Tara (taradiane) wrote in hd_holidays,

The countdown begins! And a note about edits...

It's almost time!

We will begin posting in just three short days! (Short for those who still haven't turned in their submissions *delicate cough* but long for those waiting impatiently to get their hands on new art and fic!) As per usual, we will be opening the fest at midnight on Wednesday (technically Thursday) with both art and fic. With approximately 93 people participating this year, we're looking at three posts per day, give or take (midnight, 8am, and 6pm for those keeping track - EST).

There's always going to be mistakes - missed commas, a misplaced apostrophe, etc. I have seen fics go through five betas and still things get overlooked - it's totally normal. But please, unless your mistake is HUGE, please do not ask us to re-upload your story to fix something minor. We would spend all month re-uploading every fic posted if we did that, and really, I'm just not going to have that amount of free time. Some of you have already sent in your fic multiple times after combing through it for the billionth time as missed errors pop out at you - and that's totally fine, but as I've already started uploading things to the server to be posted, I kind of need that to stop after today.
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