July 10th, 2007

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Happy H/D Holidays florahart - Part 1/2

Author: shadowclub
Recipient: florahart
Title:Opaque - Part 1/2
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, implied Ginny/Dean, Remus/Tonks
Summary: Harry is sent to Azkaban and his cell mate is Draco Malfoy.
Rating: R (barely).
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is
Warning(s): some non-con
Word Count: 12k+
Author's Notes: Thank you to M who truly made this a better story.

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Happy H/D Holidays bewarethesmirk

Author: luci0logy
Recipient: bewarethesmirk
Title:The Fog of War
Pairing: H/D
Summary: Things are not what they seem on either side of the war. Sometimes self interest can save the day.
Rating: R for mature themes
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Word Count:3525
Author’s Noted: I tried to incorporate some of bewarethesmirk’s prompt, in that this fic is set during the war and has an element of mystery in it, but the blasted boys would not get nekkid without it seeming contrived no matter how much I coaxed them.

Many thanks to my betas C and S, and to the mods for their endless patience with me.

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Put a fork in us; we're done!

Well, that's it! We've posted everything there is to post - 85 pieces of fic and art, and now it's just countdown to reveals (which we will be doing on Friday the 13th). Please take the time to go back through and read things you may have missed - and comment! The fic/art from the last two weeks especially are looking a bit unloved, so play catch-up and read the amazing stories we saved for July!

Check out our handy tag system if you don't want to go back and read chronologically. We've got everything sorted by rating, genre, special features and more. Really in the mood for an mpreg fic? There's an mpreg tag. Porn only? NC-17 tag. And so on.

Thank Yous
jamie2109 and I would like to thank everyone who helped out with this round of the fest. From legomymalfoy for trusting us to take over, to all the beta readers who whipped things into shape and, of course, all of our pinch hitters: eeyore9990, mizbean, floweringjudas and faynia. We'd also like to thank those participants who were incredibly flexible and tolerant when we had to switch their assignment mid-fest or at the last minute - mayflo, tehgiantsquid, shadowclub, sherant, alexis_sd, violet_quill, silentauror, megyal and anemonesque.

Thanks also to florahart for helping in an as-for-now unnamed manner and sherant who drew two submissions for us. Our eternal gratitude to the newsletters - hd_prophet, hogwarts_today and daily_snitch for including us in their listings. There are various others whom we can't all name by name, but anyone who helped us in any capacity - including those who recced/pointed out recs to me - we thank you and hope you know who you are! Personally, I'd like to thank my co-mod jamie2109 for agreeing to help me on this, and especially for doing more than her fair share of the proofreading. You're a star, darling ♥

Guessing Poll
Later today we will be posting a guessing poll, so you can take one last gander at both reading and guessing who wrote what before reveals on Friday. Whomever guesses the most correctly will win either two months paid time or two months extra icons - whichever they need more! It doesn't count if you guess a fic you beta read or if the author told you directly which one they wrote - we will find out if anyone cheats, somehow!:D.

Icon Set
We will also be releasing an icon set using the art from this round - call it this mod trying to contribute after finding there aren't nearly enough H/D art-based icons in the world :D This will be post-reveals of course, but the artists have generously agreed to lend their beautiful creations to icons, so I hope everyone will use and enjoy them. Also look for a new look on the comm post-reveals, featuring some of this round's art. We <3 our artists (and our writers, but we can't make your fics into icons or layouts!).

Round Three
Yes, there WILL be a third round of H/D Holidays sometime this winter - but we are not going to determine specifics until after Deathly Hallows has been released. Please keep the comm on your friend's lists a few weeks longer, as we will be posting some polls to gage interest in a winter round, so we can determine how exactly it will be run. Your answers will determine the running dates, size cap and due dates, so please speak up if you intend to participate!

Once again, thank you to everyone for an amazing fest. I don't think I'm just being biased when I say we had an incredible collection of fic and art, ALL of it of stellar quality. You've all truly blown me away with the quality for this fest, and I can only hope round three goes as well.

NQDonne & Jamie2109
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The Big Post O'Guessing Polls

Call it my inability, even after three years, to figure out certain aspects of LJ, but as far as I can gather, I can only do polls in sets of 15 - so here are all the fics/art from the fest broken up in a groups of 15. Please guess as many as you can, and use the links on each question to read any you may have missed! The person who guesses the most correctly will win either two months paid LJ time or two months extra icons, whichever they need/want most. Please, don't cheat - if you beta read something or are friends with the author, don't guess on that story. We're generally using the honour system, but in some cases we have the original author's notes with beta names on them, so we should be able to catch you out.

Please forgive any spelling mistakes, etc. and just have fun!!!!

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Happy H/D Holidays sillyshy

Author/Artist: naadi
Recipient: heyhoolou
Title: One Afternoon After Quidditch . . .
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry and Ron’s after-practice shower is rather unexpectedly interrupted . . .
Rating: R (NWS)
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended. All characters represented are over 18.
Warning(s): Nudity
Word Count: 250 + 3 illustrations
Author's Notes: I’m sorry there aren’t any ties in this, dear, but – *whispers* – bondage was on my squicks list. So I’m really hoping that an entrée of wet H/D with a side dish of clueless Ron will be to your liking. ^.^ Very sincere thanks to my fantastic betas for being wonderfully encouraging and enthusiastic and for helping me resolve the rough spots. *huge hugs* to you both!

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