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Happy H/D Holidays ravenna_c_tan!! | Apologise - R

Author: morganmuffle

A/N: for ravenna_c_tan. Dubious loyalty, dub con and I hope you had a very happy holiday season *g*

Aveda Kedavra

The words broke through the fog in Harry’s head and he saw the green flash hit his captor in the middle of his chest. For a moment there was complete stillness as the look of shock travelled across Rodolphus’ face and then he collapsed backwards hitting the floor with a bang.

Harry had just enough strength the register that it was Draco standing in the door, his wand still raised, before relief overtook him and he blacked out.

A cold, hard slap brought him to again and he scowled pulling at the ropes that bound him to the chair.

“Bloody hell Malfoy,” Harry groaned. “Just get me out of here!”

Something approaching a smile flitted across Draco’s face but he stayed where he was. Harry glared at him; this was hardly the time for messing around. Rodolphus may have been dead but he had no idea where Rabastan had gone and he could be just as dangerous.

“If you’re wondering about that other fool then don’t,” Draco said with an amused look. “I took care of him too. I have no idea how you let yourself get captured by two such imbecilic individuals. They were never that threatening even with dear Aunt Bella backing them up and now…”

Draco was behind him now but Harry could imagine the hard look on his face perfectly. It used to appear every time he talked about his disowned family, but he had barely mentioned them since the trials of those death Eaters captured in the Final Battle. He was almost so used to the post-war Draco that Harry had forgotten this more dangerous man.

“I’m sorry if it inconvenienced you.” Harry spat out the words, frustrated at his lack of control over the situation. “It was hardly deliberate. Now get me out if here!”

“Temper, temper Potter.” The sneer in his voice had been so obviously modelled on Snape that Harry almost smiled. “I’ll let you go when I’m ready and not before.”

“Stop being so melodramatic! Whatever game you’ve decided we’re playing I don’t care I’m cold and covered in bruises and I’m tied to a fucking chair so if you could possibly manage to pull yourself together for five minutes you can do just whatever you want when I’ve had a shower and a bloody drink!”

Harry craned his neck to try and see Draco who had moved to stand directly behind him. The silence was annoying him, it had been so long since they’d actually been out in the field he’d forgotten half the skills he’d learnt and alongside the tiredness he was feeling cross with himself for even getting caught.

“Draco. Untie me now!”

“I don’t think you’re in any position to give orders, do you?” Draco’s voice was dangerously soft. “Tied up as you are, without your wand.”

Harry felt something cold trail across his shoulder and as it came to rest across his neck he realised it was a knife.

“Draco, what the…”

“Scared Potter?” Draco laughed that cold laugh again. “Nobody’s coming you know. They agreed it was best if we did this alone without terrorising the neighbourhood.”

The knife blade was pushed against Harry’s skin and he tried hard not to swallow.

Moving slowly and keeping the point of the knife steady Draco moved so he was facing Harry.

“Do you know this is the first time I’ve been able to get you alone?” Draco let the tip of the knife cut into Harry’s skin but he didn’t flinch. “I’ve been wanting a little chat with you for so long…”

“And you couldn’t just have sent an owl like a normal person?” Harry hoped his voice didn’t give away how unnerved he was.

“Oh no,” Draco dragged the knife down Harry’s chest cutting away the remnants of the tattered grey T-Shirt he was wearing. “I hardly think I could have got the point across in an owl.”

In one sudden movement Draco slashed the knife across Harry’s exposed stomach.

“Remind you of anything?” Draco’s breathing was shallow and erratic now. “Remind you of the time you nearly killed me and barely got punished because you were the golden boy and I was the scum.”

Harry gritted his teeth, determined not to let Draco see his pain or his fear. Ron had always warned him that Malfoy would never change but eventually he, like all the others, had believed Draco to be firmly on their side. For two years now they had worked alongside each other and Draco had never seemed anything other than, well not friendly precisely but at least polite.

“You could have made it so easy Harry,” his tone was almost wheedling and Harry could feel the knife against his cheek. “You had the chance, you could have had me on your side from the start but no,” they were so close now that Harry could feel how Draco was trembling, “no you had to turn me away, you had to fucking destroy me before I was allowed anywhere near you.”

