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SURPRISE!! Am releasing the list earlier than I said I would...just because I can...IT'S GOOD TO BE THE KING MOD.

No one will read anything that I say in the opener to this post so I'm not even going to waste my energy!


  1. alaana_fair

  2. alafaye

  3. alisanne

  4. annafugazzi

  5. badjujuboo

  6. bsmog

  7. cassie_black12

  8. cerberusia

  9. enchanted_jae

  10. ennyousai

  11. envy_venis

  12. faithwood

  13. fantasyfruitbat

  14. femmequixotic

  15. fireflavored

  16. flamingolady

  17. fr333bird

  18. frayach

  19. ginger_veela

  20. gryffindorj

  21. hdwriter

  22. hereticalvision

  23. imprintofadream

  24. kayladie

  25. khasael

  26. kinky_kneazle

  27. kjp_013

  28. leo_draconis

  29. lettered

  30. mahaliem

  31. marguerite_26

  32. melusinahp

  33. mindabbles

  34. moonflower_rose

  35. morgana_fire

  36. noeon

  37. nursedarry

  38. novembersnow

  39. oldenuf2nb

  40. pessen03

  41. potteresque_ire

  42. rillalicious

  43. romaine24

  44. rurounihime

  45. sapphirequill

  46. scarletladyy

  47. sesheta_66

  48. slytherincesss

  49. slytherinishh

  50. snarkyscorp

  51. snegurochka_lee

  52. songquake

  53. themostepotente

  54. tray_la_la

  55. tuesdaymidnight

  56. valinorean

  57. wendypops

  58. winterstorrm

  59. talekayler


  1. __hibiscus

  2. allyouhaveisme

  3. amythystluna

  4. arn24601

  5. astridfire

  6. damned_queen

  7. glayish

  8. hamimifk

  9. ile_o

  10. jakuako

  11. katerina_black

  12. ladynovember

  13. incandescent

  14. mayfly_78

  15. moonlitdark

  16. naturegirlrocks

  17. parseltonguepen

  18. pearljamz

  19. pinkelephant42

  20. pink_mint

  21. red_rahl

  22. saintgilbert

  23. saladita12

  24. savagesnakes

  25. scarletscarlet

  26. star_sailor13

  27. sugareey

  28. vividescent

**As per usual, if I've flubbed anyone's username (misspelled, missing underscores, etc), let me know. I copied this list from our master spreadsheet and it's entirely possible as I seem to screw up at least one per year. Just give me a gentle nudge in comments and I shall fix tout suite.**

NOW... if you did not make the cut, please consider signing up to be a pinch-hitter (post to follow in a few weeks) because we always need them! I know that some are going to be disappointed :/ and if I could say yes to all of you, I totally would. Alas, turnout was huge.

There are a small handful of you that signed up as both authors and artists. We placed you based on the outcome of the author lottery. If you are one of these people, and you've decided that the lottery result isn't what you wantedl, please let us know NO LATER THAN AUGUST 12TH that you wish to withdraw

We mods are SUPER EXCITED to see a bunch of new artists in the mix this year (and the largest number of artists we've ever had - nearly one for every single day of fest posting!!) and even more excited that the new rules allowed for an even split between new authors and returning authors. We also had a fair amount of people who haven't participated in the fest in several years throw their hat into the ring this year - glad to have you back! As promised, we mods were not included in the lottery but we are participating (well, two of us are!)...

So what now? We will be working on pairing you up with your (hopefully) ideal recipient and gifter. We will be sending assignments out on August 16th using the email that you left in your sign up. In that email, we will reiterate the fest guidelines and also give you new participants some guidance should you need help with having your submission betad (which they ALL must be, no exception) or britpicked.

Until later... taradiane, dysonrules, and bryoneybrynn
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