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Happy H/D Holidays indigo_kitti!! | A Day Like No Other - R

To indigo_kitti, I hope you enjoy it.
Title: A Day Like No Other
Author: megan_sage
Genre: Romance
Rating: R-ish
Parings: Harry/Draco
Warnings: Slash, fluffiness. Mentions of denial, jealousy, cross-dressing

Summary: It was a day like every other before it: boring and filled with pointless classes for students who had already reached the mark of adulthood last year, when the war happened.

Disclaimer: All the Harry Potter Characters are JKR’s. I just play with them and make them cold.

Authors Note: A huge thanks to my beta melrichards007, for getting it to me super quick! Thanks sweetie!

It was a day like every other before it: boring and filled with pointless classes for students who had already reached the mark of adulthood last year, when the war happened. It was often agreed upon by a humbling majority that the seventh years felt as if they shouldn’t have been forced to come back. They had fought in a war and deserved a bit of a break, didn’t they? But the Headmistress had been insistent, and reluctantly they had returned for their final year.

Just by looking around the hall one could see the difference: there were more first years than years before because parents had finally decided that Hogwarts was, once again, safe. Yet, the squirmy eleven year olds did not make up for the staggering number of missing fifth, sixth and seventh years. Over half of them had been killed, a few were in St. Mungo’s, and some had even been tried as adults and thrown into prison. Too many bad choices, too many rash decisions.

At the Gryffindor table, an empty place setting rested next to Ron Weasley as they waited for the third part of the trio to recover and become well enough to be seen in public. Across from the open seat Ginny Weasley sat, waiting for the same thing only with different reasons, for she was the infamous girlfriend of the missing third. Surrounding Granger and the Weasley’s were their closest friends, Neville, Seamus, and Lavender, then it spanned out, spreading down the table but never filling completely. Too many had died. Too many had been sacrificed. They sat in the exact same seats as they always had, in the exact same order; desperate for some kind of normalcy.

Draco Malfoy looked around. He stared at every person in his year, and even some not. He committed their faces to memory, even if he didn’t like them. Sitting about halfway down the table, Draco was even with Harry Potter's empty spot and he ate his lunch quietly, like all those around him. Blaise sat next to him and Pansy in across from them. Tracey Davis and Daphne Greengrass were the only other seventh year Slytherins still around. None of them regretted their choice to switch sides.

“I heard that Vincent killed himself,” Blaise said, his voice almost a whisper.

Tracey nodded, “I heard that too.”

“I don’t doubt it. He never seemed to know what to do with himself without some assistance. Dying probably just seemed like the best option.” Draco commented.

Murmurs of agreement filled the air for a moment as Draco took another bite of his sandwich.

Daphne gripped her glass and lifted it off the table and slid closer to Pansy, “I say good riddance.”

They moved together, forming a single close unit at the table as they clicked their glass and drank. But unlike other times, when they had done the same to celebrate the deaths of their torturers, they didn’t slide back forte distance. The girls started gossiping quietly and Draco glanced up at the head table to catch Snape’s eye. The Slytherin head of house raised his own glass to the Malfoy heir and nodded in approval.

Finally, feelings and emotions were returning to normal.


Gradually, as the weeks passed, more and more Slytherins lost their fear of being sold out and started speaking with their friends again at meal times. Hufflepuffs started taking up more room at their table, Ravenclaws stopped reading and taking notes; instead choosing to talk and gossip. The predictable Gryffindors however, remained the same.

It was three weeks later as Blaise watched his friend look around the hall like he did everyday, the silver eyes landing on one Ginny Weasley. Those eyes filled with hatred, anger, and most of all, jealously. Draco was jealous of Weasley, and Blaise couldn’t figure out why until the day that a single owl flew into the room.

