarts runs smoothly?” Harry asked.

“Potter, as usual you have your facts wrong. It is Headmistress McGonagall's job to ensure Hogwarts runs smoothly. It is my job to ensure that it is compliant with current wizarding laws and to balance the budget,” Draco corrected.

“You're doing a stellar job when we can't even afford enough teachers. Why don't you tap into the vast Malfoy fortune and help out a bit?” Harry suggested.

“Now who hasn't been paying attention,” Blaise chided, “The Ministry took half the Malfoy fortune in war reparations and Draco gave Asteria the rest when they divorced,” Blaise explained.

“So why aren't you asking your ex-wife for a donation?” Harry continued relentlessly.

“Well, you see...” Draco hedged.

Blaise laughed aloud, “Asteria is many things but prudent with money isn't one of them. What she hasn't spent is now firmly in the control of her new husband who hates Draco more than you do.”

“Why does he hate Malfoy?” Harry asked in surprise.

Draco mock whined, “It isn't natural for an ex-wife and ex-husband to get along so well. If you like her so much why didn't you stay married.”

Blaise burst out laughing, “That sounded exactly like the ponce.”

“She could have done so much better,” Draco drawled.

“Gentlemen, can we please return to the budget?” McGonagall asked in frustration.

“We can but it's not likely to do much good. We don't have the funds, perhaps we should close Hogwarts,” Draco pondered.

“I have a suggestion,” Blaise cried out looking positively proud.

“What?” McGonagall and Draco asked in unison.

“Pansy. She's between husbands and she'd still do anything if you asked,” Blaise suggested.

“I do love that woman, excellent suggestion Zabini,” Draco agreed.

“Miss Parkinson?” McGonagall asked.

“Of course,” Draco agreed.

“As I recall she wasn't much of a student,” McGonagall pointed out.

“That was Transfiguration, she was brilliant at...at...” Draco trailed off.

“I'm sure she could head Slytherin House and Potions aren't all that difficult,” Blaise wheedled.

“Fine, we're finished then.” Draco decided.

“Mr. Malfoy, what about Muggle studies?” McGongall continued on relentlessly unwilling to fight even Parkinson when faced with no Potions teacher.

“I'll do it, how hard can it be?” Draco decided.

Harry laughed aloud.

“I hardly think you're qualified,” McGonagall pointed out.

“I assure you that I am an authority when it comes to all things Muggle. I had to blend in after the war after all,” Draco was quick to wave away her fears.

“And with Draco staying at Hogwarts with me, we'll be able to maintain our current positions as well, it'll all work out, you'll see.” Blaise quickly agreed.

“I suppose I don't have much of a choice,” McGonagall grumbled gathering up her things and motioning to Harry that it was time for them to go.

“Farewell Minerva, have a nice trip back,” Draco called after them.

“We'll see you next week,” McGonagall responded.

Draco, Blaise and Pansy arrived at Platform 9 ¾, each pushing a trolly full of trunks and other accessories.

“Reminiscent of our old school days,” Blaise sighed.

“So the two of you will be trying to look up my skirt on the train?” Pansy teased.

“Always,” Blaise agreed before handing his cart over to an attendant.

“Shall we?” Blaise asked wrapping an arm around Pansy's waist and leading her onto the train.

Draco shook his head at his friends antics. He would never understand how Pansy and Blaise could flirt so outrageously and yet not end up together.

As he boarded the train, he thought longingly of the old days when boarding meant a fun time in the dorms with his friends and even more fun Potter baiting.

The three former Slytherins situated themselves comfortably in one of the teacher's cars near the front and had a pleasant journey catching up. Pansy was full of stories of her latest conquests and Blaise was quick to join in with his latest adventures. By the time they'd arrived at Hogwarts, they were laughing and feeling like children again.

The sorting was amusing as children were placed into their new houses, then McGonagall took the time to introduce Pansy as Potions Mistress and Head of Slytherin House, Blaise as the new Transfiguration teacher and Draco as the Muggle studies teacher. When she announced Potter as the new head of Gryffindor and the new DADA teacher, there was a loud applause and cheering. Finally, the students settled and the feast began.

Scorpius kept glancing at the teacher's table in distrust but otherwise everything seemed like a normal feast to Draco. He knew he would have to explain things to his son at first opportunity.

