Дженнифер (zhonnika) wrote in hd_holidays,

[ADMIN] Details, details....

Hi, guys!

While I'm still waiting on a small handful of submissions, the fest is slowing winding down. I'm going to be posting a steady stream of them over the next few days until everything that I HAVE is posted.

What I'm guessing here is that a few people will go without gifts. While I'm doing my best to avoid it, I'm still stressed out over the possibility. Should this happen, trust me that plans will be made to produce a gift for those folks.

Also, because you've all been more than patient with me... I'm going to give you all a present. I've been editing the entries from Nov 30 and on, sliding in the names of the lovely folks who worked hard for your gifts. I'm up to... December 17, and still have a ways to go, but it's getting there.

Go and leave them slobbering feedback, if you haven't. If your name has been revealed, go ahead and post your piece wherever you like.

Submissions from this point on will have the author/artist name included. A masterlist will be posted after everything is in and accounted for.

I... you know, you are all amazing. You put up with me during this fest, when things were falling apart at the seams. Thank you <3333333

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