July 18th, 2010

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Reminder - sign ups start Friday night!

This is just a friendly reminder that sign ups will start Friday night at midnight (so technically July 24th). Again, we know it's summer and hard to contemplate what the next few months may be like, but please consider making the commitment to join up so we can have another awesome December chock full of H/D goodness.

We will be using the same system as last year, i.e. reserved slots for those who have participated 2 or more times (so this would be your third round), and lottery for everyone else. We are going to have a participant cap of 80 this year unless we have an unusually lopsided ratio of reserved to lottery sign-ups (i.e. if reserved takes up more than 40-45 spots). We want to make things as even as possible to give everyone a fair shot, but this has not been a problem in the past... so we do not anticipate it being one this year, either. We do realise, however, that the lottery folks do worry about the number of open slots, so that is our assurance to you that we will be as fair as possible with the participant cap to make sure there are plenty for you. :) We are willing to bend on that cap a wee bit to open up some extra lottery slots. In short - don't worry!

Also, just to advise you in advance of the due dates this year in case that helps you make your decision...they will be as follows:

First timer's submissions are due by October 31. Second timer's submissions are due by November 7. Third/fourth time participants' (aka: the reserved spot people) submissions are due by November 14. This gives the first timers just a few days shy of three full months to complete their assignment. Second-timers and veterans, you have even more time.

The deadlines were moved up for two reasons: first, we are getting started earlier this year than last...second, allowing more time between submissions and first day of posting will allow us to better fill in for those who drop out or need extensions. This also allows us more time to read through the longer fics that we receive and get the uploading sorted.

Anyone who was kicked out of hd_hols round five is not eligible to participate. If you are not sure whether or not this includes you, please email us. Also, if you are known to be a frequent sign-up-and-runner, we may not allow you to participate. When in doubt - ask! We would prefer that you email us rather than lose a participant. Sometimes there are horrible circumstances like a death in the family that caused someone to drop...obviously we are not going to count that against you.

Final rules will be posted in the sign up post, but there are no other significant changes.

Thank you, and we will see you Friday night! Feel free to drop your questions below, or email us at hdhols-at-gmail-dot-com...

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