September 18th, 2007

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  • nqdonne

Modly check-in

Hello hd_holidays participants! There is roughly two months to go until deadline and you've had about six weeks to work so far. So this is your neighbourhood paranoid mod checking with you :D

If you have any questions or are having any problems, please talk to me about it. Drop-out season is coming and I'd love to head off any problems before they happen. So I'm making myself available :D For the next week, I will be available both on Yahoo messenger and Google Talk from roughly 12 noon EST until midnight EST (which should accommodate people in most time zones) for anyone who needs to chat. If you are having trouble latching onto a plot (I'm good with ideas!), if it's been niggling in the back of your mind that you might need to switch assignments (no promises on that one), if you are debating dropping out... talk to me about it!

The next few weeks are drop-out amnesty time, by the way - it's early enough that replacing you is do-able, and I'll be super nice about it. But if you wait too long, yes, I will shoot laser beams of doom at you through my computer screen :D

Email: or
Yahoo!messenger: nqdonne
Google Talk: nqdonne or hdhols (at any given time I am logged into one or the other)

On this note, anyone who was considering signing up to pinch hit, we always need more volunteers. It's totally random who drops out and what kind of writer I need to replace them, but there's always a chance, so sign up if you're interested. And, please: if you sign up CHECK YOUR EMAIL AFTERWARDS. I've already had one pinch hitter I tried to contact who simply never responded. That defeats the purpose of the back-up writer!

Happy/positive progress reports also more than welcome! <3