After the feast Pansy gathered her new Slytherins and lead them to the dungeon for a 'meet and greet' so that she could uphold Snape's legacy. Blaise drifted off towards his rooms to set them up to his satisfaction, and Draco pulled his son aside and lead him towards his own rooms. Not surprisingly, he noticed Potter doing the same with three children that he could only assume were his own.

“What's going on?” Scorpius asked as soon as they were behind closed doors.

“Budget issues have forced me to help out this year,” Draco answered.

“But Muggle studies? That's not like you at all, are you alright?” Scorpius worried over his father.

“Of course, I'm fine. They needed a teacher and there wasn't any money in the budget to pay for one so I'm filling in temporarily,” Draco explained.

“So you haven't lost your position?” Scorpius ensured.

“No, son. It's only for this year and by next everything will be worked out. Do you mind my being in the school so much?” Draco worried.

“I'm pleased to have you here, sir. I don't see enough of you,” Scorpius reassured.

“How are things at home? Is Lycos treating you well?” Draco began asking.

“Things are good, Dad. Mom would tell you if they weren't. Lycos ignores me and I ignore him. It works out well that way,” Scorpius admitted.

“You look too much like me,” Draco sighed.

“I don't see that as a bad thing,” Scorpius teased with a smile.

“Neither do I,” Draco agreed smiling back at his son and pushing his worries aside.

“Can I go back to my common room now? I don't want the other kids thinking I get special treatment because my dad's a teacher here,” Scorpius complained.

“So having your father on the Board of Governors is fine but a teacher here means special treatment?” Draco asked in disbelief.

“I didn't tell anyone you were on the Board of Governors so it didn't matter but they can definitely see you here,” Scorpius pointed out before leaving his father's rooms and heading down into the dungeons.

“Scorpius, are you alright with me being here?” Draco worried.

“Dad, I'm thrilled to have you here, I just don't want anyone getting on my case. At least Al will be in the same boat,” Scorpius was quick to reassure.

“Al?” Draco questioned uncertainly.

“My best friend Albus,” Scorpius nodded.

“Albus Potter?” Draco asked trying to keep the horror from his voice.

“That's him,” Scorpius agreed.

“But son, how can you be best friends with a Gryffindor?” Draco wondered aloud.

“Al's not a Gryffindor, he's a Slytherin,” Scorpius explained watching in fascination as his father processed this news.

“Harry Potter's son, born of two Gryffindors is a Slytherin?” Draco reiterated in complete disbelief.

“Are you alright Dad?” Scorpius worried.

“Fine, fine, go on back to the dungeons, Pansy will be upset if I keep you much longer,” Draco dismissed his son so he could contemplate this new news at his leisure and prepare for the next day's lesson.

Opening the standard Muggles text, Draco settled in for a long night.

Draco found himself fascinated by the things Muggles were able to do without the aid of magic and quickly grew to have a new respect for these odd creatures.

They had cars instead of brooms, buses and taxis instead of the Knight Bus, and their own version of moving staircases called escalators.

They didn't have a Floo network, but they did have an amazing invention called the telephone that allowed them to communicate and without the need of a fire or fireplace. In fact their “cell” phones could even travel distant places and allow the Muggles to remain in contact with one another. Their “pens” didn't require an ink well because one was built in! And, best of all, they had televisions that were similar to the Wizard Wireless but included pictures. It was like a pensive that anyone could watch at anytime without that horrible falling sensation. Muggle technology was fabulous!

Draco skipped breakfast in order to prepare his Muggle “work sheets” for his students and hummed happily as he traipsed through the hall on his way to the Muggle studies classroom.

“Who did you kill to be in such a good mood?” Pansy grumbled joining him in the hall.

“No one, I've just discovered that Muggles might have some uses after all,” Draco corrected.

“You mean for something other than fresh targets?” Pansy questioned in surprise.

“Yes,” Draco agreed with a smirk, obviously Pansy wasn't enjoying being Head of Slytherin House.

“Well, you enjoy that new found knowledge and be careful it doesn't bite you in the arse,” Pansy teased as she slipped down the staircase towards the Potions Classroom.

Draco continued up the staircase towards the Muggle Studies classroom on the main floor.

“Malfoy,” Potter greeted as they passed in the hall.

“Potter,” Draco agreed nodding in response and continuing on. It felt a bit odd not to stop and have a bit of a verbal sparring with Potter when passing in the hallway and Draco felt a slight tug of regret over growing up. Baiting Potter had always been such a favorite Hogwarts pastime. Glancing back, he noticed Potter wasn't wearing his teaching robes but had them flung over his arm so that his quidditch toned arse was on display still in as good shape as it had been in his adolescent glory. Draco sighed again with another unspoken regret and let himself into the Muggle studies room.

