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Author: tray_la_la
Recipient: The hd_holidays community!
Title: Letters of Persistence
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Draco is staunch in his refusal. But, really, when has that ever worked out for him before?
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): A wee little fic with a wee bit of kink.
Epilogue compliant? Yes
Word Count: ~2000
Author's Notes: Happy HD_Holidays!!! I’m so happy to be back in the clutches of my dear boys (especially during such a naughty time of year). Millions of thanks to my betas B and M, not only for their time and skill, but for being wonderful women I admire like crazy. Another huge thank you to Tara. You are a complete gem, and I cannot fathom this fest without your wonderful spirit (not to mention your incredible patience).

9 November, 2019


I’m not sure how to say this, or if I should even be writing to you.

I’m nervous. I feel like a prat, but that’s the truth.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not backing out. I just don’t want to let you down -- strange as that may be.


11 November, 2019

Dear Mr Potter,

My position was made clear to you in my Owl dated 24 October. I am not in the habit of negotiating, nor in doling out comfort. If you are no longer interested in the terms as discussed, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Please recall that you sought me out, not the other way around.


D. Malfoy

15 November, 2019


I’ll be there.


21 November, 2019


Give me another chance. Face it, I’m known for learning from my spectacular screw ups.


22 November, 2019


I said I was sorry. My nerves got the best of me and I- I panicked.

Can’t we start over?


23 November, 2019

Fuck, Draco. Stop being a stubborn prat. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not taking no for an answer.

24 November, 2019

You’re not ready.

26 November, 2019


I shouldn’t be surprised that you would stoop so low as to Owl the Manor. As I am sure you are perfectly aware, I no longer reside there. My mother, however, sends her regards.

You have my answer. Please cease all correspondence immediately.

D. Malfoy

28 November, 2019

Tomorrow. 126 Trevel Lane. 8 pm sharp.

If you can’t get past the wards, don’t bother contacting me again.

I won’t change my mind twice.

D. Malfoy

30 November, 2019

Draco, I-

Thank you.

1 December, 2019


The events of two evenings ago were... a surprise. Naturally, however, I set the bar low where you’re concerned. Next time, I expect more.

Tomorrow, 7 pm.

D. Malfoy

3 December, 2019

When can we meet again?

3 December, 2019; 4:47 PM

Does your greed know no bounds?

3 December, 2019; 5:01 PM

Tomorrow, 7 pm.

7 December, 2019

My cheek still stings. I can’t stop touching it.


8 December, 2019

Then don’t stop.

9 December, 2019; 7:55 AM


At lunch today, you are to wank in your office for no less than twenty minutes. No lubricant whatsoever is to be used. I am sure I do not have to tell you to think only of me.

I look forward to receiving complete details via Owl this evening.


9 December, 2019; 9:35 PM


Today was... different. I am not quite sure how to start. I’ve never really done this before. But here goes.

At noon I told Sally to hold all of my Owls and then charmed my door with pretty much every locking charm I could think of. Afterwards, I sat down in my chair and undid my trousers. I couldn’t decide whether to take them off or not. In the end, the thought of being starkers alone in my office was too bizarre, so I pushed my trousers and pants to my thighs and got on with it.

(Is this too much detail? I imagine that the state of my trousers is decidedly un-sexy, but you did say complete, right? See, I can follow rules after all.)

Next, I cast a warming charm as it’s always bloody freezing in my office. After that I... I wrapped my fist around myself. Honestly, I was already almost halfway there, knowing I was about to wank in my office just because you told me to.

But as soon as I pumped my fist I nearly flew out of my chair. Seriously, it’s like rope burn down there. I loosened my grip as much as possible and then leaned back in my chair and shut my eyes.

I pictured our last visit and imagined my hand was really yours. How long did you wank me for that night -- an hour? Two? It felt like longer. I’ve never wanted to come so badly in my life.

Once I got warmed up, I tightened my fist a bit more. Every third pull I’d squeeze a little harder, just the way you do it. The jolts shot right through my belly and I almost lost it right then.

I tried to slow down after that, but I thought about all the things you whispered in my ear while you wanked me. I’ve never thought of half of those things, let alone heard them said out loud. I could almost feel your breath on my neck as you told me about how much you want your fist up my arse.

Then, well, I couldn’t take it anymore and I came. Afterwards, I sat there for a few minutes to catch my breath and watched the come dry on my stomach. I thought about doing that thing you make me do when we’re finished, but at the last minute I chickened out.

I cleaned up with my wand and then got back to work -- though I couldn’t quite concentrate after that. I’m pretty sure I bollocks’d up at least a dozen things before the day was up. Sally even asked if I was feeling all right.

Anyway, I hope this met your expectations?


11 December, 2019


Your last Owl did indeed satisfy my expectations. Though you are not to employ any more euphemisms in the future. I want to hear exactly how sore your cock was after I pulled you off for hours without permitting you to come. I want to know how many fingers you wrapped around your prick in your office while you thought of me.

Above all else, I want to picture the split second after your orgasm when you looked down at the come cooling on your stomach and debated whether or not to taste yourself.

Tomorrow, 5. Plan to stay the night.

