September 23rd, 2007

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  • nqdonne

Submission Guidelines for round three

I know at least one of you is already done with your submission, which makes me so happy I can't even describe it, lol. So it seems a good time to go over the basics of submitting your work to us, and what header to use. PLEASE ACTUALLY READ THIS. I know that last time A LOT of you did not, as the fics you submitted sometimes didn't use our header and a good third of you didn't use your LJ name or format your email subjects correctly - they are rules number 1&2 and above the cut for a reason: the only way to sift through hundreds of emails and stay on top of fest organisation is to know who are earth you are (WITH YOUR LJ NAME) and what on earth you are emailing about. So read the rules! :D

1) Please remember when you submit and when you ask us questions to include your LJ name (the one you signed up with - and if you change your LJ mid-fest TELL US) either in the subject or in your sign-off. We have you sorted on all our master lists by your LJ name, and if someone just named "Sarah" or "Jade" (or whatever) emails us, honestly we have no idea who you are, and I do NOT want to have to comb through 120 emails to figure it out.

2) on that vein, when you email/submit your fic to us (via, PLEASE format your email as such:

Subject: hd_hols SUBMISSION, yourljname
Subject: hd_hols, EXTENSION REQUEST, yourljname
Subject: hd_hols, DROP-OUT, yourljname (not that we want you to drop out!)

This will help us immensely in sorting the emails that come into the inbox, and differentiate things. It would also be optimal if the file you submit - doc files preferable, btw - has your LJ name attached, too. Last time an overwhelming majority of you sent documents simply entitled "hd_hols" or some variation on that, and when I saved them to my comp I had to rename them all so I could differentiate what was from whom. So name it something like nqdonne hd_hols or similar. Even just your LJ name is fine. Or your lj name followed by the title.

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5. Every story must use our uniform header, which is below. You cannot name your beta by name in your author's notes. You may refer to them by initial or without names, but too many people use the same beta readers and mentioning them is a giveaway to your identity. So don't do it.

6. You must include ALL HTML FORMATTING in your story. If we find while proof-reading that you have not, we will send it back to you for formatting. HTML formatting to use include any italics (< i > & < /i>), bolding (< b > & < /b>), underlining (< u > & < /u>), block quotes (for letters, etc: < blockquote > & < /blockquote>), etc. (without spaces, obvs.)

For your reference, once again, our email is: Email us if you have any issues/questions, etc. We really do like hearing from you.

Comment here with any questions, etc. pertaining to the submission guidelines.