June 8th, 2007

girls aloud blank

Posting starts tomorrow!

Well, the time has come - posting starts tomorrow! Posting will go from the 9th of June to the 9th of July, U.S./U.K. time and from June 10th to July 10th Australia time, with entries posted approximately every 8 hours - so three posts a day with the exception of three or four days when there will only be two.

Please pimp the fest as much as possible. We have some amazing submissions that everyone has worked very hard on, so please read, comment and rec! Some general notes:

Orphaned submissions
Where ever possible, we've tried to make sure every gift has a recipient (and every participant WILL have a gift!), but in a few cases lack of compatibility between orphaned prompts/gifts means some gifts will be gifted to the comm. So if you see something for hd_holidays, that's why!

Please, if you read a fic or look at a piece of art, comment! People have spent a lot of time on their submissions, for our last little pre-DH H/D hurrah, and some nice feedback brightens anyone's day.

We are going to keep track of any recs of this round's submissions, so we can send them to daily_snitch for their hot recs column. If you do a recs post with hd_hols fics or if you see someone else rec something, please drop us a line with the link either at our email ( hdhols@gmail.com) or comment to this post. You will always be able to easily access the recs link post via the 'rec links' tag on the left!

Outstanding Submissions
If you have yet to turn in your submission (there are 22 of you, and three of you are pinch hitters), we would appreciate it if you would email us which a brief description of what you are writing. This is to aid us in pre-scheduling your submission on our posting schedule, as we are trying to make sure we vary fics/art by type, length and rating as much as possible. If you could tell us things like approximate word count, rating, setting (war fic, post-war, Hogwarts school fic, etc.), genre (humour, crack, dark, angst, fluff, etc.) and any other significant plot details (Veela fic, Auror fic, Professors fic, etc.) we would really appreciate it.

Thank Yous
And before we begin, Jamie and I would just like to say thank you to all of you, for being fantastic participants. Most of you have been really good about keeping in touch with us (and only two of you haven't :D) and following through on your assignment and, as mentioned, have produced some amazing work. Thanks also to those of you who volunteered to beta and a special thank you to those who have stepped in as pinch hitters - you've saved us more than once!