12 December, 2019; 12:23 PM


I was caught off guard this morning when you asked about my thoughts upon receiving your first letter. As I’m sure you deduced, it is not a situation I handle with great aplomb. I didn’t mean- It was not my intention to treat the topic as forbidden.

In truth, I was angry when I first read your letter. I was sure it was meant as a joke to embarrass me, or as a ploy to expose me. I immediately wanted to know how you had heard about my... enterprise. I won’t repeat the harsh words I conveyed to my associates and former acquaintances, reminding all concerned of the confidentiality curse to which betrayers are subject.

Later, though, I will admit I was intrigued. When no detractors were revealed, I let myself wonder if you were serious. How delicious a revenge to dominate my boyhood rival? The great and powerful Harry Potter. I myself am subject to the same curse, but the thought still crossed my mind. Head Auror, father, hero. I could only imagine the scandal.

And then you wavered, and I was prepared to walk away. But you were so adamant, so... open. I am well accustomed to the hefty responsibility that accompanies vulnerability, Potter. But with you the rules always seem to be different.

And, in the event you were curious, no one else has ever sampled my eggs.


12 December, 2019; 2:16 PM

They were delicious.

12 December, 2019; 6:48 PM


I haven’t accomplished a single thing in the past four hours. All I can think about is how badly I want to be on my knees with your cock shoved down my throat.


12 December, 2019; 7:04 PM

Come straight here after work. Keep the Auror robes on.

16 December, 2019; 10:17 AM


I need to stop off at home tonight before I come over to your place. Ginny’s picking the kids up around midday, but I couldn’t leave for work with all my stuff for the weekend. Lils is freakishly perceptive and that would’ve risked a few questions I’m not sure how to answer yet.

Shouldn’t take more than a bit though.


16 December, 2019; 11:22 AM


I sent Pinky to fetch your things, so no need for the delay. I told him to look for something red and gold and stinking of sweat. Sure enough, he returned with your Quidditch bag. I’m delighted to see how few articles of clothing you deemed necessary for this weekend.


P.S. Apparently, Pinky was very well received by your House Elf. Dear old Kreacher was more than happy to divulge your Floo password for the sake of Pinky’s noble, pureblood Master.

Dragon. Really? Your banality never ceases to amaze.

Also, there may be a reward in store for you later. Unrelated, of course.

16 December, 2019; 11:35 AM

A reward? That’s below the belt, Draco. I need to accomplish something at work today, and the chances of that now are pretty much shot. I’m debating turning you into Kingsley.

16 December, 2019; 11:53 AM

Oh, please do. I’m sure he’ll understand why your performance has suffered of late when he hears that tonight your former boyhood rival will be strapping you to the spanking horse and fucking your mouth until your throat bleeds.

Just be sure to give Kingsley my best before you break the news. The Ministry’s order of Auror-grade Analgesia should arrive by end of business tomorrow.

16 December, 2019; 12:06 PM

Fucking hell. I’m stopping over for lunch.

16 December, 2019; 12:14 PM

You’ll do nothing of the sort. Now stop writing me and get something done. I’m told you’re rather important. For things other than sucking me off, I mean.

16 December, 2019; 12:27 PM

Have it your way. Prat.

16 December, 2019; 12:39 PM

Ignoring instructions already? I thought I’d taught you better.

19 December, 2019; 9:33 AM

I miss being in bed with you.

19 December, 2019; 5:16 PM

I’m inclined to agree.

24 December, 2019; 2:45 PM

Packing up to head over to the Burrow for the night.

I’m a bit of a mess over the whole situation, to be honest. Ginny’s bringing some bloke for the first time. I’m just not sure the kids are ready.

You and Scorpius getting on all right?

24 December, 2019; 2:55 PM

Scorpius and I are well, thank you. Things at the Burrow will be fine, Harry. From what I hear, those kids of yours get their resilience from their father.

25 December, 2019; 8:20 AM

Merry Christmas, Harry.

25 December, 2019; 10:08 AM

Happy Christmas, Draco.

I didn’t get everything I want, but I hope to soon.

26 December, 2019; 1:52 PM

The kids just left with Ginny for the rest of the week. Blimey, I’m exhausted. Seems I was worried for nothing, though.

I miss you.

26 December, 2019; 2:15 PM

Scorpius is off with his grandmother for the day, and I have a fire waiting.

There’s a new password for the Floo... for Christmas: Accipe cor meum.

26 December, 2019; 2:28 PM

Maximo cum meo amore.

26 December, 2019; 2:37 PM

Potter, I’m impressed.

26 December, 2019; 2:49 PM

Uh, don’t be. I may have picked that one up from Lils. Some idiot Owled her a love letter over hols. A second year, can you believe that? Fucking Slytherins.

As for the password, would you hold it against me if I said a Translation charm?

26 December, 2019; 3:02 PM

Hopeless, as I suspected all along.

Now hurry the fuck up already or I’m locking up the paddle for the night.

26 December, 2019; 3:11 PM

Please don’t, I’ll be right there!



26 December, 2019; 3:23 PM


You too.


*Accipe cor meum means “Take my heart” in Latin. Maximo cum meo amore translates to “With the strongest love of which I am capable.” At least according to Google Translate. :)
Tags: [fic], rated: r, round: winter 2011

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