Hedwig had always been easily spotted, but she hadn’t been seen in the hall in four months, and she brought utter silence down with her as she took a lap around the large hall before settling in front of Ginny, who gained an incredibly bright look on her face. The whole hall held their breath as she read the letter, they watched as her face crumbled, as her whole demeanor changed before their eyes and Blaise watched as Draco smirked, happy with the look.

“He broke up with me! Me! The best thing that’s ever happened to him!” she shrieked, standing from the table, waving the letter around. She spun on the owl and went to attack it but Neville held her back a stern look on his face and he shoved her down into her seat.

“Ginny, what did the letter say exactly?” Hermione asked, trying to calm the hot-tempered red head down.

“It said that I was tired of being in denial of my feelings that I’ve had long before we had started dating. That I couldn’t repress them anymore because the more I learned about Wizarding society and what people here view as right and wrong the more I knew for sure of what my feelings were and that it would be alright for me to pursue those feelings,” Harry said, hands in his pockets. Everyone had turned to look at the doors to the Great Hall as he had started speaking and the only people who didn’t seem shocked were the professors. He wore jeans, beat up sneakers and a plain green sweater and for the first time in three years he looked healthy, strong and calm, utterly calm.

Ginny was the first to recover and she flew from her seat to Harry before raising her hand to slap him and Harry just grabbed the hand in the air, staring hard at her. “I don’t even know what I ever saw in you.” He shoved her away and she fell backwards, falling to the ground.

“How dare you!” she snarled at him, face contorting.

“No, how dare you. Denial has been getting me nowhere and I want to go somewhere.” He strode around her and straight into Hermione’s waiting arms, who both sighed in relief as soon as they touched. Hurried and whispered words were said with a lot of head shaking from Hermione before her face crumpled and she squeezed Harry tighter as he started to shake. She slowly guided him down to sit while she remained standing and his forehead rested on her shoulder as his body racked with sobs and she held him, rubbing her hands up and down his back, through his hair. Her strength to hold him up held, even as Ron stepped behind her, slipped an arm around her waist and hugged them both.

“Come on, come on, sweetie, let’s get out of the hall, alright?” Hermione coaxed, bringing Harry to a standing position before she and Ron walked him away from prying eyes. Ginny moved to follow but stopped with a well placed glare from Neville. It was the last time they were seen all day.


Draco rubbed at his temples as he made his rounds as Head Boy, a privilege that had been the blackmail McGonagall offered to get him to come back to school his final year. The benefits had been too much to pass up: his own room and bathroom, along with a larger bed and his own heater -- something he only had at home, and above all things Draco Malfoy enjoyed being warm at night.

He dropped his hands into his trouser pockets and scuffed at the ground with his shoes. There were fewer wanderers during the winter months, partly because shoes made more noise against the stone floor and no one wanted to go walking on the cold, stone floor in the dead of December without shoes, and partly because while common rooms were equipped to handle the winds, corridors weren’t.

Shivering as he made his way down one of the colder hallways, Draco paused at the odd shadows on the floor and looked up slowly, eyes coming to rest on a figure, wrapped in blankets, resting in the window seal. A feral grin spreading across his face, he was happy to be able to scare someone and take his mind of the cold, and the boredom. He staked his prey like a panther, stepping lightly against the stone, eyes narrowed in concentration.

With a shocked jerk, he whispered, “Potter?”

Green eyes met his silver ones and Harry smiled softly, “Hello.”

“You’re out past curfew.”

“I know.”

“I’m going to have to take points.”

“I have an excuse from the Headmistress. It’s really weird, to say Headmistress, not Headmaster.” Harry added suddenly, sighing and glancing back out the window, “I’ve missed so much.” He looked back at the Slytherin, “Why don’t you sit with me? You look cold.” At that he lifted the blanket he was under to accommodate the other boy while he reached onto the other side of himself to pour a cup of hot chocolate. He offered it to the blond, a soft smile on his face and Draco took it, sliding under the blanket with his once rival.

