August 26th, 2009

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Sign-ups are now closed!

Sign-ups are now closed!

Assignments will be sent out this Sunday. Please read the (admittedly lengthy) email in its entirety, as it contains important information regarding your due date (dependent on how many times you've participated in the past), a link to your partner's sign-up, and additional information regarding beta help, etc. All assignments must be confirmed no later than September 7th, otherwise we will assume that you no longer wish to participate and will reassign your entry to another partner. Don't worry, in case of email failure, we will post a list a few days prior to that deadline advising of those we have not heard from - please check this list when it is posted!

Additionally, because we had a good chunk of reserved people throw their hat into the ring for another go, we have decided to increase the participant cap to 90 so that as many new people as possible had a shot at taking part (while still being a reasonable number of submissions for us to manage without holiday carnage resulting). :D

So sit tight! We'll let you know after assignments are sent on Sunday so you can check your email.

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