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The final week of posting...

As we enter our final week of posting, just a small note about the schedule...

Friday is the final day, and we'll have posts at midnight, 8am, 3pm, and the closing fic and artwork at 9pm - big day for you guys! (All Eastern standard time, or GMT-5)

My goal is to have the guessing poll up by the end of this coming weekend, and it'll be a bit of a challenge since 1) some people contributed more than one piece, and 2) not all of our pinch-hitters received a gift in return...so you can't merely go by the list of recipients to narrow down your choices! I may decide to be generous and give you a list of all contributing authors/artists, and there might even be some LJ tokens for the person with the most correct guesses.

Reveals will go up on January 16th. Please use the time after the fest ends on Friday to catch up - we haven't had a huge dearth of novella fic this time around, which should make it easier on you lot to devour every last word before we plug in the gifter's name. I hope that when all is said and done, you'll have discovered a new artist or author to squee over - that's what makes all of the hard work for us mods worth it in the end.

So enjoy this final week!

taradiane, dysonrules, bryoneybrynn, and byaghro
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