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Two brief points of clarification re: unlimited artists for round seven

As this year's fest will have an unlimited amount of artists, there were two things that we wanted to clarify:

1) We will require that you be an established artist. If you have never attempted art before, and were planning on having this fest be your opening foray into the world of fanart... please don't. Because if you crash and burn at the eleventh hour and turn in some MS Paint stick figures, we have to pick up the pieces. If you are an artist that we are not familiar with, rest assured we will be looking for proof that you actually are an artist. If this is you, and youv'e never posted your art online before, please do so prior to signups on August 1st.

2) If you are one of those select few who both writes and draws, and you plan on signing up as an author and do not make the lottery, we will invite you in as an artist instead. We will ask first - we won't just toss you on there for art, but heads up that we may be asking for the small handful who are multi-talented.

Lastly, a request. We would love to have some fresh icons this year using art from the past few rounds. If you have drawn for this fest and would be so gracious as to let us create an icon from your work, please drop a comment below granting permission.
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