August 20th, 2011

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Pinch-hitters, we need you!

Yes, I know it's a bit early, but we may as well get this out of the way now, oui? Oui.

This is where we post for the necessary evil in all exchange fests...pinch-hitters. Things happen, people have to drop out because of family stuff/get sick/had the nerve to tell a cat it was ugly and are now laid up in traction in hospital somewhere with only half their face left/etc.

Throwing your hat in the ring for this doesn't mean that you are 100% committed to the fest. We may not even need you, but this simply lets us know that if we're in a bind, you are available to help out (sometimes very last minute). Should we need you, we would pair you up just like we do the other assignments, so no worries about being asked to do something beyond your comfort level. Additionally, if you did not make the lottery, you are welcome to sign up here!

Depending on when we may need you, we will do our very best to make sure that you get a gift in return for all your hard work! However, please note that if we call on you very last minute, we may not be able to guarantee one (though, really, I don't think we've ever NOT been able to gift a pinch-hitter).

Because of the nature of pinch-hitting, please be as thorough as you can in the for the gift you will be giving section. This is where vague sign-ups aren't of much use to, well, anyone. If you say "anything" we will take you at your word!

Lastly, please be brutally honest about how long it would take you to fulfill a request should we need you - we have had some very last minute dropouts in the past, and even with the new rules this year, a last minute dropout still means you may only have a week or so to complete it (if it were someone who dropped out after being given an extension, for example).

OH WAIT ONE MORE THING - if you sign up, we will still always ask first before rolling you into the fest! So don't feel like if you sign up now that you are 100% tied to do what we throw at you. We understand that while you may foresee having the time right now, something could change in the next few months. So rest assured that we will ask first to make sure that you are still available when the time comes.

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We know that some of you like to have your submission template at the start as you begin crafting your for those folks and everyone else - here is you submission template!

When you do send in your submission, please format your email subject line as follows: SUBMISSION - USERNAME FOR USERNAME (so, if it were me, it would be SUBMISSION - TARADIANE FOR DYSONRULES). Also, it really helps us if you put your username in the file name of your attached doc/jpg. (I'm not really writing for her - but I am writing for one of you! Who will be the unlucky victim this year??)

PLEASE FILL IN THE AUTHOR NAME! We will switch it to anon before posting, obviously, but this is just an extra measure of making sure we know whose fic belongs to which author. Ideally, this is going to go at the top of page 1 of your submission. It really does make it easier for us, and is no effort for you.


Also - fun fact of the day - there are 73 days between right now and the due date of November 1st. If you wrote just 100 words a day, you could turn in a 7,300 word fic on time. SEE, THAT AIN'T SO HARD! That's, like, almost five times the required 1,500 word minimum. JUST SAYIN.
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Assignment confirmations...

Last post of the day, I swear!

To everyone who has confirmed their assignment, thank you very much! And if you had questions, I believe I've answered them all (if not, bug me again!)...

Additionally, please make sure that you are checking and responding to your gifter's questions that they may be posing via anon replies to your sign-up! I know that some of you have already received requests for clarification or are being asked about specific plot points by your gifter. Please do not leave them hanging and reply as soon as you can!

LASTLY, and this is mainly for the first-timers, if you need a beta, let us know! Your beta should be experienced and have a firm grip on SPAG rules. If you do not know anyone who is able to do this for you, we have people standing by! Please attempt to find one on your own first, especially this early in the game, but we know that in rare cases folks will lose their beta at the last minute - don't fret, we'll make sure the job gets done. But for those who do not yet have one in place, now would be a good time to start asking writers on your friends list if they can be your beta and second set of eyes on your fic. Everyone needs it - even the most experienced of us make mistakes when the brain works faster than the fingers.