January 1st, 2010

in bed
  • hd_hols


Well ladies and gents...another year, another round of H/D goodness under our belts...that icon up there in the corner? The boys are very tired now from all the shagging/arguing/fighting/dying/making babies/growing Veela wings/more shagging/angsting/overcome with warm fuzzy feelings of lurve/OMGMORESHAGGING that we've made them do since December 1st and have retired to bed...to rest up for a round of insanely hot sex when they finally wake up, of course...I see that Draco already has a head start on the sleeping - bless him, always wanting to be first...ANYWAY...

We three kings queens mods, taradiane, dysonrules, and bryoneybrynn want to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated - be it by writing, drawing, or reading and reccing to make this year's fest a success. We were so impressed with the turnout this year when, speaking for myself only, there were questions about just how interested fandom would be in having another go at it. Everyone involved really appreciates the enthusiasm that this fest seems to generate. :)

Extra special thanks goes out to our pinch-hitters (you know who you are, and soon everyone else will, too!) for making sure that no one went without a gift. There is no fest in fandom that could run successfully without generous folks like yourself who, even with barely a week's warning, can crank out something fabulous for someone who would otherwise have gone without. ♥ ♥ ♥ xINFINITY

faithwood has kindly sent us the code for the guessing poll! REVEALS WILL BE HAPPEN ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 16 so you have between now and then to see just how clever you are at ferreting out your favourite writers and artists from the entries this year.

So thank you again to everyone!! See you on Jan. 16th...

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