July 10th, 2010

h/d falling asleep

Fandom has spoken!

The consensus is overwhelmingly in favor of remaining as an exchange fest - so remain it shall!

We appreciate all of you weighing in with your thoughts and opinions...like I said to some of you yesterday, this fest is yours - not ours - and we want to make sure it stays enjoyable for everyone who participates. :)

We will begin sign-ups on July 24th, so stay tuned for the obligatory rules and regulations announcement (there will be one minor change in the due dates) and the template. We plan to have assignments out by August 7th this year, so a little bit of an earlier start than last year. I know that some of you replied with the 'IT'S FREAKIN JULY' option in the poll (haha), and for those who are waffling on commitment (mmmmwaffles...), please keep in mind that we always have pinch-hitter sign-ups and they are always needed - if you don't feel comfortable committing now, and then a month or two later want to kick yourself for it, there is always another way in.

So thanks again, everyone! And stay tuned!

taradiane*, dysonrules, bryoneybrynn, and byaghro

*On a personal note, I'm quite excited to see what the trend will be this year. One always seems to materialize - one year, we had a cornucopia of Auror fic...another was chock-full of names like Scorpius and Al and Hugo...