September 23rd, 2009

h/d falling asleep
  • hd_hols


Note to all authors: You MUST HAVE YOUR STORY BETAED so those who don't already have someone lined up should refer to this list.

Note to all non-participants (and possibly participants, depending): Due to the above requirement, some authors will be desperately seeking betas. To make it easy for them, we are making this Beta Sign-up Post so that you may volunteer your services.

In addition, we are seeking people willing to Britpick. Some of the prompts have specifically requested Britpicking in their fics, so we will need as many people as possible that can perform that service.

If you are an experienced beta and are willing to proofread a story or two, please comment with your information. I will point participants who need a beta reader towards this post - so please include valid contact information!

Please pimp this to friends, including those not in the fest. We need anyone who would enjoy helping out!

Please note, this list is for those writing stories for hd_holidays only. It is not a general H/D beta resource list.