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Round Seven...it begins!

FIRST UP...a poll. Please be sure to also select the appropriate ticky box corresponding to your talent. Or, if you're one of those multi-talented bastards that make me jealous, you may select both.

Poll #1761760 Round Seven Participation

How likely are you to participate in round seven of hd_holidays?

As committed to this fest as Draco is to his hair gel! That is to say, quite a lot...
Think Ron and Lavender. Totally into it at first, but might want to hold off on that Won Won tattoo...
No. And furthermore, no.

Sign-ups will begin at midnight on August 1st and run until August 10, 2011 also at midnight (so ending Wednesday night).</b> Proxy sign-ups ARE allowed if you can't make that window, but as sign-ups are NOT first-come first-served, there's less urgency in signing up early. Assignments will be sent out on August 16th.

These are virtually unchanged from last year's official proclamation, HOWEVER you may notice that we've upped the author cap a wee bit.

The Rules

1. Fanfic/fanart should be:

  • At least 1,500 words in length, beta-read/free of spelling and grammar issues. Artists have no minimum requirement, but should think of the "under 1,500 words" equivalent as something that is merely a sketch or done in MSPaint. In either case, you should put real effort into your gift!

  • It should also contain any and all HTML that you wish included (such as italics). We will NOT go back and edit these in for you; your fic will be posted as it is received.

  • Your fic cannot be part of a series, or a sequel to a fic.

  • It must be based on the prompt originally assigned to you. No switching prompts/recipients or having someone write fic for your art without consulting with the mods first.

2. Participant caps:

Authors - 60
Artists - unlimited

There will be two lotteries for the authors:

  • one for returning participants (no matter how many times they've done the fest before),

  • one for new people (who have never participated before).

Ideally we will end up with an equal amount of both returning and new authors, but depending on how imbalanced the sign-ups are, we reserve the right to alter the ratio accordingly (would only ever happen if we received less than 30 eligible returning member sign-ups, which we do not anticipate happening). Additionally, if the mods opt to participate, they will not be counted (i.e. won't be taking away slots from the max participant count).

And yes, artists are unlimited. We are greedy for art! As it utilizes virtually zero time for the mods, we will accept any artist into the fest provided they meet the submission guidelines as laid out above (i.e. stick figure art won't cut it).

All submissions are due by November 1, 2011. If you cannot meet this deadline, the mods must be informed as soon as you are aware of any conflict that would prohibit this! Which brings us to...

3. Extensions:

  • If you request an extension, you will be required to show us your work in progress. I don't care if it's scans of your notebook that you've handwritten the fic in - we need a show of good faith that you haven't been yanking our chain for a month only to turn around and drop out in mid December. This is not meant to sound harsh or mean, but we think it will be easier on the folks who are so convinced they will finish, stress themselves into a frenzy, only to bail last minute without so much as an opening paragraph...won't happen, because you will be dropped from the fest prior to that point.

  • Extension requests without an attachment will be ignored.

  • We reserve the right to say no, you cannot have an extension, based on the WIP received and the date that it is received. If you come to us for a second extension request on November 15th with only two paragraphs that are riddled with SPAG errors, you likely aren't going to get that second extension, and may be dropped from the fest.

  • It will be extremely rare for us to issue more than two extensions to a participant. This will be determined based on WIP received, circumstances, prior history, etc.

  • The mods assume the right to approve and deny extensions (and multiple extensions) as they see fit. Behavior from the past rounds of hd_hols will have a bearing on how lenient we are with your extension - if you strung us along last time, we are less likely to be generous. That said, we have never turned anyone down for a first extension request, but we are not afraid to boot someone who is stringing us along.

4. Anyone who dropped out of hd_hols round six (winter 2010) is not eligible to participate. If you are not sure whether or not this includes you, please email any of the mods at hdhols-at-gmail-dot-com. Anyone who dropped out of round five (winter 2009), however, can have a second chance, but you will go into the new person lottery regardless of how many times you've participated in the past. Also, if you are known to be a frequent sign-up-and-bail, we may not allow you to participate. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding your eligibility, please contact us! We would rather you be certain than lose a possible participant.

Please think very carefully before you sign up, and please only do so if you can make the commitment. While we are here to have fun and spread joy, it is not a throwaway responsibility, either. The mods count on you as a participant to fulfill an obligation, and if you drop out, it does not only affect you and the person you were writing/drawing for. Remember, someone was writing/drawing for you, too.

Read r_becca's guide to being a good fest participant for starters. Think about your own writing abilities, how fast/slow you write and how good you are at meeting deadlines, because there is nothing more frustrating to a mod than the flaky and inconsistent. We do our best to cultivate a reputation for excellence, and count on all involved to make the fest as good as it can be.

Questions, feedback, etc can be directed to hdhols-at-gmail-dot-com. You can also PM any of the mods ( taradiane, dysonrules, & bryoneybrynn ) but we strongly prefer that you use the mod email as it guarantees a speedier response.

PS - I am always amused when you guys try to guess which of the mods is writing a particular mod post, so feel free to do so in comments. I will give you a hint: I very nearly put in a rule that stated all participation would be solely decided on whether or not you like hamsters. But then I realised that I would have to ban one of the mods based on that criteria and decided otherwise.
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