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Assignment confirmations...

Last post of the day, I swear!

To everyone who has confirmed their assignment, thank you very much! And if you had questions, I believe I've answered them all (if not, bug me again!)...

Additionally, please make sure that you are checking and responding to your gifter's questions that they may be posing via anon replies to your sign-up! I know that some of you have already received requests for clarification or are being asked about specific plot points by your gifter. Please do not leave them hanging and reply as soon as you can!

LASTLY, and this is mainly for the first-timers, if you need a beta, let us know! Your beta should be experienced and have a firm grip on SPAG rules. If you do not know anyone who is able to do this for you, we have people standing by! Please attempt to find one on your own first, especially this early in the game, but we know that in rare cases folks will lose their beta at the last minute - don't fret, we'll make sure the job gets done. But for those who do not yet have one in place, now would be a good time to start asking writers on your friends list if they can be your beta and second set of eyes on your fic. Everyone needs it - even the most experienced of us make mistakes when the brain works faster than the fingers.
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