February 19th, 2007

luna washed out
  • nqdonne

H/D Hols Last Hurrah 2007: SIGN-UP POST!

Welcome to the official start of the H/D Holidays Last Hurrah! Please copy and paste the sign-up form below (so as to retain our pretty formatting!) and comment to this entry to sign up.

Participation is capped at 90, so the first 90 people are guaranteed a spot in the fest, with any subsequent sign-ups relegated to our pinch hit list (but don't worry: we'll let you know when and if we reach that cap!). Please refer to this post for further information on the new form.

Sign-ups are closed, as we have reached our 90 person participation limit. All further sign-ups will be added to our pinch hit list. We will be posting a separate entry for pinch hit sign-ups, as well.

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Please note: unlimited posting access for members has now been TURNED OFF. If you still have a story that needs to be posted, please email the mods at hdhols @ gmail.com.