“Why do you have an excuse from McGonagall?” Draco asked, after a long moment of sipping silence.

“It was the hospital stays. I got used to being woken up at odd times during the night for stupid reasons. Mainly at the beginning it was to make sure I was still breathing, it gradually turned into the nurses just checking up on me because I was mainly alone.”

“How come?”

“It was the Order. They said it was for my protection but after what seemed like the hundredth time asking to see Ron and Hermione I knew it wasn’t. I grew to dread their visits, as far between as they were, because I knew they wouldn’t have any good news for me. They didn’t seem to notice what was happening until Gemma said something and they stopped visiting all together.”

Silence filled the bubble around them again as Harry admired the moon and poured himself another cup of hot chocolate, offering the kettle to Draco to refill his own cup. The blond complied and stared at Harry for a long moment, dying to ask more questions, to find out more information about this boy that he had grown to like. Grown to love.

“You can keep asking questions. I have to talk about it sometime.”

Draco sighed and trudged on. “Why were you in the hospital for so long?”

At this Harry actually cracked a grin, “When I blew Voldyshorts into a million little pieces my magical core went all wonky and after they brought me out of my magically induced coma, my magic control was close to nothing. Gemma told me that it was like they had a four year old in the room first coming into their magic, not a seventeen year old who already had too much. It took three months for me to gain control again. I felt like a first year again, learning the basics.”

“Who's Gemma?”

“My main nurse. She was brilliant. She even snuck me out of the hospital a couple of times.”

A shocked look overcame Draco’s face and he didn’t even try to hide it, “How?”

Laughter bubbled, “Promise you won’t laugh?” Harry glanced into grey eyes who nodded before asking, seemingly offhandedly, “Have you ever cross-dressed?”

The blond Slytherin allowed his mouth to drop open at this admission. “No!”

“It certainly is an experience. Walking in high heels is a pain in the arse; I don’t understand why women wear them for fun.”


“There were times during my stay that I just had to leave. Had to. If I hadn’t been able to get away I would have blown up the hospital. Gemma understood and snuck me out a couple of times so I could unwind. Of course this was after I had gotten better.” He paused. “It was actually those few times of going out that I realized I couldn’t be with Ginny anymore, no matter how hard I tried. I had to be me for the first time in a long time and being with a girl just wasn’t doing anything for me anymore.”

“Did you just admit to me that you’re gay?”

Green eyes pinned him to his spot, “Do you mind?”

“That would be hypocritical of me.”

Harry smiled and shifted closer to Draco, their knees touching, his voice no more than a whisper, “Did I also mention that while I was out having my cross-dressing escapades that I realized I was madly in love with someone that wasn’t Ginny?”

“No,” it was whispered back.

“Hopefully you won’t mind what I’m about to do. It would be horrible if you did,” Harry whispered, sliding into Draco’s embrace.

“I don’t think I will.”

Leaning forward, lips touched and Harry shifted under the blanket, drawing it closer around them as a strong wind current picked up outside and the cold air whistled though the gaps in the stone ways. It bounced around the hallway, chilling everything in its path but both Harry and Draco were quite warm, in their huddle of body heat and blanket warmth they sat for a long time after the first kiss, waiting for anything that would come next.

Several Months Later

“I just want you to forgive me.”

“And I just want you to acknowledge me as your boyfriend for once in public! We’ve been dating since school, Draco!” Harry spun around and glared at the blond in front of him, his eyes blazing.


“No! Everyone knows! Everyone! Yet whenever you introduce me it’s as your friend, despite the fact that I always introduce you as my boyfriend! Are you ashamed of me or something?” The ex-Gryffindor crossed his arms in front of him.

“No, of course not.” Draco spoke in a seemingly calming voice that only proceeded to make Harry angrier.

“Then why won’t you say anything to people? Why do you constantly insist on acting couplely in public but you won’t even call me your boyfriend, or your lover, or even your partner?” Harry broke off, turning his back on Draco as he entered their bedroom and slammed the door behind him.

