July 16th, 2007

h/d aurors

H/D Hols round two icon set!

As promised, here be icons from the art from round two, made with the artists' permission. You are free to use these, of course, but you must credit the artist and icon maker correctly! Top set is by me, and the bottom set is by users satinea and a_razzberry. Anyone else who would like to make icons and have them included in the "official" set, simply email me links to your icons (uploaded to your own server, please), and I will add them! Everyone has a different icon-making style, so the more the merrier.

- credit the correct icon maker (listed at the top of the set) and artist (listed over top the icon) for any you take.
- no hotlinking
- please comment if you take any
- no altering the icons, unless it is obviously a base (bases in my set can be altered, for example)

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