Draco settled himself at his desk and began arranging his parchments and worksheets as his students began to stumble in. It was his 4th year class and that meant both Scorpius and Albus Potter would be in attendance.

Draco raised an eyebrow as the two grabbed a table in the back and began whispering together but allowed it until the bell rang.

Clearing his throat loudly, Draco began.

“Good morning class. Welcome to Muggle Studies. I am your teacher, Professor Malfoy. I must warn you that you are about to be immersed in all things Muggle. Those of you with a Pureblood background might want to grab a seat next to a Muggleborn because they will definitely have the advantage in this class. No takers? So be it.

Muggles are fascinating creatures. They have no magic and still they manage to function very similarly to the wizard population. You will find that Muggles have a form of government, transportation, medicine, and even an educational system very similar to our own. Yet they manage these things without the benefit of magic. It's rather fascinating when you consider their limitations.

They get past these limitations by using something they call technology. Technology can come in many forms from man powered machinery to electrical. For instance, while we use our brooms, the Knight bus, Floo travel, and Apparation to get places...Muggles use automobiles, buses, planes, trains, bicycles, and an ingenious invention called the Tube.

To start things off, I've prepared what Muggles call a worksheet. It's similar to our parchment but much smaller and more compact. Albus Potter, please come up here and hand one out to each of your classmates.”

Draco looked on with approval as the Potter boy came and picked up the stack of worksheets he indicated and then proceeded to hand one to each student in the class.

“This is what Muggles call a blackboard. Instead of writing with their wands, they use an invention called chalk. To save time, I've magicked the chalk onto the board in duplication of your worksheets.

I would like you to draw a line from each word to the picture that the word describes. Let's start with 'pen'. Can anyone tell me what a 'pen' is?

Lysander Longbottom.”

“A pen is the equivalent of a Muggle quill,” Lysander answered with a smirk.

“Very good, six points to Ravenclaw,” Draco praised. “Now, you will continue filling in your worksheets and turn the completed parchments into me tomorrow. You will also read Chapter 26 of your textbook, Escalators – the Muggle's version of moving staircases and write me a parchment of no less than 16 inches on how these benefit Muggles and how they are different from our moving stairs.”

Draco settled down behind his desk pleased with himself and his lecture. He'd forgone much of his beauty rest the night before to prepare but was sure that his sacrifice would be worth it as the students seemed interested in his lecture and not bored out of their minds as he'd been in his Muggle studies class.

Before long the bell had rung and his third years arrived. He began his lecture on Muggle boats and had just assigned the homework when he saw McGonagall outside his door motioning for him.

Draco warned his class to behave and excused himself to see what the Headmistress wanted.

“Mr. Malfoy, it seems there is a problem with your son,” McGonagall whispered.

“Is he alright?” Draco worried thinking of his son's schedule and worrying if he'd fallen off a broom or gotten hit with a stray curse.

“He is fine but he is in a lot of trouble,” McGonagall answered.

“Trouble? Scorpius?” Draco asked in surprise.

“Yes, Scorpius is in a lot of trouble. Come with me,” McGonagall ordered leading Draco away from his class and stopping briefly in front of Potter's DADA class.

Draco watched as she made a similar motion and Potter came out in much the same fashion as he had moments before.

“Mr. Potter, it seems that Albus has gotten himself into a bit of trouble, come with me,” McGonagall stated walking towards the staircase that would take them to her office.

“Do you get the feeling that we're in as much trouble as our kids?” Potter asked looking humored.

“I don't see how our children being in trouble is amusing in any way,” Draco stated flatly.

“Oh come on, obviously they've been fighting like we used to. Maybe a bit of our old rivalry has rubbed off?” Potter suggested.

“I assure you that nothing rubs off onto my son,” Draco corrected.

“Oh come on Malfoy, take the stick out of your butt and see the humor in the situation. We're being called into the office to get scolded over the sins of our sons.” Harry chuckled.

“This is not amusing and my son has never committed a sin,” Draco huffed.

McGonagall lead them into her office and seated herself behind her desk gesturing to the sofa where Albus and Scorpius sat fidgeting nervously.

“So what's this all about?” Potter asked with a smile.