Sighing heavily, the ex-Slytherin grabbed blankets from the closet and made himself comfortable on the couch.

The next morning Draco was woken up by a door slamming once more. He looked up to see the lock in the front door twist as Harry let himself out. Slumping back onto the cushions he happened to glance over at the coffee table, on which Harry had left a note.


Went out for a late breakfast with Hermione and Ron. Will be back before one. Please have the blanket put away.


Screwing up his face, Draco blanched. Harry always finished his notes with a ‘love’ and seeing none, Draco knew he was still angry. Shoving a pillow over his face, he let loose a scream and then proceeded to fall back to sleep.

Waking up once more, Draco was greeted with the sight of Harry, arm crossed, foot taping, and glaring Harry to be exact.

“Are you now incapable of following simple instructions?” He bent and ripped the blanket off the blond and folded it while Draco scrambled to stand, cursing the fact that Harry had forced him to be so un-Malfoy like.

“Of course I’m capable. I’m a Malfoy after all.”

A blank stare was all he got for his efforts before Harry rolled his eyes and shoved the blanket back into the closet, debating for a moment if he should follow it because everything had been easier when he was still in denial. He slammed the door, something he was getting quiet good at, before turning back to Draco.

“I ran into Severus when we were in Hogsmeade and invited him to an early dinner, just so you know. I’m going to take a shower.” He stalked to the bathroom.

Draco smirked at Harry's retreating back before he followed the brunet, stripping as he went. He paused, looking at the clothes on the floor. He knew Harry was going to be angry if he left them. He scrambled to pick them up, shoving them into the dirty hamper before ducking into the bathroom and tip-toeing over to the shower. He slipped in and wrapped his arms around Harry, who sighed.

“I’m sorry. I really am. It’s just hard,” Draco said. He turned the smaller body to face him. “I promise, from now on, that I’ll try to follow requests and introduce you as my boyfriend.”

“I suppose that’s all I’ll get from you?”

“Yes.” He smiled and leaned down to kiss the man in his arms, not protesting when Harry reached up and tangled his fingers into the soft stands of blond hair. Draco dipped his arms around Harry’s waist. The hands moved to the shower knobs, causing Draco to knock them away, protesting before shoving Harry against the wall. He lowered his hands from Harry's hips to under his arse and he prodded him to slide up the wet wall behind. Harry laughed and followed the silent orders, wrapping his legs around Draco in the process.

“What prompted this?” Harry asked.

Draco buried his head into Harry’s neck, “I don’t know.”

He moaned softly at the feel of his lover’s body against his own wet one as the shower head attacked them both from above. Hands traveled and arousal grew so thick in the already heated air that sweat formed on foreheads. Fingers, tongues and erections explored. Mouth open in a silent scream, Harry threw his head back into the tile at the feeling of Draco entering him in what felt like ages. The scalding water lit them both on fire as they rocked together. With hands gripping, mouths moaning, and bodies shuddering with every move into each other, they trembled, cried, and groaned. Erections rubbed against stomach muscles as if they had never felt such a sensation before. With a scream muffled by Harry’s collarbone, Draco sped up, thrusting against him with abandon, littering open-mouthed kisses over all the skin he could reach. Shaking, Harry gripped Draco’s hair, allowing them both to loose control. They stood under the water for a long time afterward, simply being together.

A week later, while he held a flute of champagne at another one of his mother’s parties, Draco spoke quietly with Terry and Tiffany Heth. They were old friends of his parents, yet his attention wasn’t on Tiffany as she described her daughter's beauty to him. He only had eyes for one person. Draco smiled as Harry joined him, and linked their fingers together. “Mr. and Mrs. Heth, this is Harry Potter, my boyfriend.”

Harry smiled at him and curled into his side, content and happy to be where he was.
Tags: [fic], rated: r, round: winter 2006

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