August 31st, 2009

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  • hd_hols

Call for pinch-hitters !

This is where we post for the necessary evil in all exchange fests...pinch-hitters. Things happen, people have to drop out because of family stuff/get sick/are recruited by the Shadow Government for a spying operation/etc.

Throwing your hat in the ring for this doesn't mean that you are 100% committed to the fest. We may not even need you, but this simply lets us know that if we're in a bind, you are available to help out (sometimes very last minute). Should we need you, we would pair you up just like we do the other assignments, so no worries about being asked to do something beyond your comfort level. Additionally, if you did not make the lottery, you are welcome to sign up here!

Those who are worked into the fest within the next month will become full-fledged participants (who will both write/draw a customized gift and receive one), so if you missed your chance to sign-up but would still like to participate, in the event of early assignment problems/drop-outs, you may still have a chance. Please note by the appropriate field whether or not you're willing to be worked into the fest in the next month.

Because of the nature of pinch-hitting, please be as thorough as you can in the for the gift you will be giving section (a list of favorite/least favorite cliches is always useful for pairing pinch hitters with orphaned assignments).

Please fill in all required fields. Unless a field says "optional," it's required. Make sure to provide a working email address.

Copy/paste the template below...