“Your sons took it upon themselves to remove the aconitum from its pots and replace it with Solanum dulcamara for a joke,” McGonagall explained glaring at the boys harshly.

“Uhm, I'm not sure I understand the problem,” Harry admitted trying not to laugh.

“Obviously you paid no attention in Herbology then. Aconitum is another name for wolfsbane which is a necessary ingredient in the wolf suppression potion for werewolves like your godmutt while Solanum dulcamara is another name for bittersweet nightshade which is a key component in dreamless sleep. Both plants have a similar look when fully matured but very different properties in potions. If you were to replace the wolfsbane with bittersweet nightshade instead of suppressing the wolf, you'd made him sleepy and grumpy and that would make him extremely violent if a little slow,” Draco explained.

“So it could have hurt someone if it wasn't caught but Professor Sprout is brilliant and surely it wouldn't matter here at Hogwarts,” Harry began to try to lower the severity of the crime.

“Potter, don't you realize that Hogwarts supplies seven werewolf colonies with free Wolfsbane potion every full moon cycle? Pansy isn't exactly Snape. She would never have noticed the difference and lives could be lost. This is very serious,” Draco complained.

“Which is why you should let her teach Muggle studies and you should teach Potions,” McGonagall stated.

“Which is why children should not go around playing jokes in the greenhouse. Scorpius what was the point of this little adventure?” Draco demanded of his son looking frustrated.

“We just wanted to teach James a lesson. We thought it would make his cauldron blow up,” Scorpius pouted.

“What did James do?” Harry asked looking at his son with concern and love.

Albus kept his mouth shut tightly but Scorpius was quick to share James crime, “He said that Al was a traitor to his family because he's in Slytherin house. It isn't Al's fault that he can see the benefits to himself when he looks at a situation. Finesse does not always mean evil,” Scorpius answered looking Harry in the face.

Draco's face lost its stern look, “Don't mess with the plants, the wrong combination could really hurt someone. If you want to blow up a bloke's cauldron all you have to do is add a few drops of ink from the giant squid or cast six silent giggle hexes at the potion and it'll blow without any further interference.”

“Does that work?” Albus asked in awe.

“Ask your father, Longbottom's cauldron blew up so many times that Snape declared him hopeless,” Draco chuckled.

“That was you?” Potter asked in shock and anger.

“No, that was Millie. Never scorn a Slytherin woman nursing a crush,” Draco chuckled.

“Millicent Bulstrode had a crush on Neville?” Harry asked in disbelief.

“Of course, but you had to have known that. Next you'll tell me you were oblivious to Daphne's crush on Seamus Finnegan,” Draco demanded.

“Daphne Greengrass had a crush on Seamus?” Harry asked in disbelief.

“Salazar Potter, what school did you attend?” Draco teased.

“Gentlemen if we can come back from our stroll down memory lane and assign proper punishments please,” McGonagall suggested.

Draco shrugged, “I think they've been punished enough.”

“You would,” Harry spat.

“Alright, since neither of you have a suggestion, how about cleaning out the stables for Hagrid. The thestrals have made a rather large mess of their stalls,” McGonagall suggested.

“Sure,” Draco shrugged indifferent and unconcerned.

“That's fine, Hagrid will treat you fairly,” Harry agreed messing Al's hair.

“Let me know if he doesn't treat you fairly,” Draco told Scorpius giving him the same hair treatment.

As they walked away, Potter asked, “Malfoy why must you always disagree with me?”

“Because its the way we work,” Draco answered turning away and heading towards his classroom.

Three weeks passed without incident and then Draco found himself pulled from his class again and following Potter up to McGonagall's office to stare at his son and Albus Potter who again looked nervous.

“What did they do this time?” Harry asked.

“They let a crup in the pen with the hippogriffs,” McGonagall answered angrily.

Draco couldn't help it, he burst out laughing and Harry quickly joined in.

“It isn't funny. There were baby hippogriffs and the mother was so angry that she almost killed the crup,” McGonagall was quick to point out the severity of the issue.

“Why?” Harry managed to choke out.

“Peter said his crup was tougher than a hippogriff and I said it wasn't,” Albus whispered.

“So I tried to prove it,” Scorpius added.

Draco continued laughing, “How is this any worse than Fluffy?”

“Fluffy was permitted under Dumbledore's administration, not mine,” McGonagall pointed out.

“Punishment?” Harry managed to ask around laughter.

“Cauldron scrubbing, got to keep the little deviants away from the animals,” Draco suggested.

