November 1st, 2008

For neither can live...



This is a reminder to all of our first-time participants that your submissions are due one week from today - NOVEMBER 8. If you anticipate having issues with this deadline, now is the time to tell us - not next Friday.

Second-timers, you have two weeks left until your deadline of November 15.

All others have about three weeks until the November 22nd due date.

Again, please feel free to contact us via email with any questions/concerns/etc. Submission guidelines, including the uniform header template, are here.

Good luck!

taradiane and nqdonne
percy newspaper
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Round Four Beta Sign-up

Hello all! Better late than never, right? The need for betas hasn't explicitly popped up this year, but I think it still might be useful as the deadlines loom this month. Remember that you MUST HAVE YOUR STORY BETAED so those who don't already have someone lined up should refer to this list.

There are plenty of people in the fest who either don't have regular betas, don't have betas who do H/D and/or who are writing specific fic elements that they'll need a "specialist" for. That's where you come in. If you have stellar usage and grammar skills or specialist knowledge (British culture, foreign languages/cultures, genres, etc.) and are willing to proofread a story or two, please comment with your information. I will point participants who need a beta reader towards this post - so please include valid contact information!

Please pimp this to friends, including those not in the fest. We need anyone who would enjoy helping out!

Please note, this list is for those writing stories for hd_holidays only. It is not a general H/D beta resource list.