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Sign-ups start tonight!

It's almost here! We will be opening sign-ups tonight at midnight (GMT - 5hrs, or EST).

THIS IS NOT THE SIGN UP POST, however I am going to be putting the template below the cut for those who want to get it prepared...and also, because there is one significant change.

You will notice this year that there are sections for both fic and art preferences. Some prompts lend themselves better to fic, and some to art - many of you in prior rounds have specified both, so we've included it as part of the template. This will also, hopefully, spur folks on to give better art-centric prompts (to better help the artist know what you'll be looking for in your gift).

As with every other year we do expect to have fic outweigh art by a considerable number. We ask that you try and be flexible in what you'd like to receive and please fill out both prompt sections regardless of your personal preference. We are no longer asking if you prefer fic or art. If your likes/dislikes/squicks run the same for fic and art (we know that is not always the case), then feel free to simply state as much in the relevant section, but prompts are ALWAYS encouraged (no need to be overly specific, a few keywords can do wonders for an incubating plot bunny!). We will, of course, do our best to pair you up with the perfect gifter based on your likes and dislikes, and if you've received art previously then you likely won't get it this year.

You've trusted us year after year to pair you up with the best possible recipient and gifter, and we merely ask that you trust us again. You can, of course, make note in your sign-up that you strongly prefer one over the other, and we will do our best to accomodate that request - we want you to be happy, after all! And based on the poll that I posted a few weeks back, even with the unlimited artist feature this year, we know they will remain vastly outnumbered...


AGAIN, THIS IS NOT THE SIGN-UP POST, this is just for those who want to get it ready now...

Comments/questions/complaints - drop them below or email hdhols-at-gmail-dot-com ...

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