Harry nodded his agreement and the two professors shared a smile for a moment before returning to their individual classes.

That evening both Draco and Harry were pulled into the Potions classroom by a very angry Pansy Parkinson.

“If the two of you can't keep control of your own children, I see no reason why I should have to babysit the brats,” Pansy informed them before dumping the cauldron cleaning duty on Draco and Harry to supervise.

“No magic,” Harry told the boys tiredly taking their wands.

“Why?” Albus grumbled.

“Because our magic could infect the cauldrons and mess up the next potion,” Scorpius answered tiredly as if he'd heard the reasoning many times.

“Why do I think this poor child has cleaned too many cauldrons in his life?” Harry asked with sympathy.

“Snape was my godfather, do you really think I wouldn't use the worst punishment I knew that didn't involve physical violence?” Draco asked Harry.

“So you've never been spanked?” Harry asked looking surprised.

“My parents never spanked me,” Draco answered blushing.

“Asteria?” Harry whispered looking intrigued.

Draco cast a silencing spell and whispered back, “Trevor.”

“Who?” Harry asked looking more interested.

“There's a reason Asteria and I divorced,” Draco admitted motioning for Harry to join him behind Pansy's desk where he transfigured a second chair.

“And that would be Trevor?” Harry asked taking the transfigured chair.

Draco nodded, “Not Trevor himself, just the realization that I preferred men to women.

“Me too,” Harry admitted.

“What do you mean you too?” Draco demanded.

“I mean that's why Ginny and I divorced. I discovered that I much preferred her brother Charlie to her,” Harry admitted.

“The dragon tamer?” Draco asked in astonishment.

“Yeah,” Harry admitted blushing.

“He's rather hot,” Draco complimented.

“I know, if I could stand Romania or he could give up his dragons but it was a nice fling while he was visiting,” Harry admitted wistfully.

“Well, if he comes for a visit again and you fancy a threesome,” Draco drawled.

“You'd consider sharing someone with me?” Harry teased.

“It's been a while. I was thinking about going out to a club but till I've finished grading papers and preparing the next lesson plan and then filling out the Board of Governor's forms, its too late to go,” Draco admitted.

“I know what you mean. Till I've worked with my 7th years on casting wandless magic and shown each of them each spell a dozen times, my magic is so exhausted that its all I can do to grade papers,” Harry agreed.

“Of course the great war hero can cast wandless magic,” Draco grumbled.

“It comes in handy in the bedroom,” Harry teased, his eyes sparkling.

“You cast wandless during...” Draco began his eyes glazing over a bit.

A small hand shook Harry out of his contemplation.

“What is it Albus?” Harry asked.

“Are these good enough?” Albus asked motioning towards the gleaming cauldrons.

Draco shrugged, “Good enough for Pansy, hit the sack boys. Muggle studies pop quiz in the morning.”

Albus and Scorpius both groaned as they slowly made their way out of the classroom and towards the dungeons.

“So what are you doing after detention?” Harry asked waggling his eyebrows.

“It's too late to get out of here so that leaves quality time with my right hand,” Draco admitted.

“Care for some company?” Harry asked.

Draco agreed and the two former enemies found themselves enjoying tea spiked with Firewhiskey as they laughed over their childhood adventures from the time together in the Forbidden Forest to their last year at Hogwarts.

They ended the night with a kiss and a promise to continue their new found friendship.

Harry and Draco quickly fell into a routine of teaching, grading, and spending time together. It seemed that there was no end to the trouble that Scorpius and Albus managed to get themselves into and therefore no end of opportunities for Harry and Draco to watch their boys in detentions. Before long snow began to fall and Christmas time arrived at Hogwarts.

Harry waited until his last class had ended before making his way to the Muggle Studies room to speak with Draco.

“Draco, I was wondering what your plans were for the hols,” Harry began.

“Scorpius is spending the hols with Asteria. It's only fair since I've gotten to see him all year so I'm just going to stay here for the kids who don't get to go home,” Draco answered giving Harry a small peck on the cheek.

“James, Al and Lily are going to spend the hols with Ginny for the same reason,” Harry admitted returning the peck with a nuzzle to Draco's neck.

“So Potter, we'll be all alone here. Scared?” Draco taunted.

“You wish,” Harry agreed smiling.

Harry and Draco took pleasure in ensuring their children were settled on the train and safely on their way home before returning to Hogwarts and holing up in Harry's rooms with hot chocolate and biscuits.

