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A few helpful resources...and due date reminder!

First off - there is ONE WEEK UNTIL YOUR DUE DATE! We've had several submissions roll in over the past few days, so YAYES to those who are already finished!

For those still polishing things up, a few links that might make your life easier:

  • SUBMISSION TEMPLATE - please remember to put your lj username in your doc file! Also, as one person has asked I'm sure that someone else is wondering...please send your fic submission in .doc, .docx, .odt (open office), or .rtf format - please do not put the text of your story in the body of your email...it will be rejected! Artists, we can take all the standard formats (.jpg/.jpeg, .png, .gif). All art and fics over 10k will be hosted on the hdhols server just like prior rounds.

  • A n00b's guilde to HTML (thank you, phoenixacid!)

  • Placing HTML tags around all similarly formatted words at once in Word (thank you, megyal!)

  • word_war - need an extra push to get those last few scenes written? Start a word war or sign up for one already initiated!

If anyone needs any help and your questions can't be answered with the links given above, please contact us!

Good luck, folks - this is crunch time!
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