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Sometime before midnight tonight (i.e. just under two hours away), I will be sending out your assignment emails.

I hate having to make this kind of post every year, but needs must...


PLEASE NOTE: While we do our damnedest to make sure that everyone is assigned someone that they can easily find inspiration with, we are well aware (as experience dictates) that at least one of you will email us and tell us why you need re-assigned. Maybe they said your cat was ugly (in which case they wouldn't have signed up, because cats don't take those kinds of insults lightly and someone would be trussed up in traction in a hospital somewhere with only half their face left -- "I'll show YOU ugly.") ...whatever, we get that there are conflicts we know not of.

THAT SAID...be excited about your person if you are genuinely feelin that tingle in your belly that only comes from an incubating bunny within...BUT if you absolutely cannot fathom writing for the assignment we give you, then email us, and we will see what we can do. I would ask that you please sit on it for a day, see what percolates, and then if you decide that you really just can't deal, then let us know. Obviously that involves not only giving you a new assignment, but taking one from someone else, so...yeah.


ETA: ONE MORE THING - I do, on occasion, fail at copy/paste, so if you get a name and then a link that goes to a different name...the name is right, the link is not. Email me and I will dig up the right link for you.
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