February 14th, 2007

text - big girls say fuck


After some discussions with NQ about the problems that beset the first wave of H/D holidays fic, we have come to the conclusion that we will need to add a new rule in this 'Last Hurrah' fest.

It will be as follows:

Only ONE extension of time will be given to those who need extra time. NO extensions will be given after the start of the fest. In other words ALL due dates and ALL extension dates will be BEFORE the start of the fest. This will give us time to organise pinch hitters if needed and give them a decent enough time frame in which to write gorgeous fic. This will also ensure that most, if not all fic is available to be posted at the start of the fest.

In the event that an assignment is not mailed in time, that participant will be banned from the next wave. NO questions, NO argument, NO exceptions.

It saddens us to have to enforce such a rule, but let's face it, there was some rather large problems with the last exchange. NQ and I are still waiting to gain access to the masterlist information from the fest and we promise to sort out as much as possible any outstanding matters when we do. We just hope that you'll bear with us in this transition period and that you will all sign up for the "Last Hurrah" because we're both looking forward to it.