“So I got you something,” Harry ventured pulling out a small wrapped box from his robes.

Draco looked at the small box wrapped in silver and gold and smiled, “I love presents but before I open it, I should warn you that I got you a gift or two as well.”

Harry beamed as Draco pulled a small box wrapped in red and green from inside his robes, “Thanks, Draco.”

Draco and Harry began opening their gifts at the same time. Draco found a platinum chain with a miniature replica of a time turner on the end. He smiled at the inscription, “If I could turn back time, I would have been with you since we met.”

Harry smiled equally as wide as he pulled out the loveliest timepiece he'd ever seen. It was made of gold with a Phoenix engraved on the covering piece and an inscription when he opened it that read, “I don't want to miss a minute with you.”

“Looks like we're both emotional saps,” Harry smiled.

“You, being a former Gryffindor may be an emotional sap worthy of the Hufflepuff house but I, however, being a former Slytherin am only interested in the emotional shite if it will get me in your pants,” Draco teased back raising an eyebrow.

“It's about time Malfoy,” Harry growled in response.

“There's just one thing we haven't discussed,” Draco whispered licking a stripe from Harry's chin to his ear.

“And what would that be?” Harry asked pushing Draco onto the sofa so that he was lying on top of him and in the perfect position to nibble on his ear.

“Do you prefer to top or bottom?” Draco asked.

Harry stopped his assault on Draco's earlobe as he considered the potential disaster in that question. He preferred to top but had no trouble taking a turn on the bottom. He wondered briefly which Draco would prefer.

“Because I am definitely a bottom,” Draco stated plainly.

“Thank Merlin, I was afraid you would be opinionated on the matter,” Harry teased kissing Draco's nose and gently grinding his growing erection into Draco's hip.

“I also enjoy sucking cock and appreciate a good rim job,” Draco continued in a rather demanding voice.

“It sounds like someone is quite demanding,” Harry teased nipping at Draco's lips.

“You haven't begun to see demanding, just wait until you're inside of me,” Draco quipped back.

“Well, I'd rather not wait,” Harry teased waving his hand and banishing both their clothes instantly.

Draco's pupils dilated and his prick went from half hard to completely erect.

“See something you like?” Harry teased.

“Power,” Draco choked out, “it turns me on. That's why I enjoy being spanked.”

“You meant that? I thought you were pulling my leg,” Harry asked in surprise.

“Oh, I meant it. Bring on the paddles and the butt plugs and anything else you've got,” Draco suggested.

“Well, I don't exactly have...” Harry trailed off.

“You are such a top. Next time we'll have to do this in my room but for now, I don't want to wait,” Draco decided sucking on two of his fingers before sliding them back to his entrance.

“You're going to prepare yourself?” Harry asked his voice hoarse with desire.

“Potter, its been months, I'm sorry if I can't wait for your Gryffindor chivalry but after that display of wandless magic, if you don't fuck me in the next two minutes, I'll do it myself,” Draco answered, his grey eyes black with lust.

Harry quickly pulled Draco in for a kiss and joined their erections in his hand so he could slowly stoke them both as Draco slid his fingers and scissored them moaning in pleasure.

“You really like to bottom?” Harry asked in disbelief.

Draco groaned and nodded before pushing Harry's hand away so he could guide Harry's cock where most wanted it.

“Godric you're tight,” Harry panted as he slowly slid past the firm rim of muscle.

“It's been a while,” Draco reminded.

“Then I'll be gentle,” Harry promised.

Their lovemaking was slow and gentle with just the right rhythm as though they had been together for ever without loosing the excitement of their first time together. As they continued their kissing, they moved more quickly so that the tension continued to build until it finally climaxed with Harry emptying inside Draco and his immediate release over their joined stomachs.

“That was the best Christmas eve ever,” Harry whispered.

“If you liked that, just wait until you see what I bought you for Christmas.” Draco suggested with a twinkle in his eye and thoughts of a rather large pink dildo.

“And all I want for Christmas is a blindfold,” muttered a disgusted Snape from his portrait above the fireplace.

The End

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  • Fics/art no longer hosted on private domain

    Long time no see! So, yeah. This update is a few months overdue, and for that I apologize. Archive of our Own H/D Holidays Collection That link…

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    *dusts off* Some of you may have received AO3 notifications today regarding your fics that were used for hd_holidays. snowgall has taken…

  • For future reference.....

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