“You don’t look very destroyed to me Malfoy!” Harry spat out his name. “You…”

Draco brought the knife to rest against Harry’s bottom lip, silencing him, and for a moment the two men glared at each other, both breathing hard.

“You couldn’t just have taken my hand.”

The knife cut into Harry’s lip but before he could react Draco’s mouth was on his, violent and insistent. It wasn’t so much a kiss as Draco sucked the blood from the small cut and bit down hard. Harry struggled, trying to push Draco away with his shoulders but that only made Draco laugh as he yanked Harry’s hair pulling his head back hard.

“Oh no you don’t,” Draco put the knife at the base of Harry’s throat again. “You don’t get to push me away this time Potter.”

Straddling Harry he leant down and sucked on the first cut he had made, all the time holding the knife hard against Harry’s skin. He tried to turn his head but Draco’s hand was still pulling at his hair and his wrists were still tightly secured.


The word changed from an angry shout into a moan as Draco’s body pressed against his and Harry felt himself warming up at the touch. A sharp yank on his hair made him gasp.

“Enjoying yourself are you Potter? I should have known Gryffindor’s golden boy was a pervert.”

“Fuck off!” Harry turned his head and licked the blood from his bottom lip.

“A very grown up argument.” Draco pressed the knife hard against Harry’s shoulder blade making a deeper cut than before. “Just remember who’s got the knife here.”

“And what are you going to do?” As the warmth returned to his body Harry felt his confidence grow despite the pain from the cuts. “If you don’t report back they will come and find you and you know what they’ll do to you.”

“Give me a medal?” Draco suddenly stood up and moved backwards and Harry had to stifle a moan as the other man’s body heat left him.

“I was too late.” An oddly blank look stole across Draco’s face. “He was still alive when I got here and those sick bastards…” he swallowed hard, “Rodolphus must have heard me attack his brother and by the time I’d got here it was too late.”

Harry watched in horrified fascination as Draco looked sadly at the body of the ex-Death Eater on the floor.

“They won’t believe you.”

“Why not? I’ve proved myself trustworthy and a quick spell on my wand will prove the last person I killed was this idiot.” Draco kicked the body.


“But what?” Suddenly Draco was at Harry’s side again with the knife hovering just in front of Harry’s eyes. “Still think this is a game Potter?”

“Not really.” Harry could feel the blood spilling down his stomach from the cut across his chest and the ridiculousness of his situation started to bear down on him. “You’ve been saving this up have you? Desperate to get your revenge on me? For what Draco! You chose your role in this war and now you want to play killer? Well go ahead, just get it over before I fucking freeze to death!”

A soft sound escaped from Draco’s lips, somewhere between a laugh and snort.

“I chose my role did I?” Draco was holding the knife loosely in his hand now, “Chose to be locked away in the hell hole for 3 months watching Severus desperately trying to please you all whilst you flung your scorn at him and then having to grovel to gain your trust despite having given up all my friends to those murderous bastards.”

Harry found himself mesmerised by the knife as Draco passed it from hand to hand.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. All those months having to hide and watch You think I enjoyed fighting against them, watching Blaise die at the hands of that Weasley bitch and then afterwards having to celebrate with you all and testify against everyone I knew and loved.”

Suddenly focussed again Draco pressed the tip of the knife just below Harry’s ribcage.

“You destroyed my entire life; killed my father, drove my mother mad, made me betray my friends and laughed when my aunt died. You made me beg.”

The knife was pushing into Harry’s side and he tried desperately to calm his breathing afraid the slightest movement could cause it to slip.

“And they were all innocents I suppose.” Harry couldn’t keep the scorn out of his voice.

“My mother was.” Draco met Harry’s eyes now and suddenly there was nothing even remotely funny or ridiculous about the situation, any lingering pleasure from the heat of the earlier touch fled Harry’s body. “My mother never harmed anyone and yet your precious Aurors hounded her to her death despite me begging them not to.”

“She was protecting a mass murderer!


Harry flinched, unprepared for the shout so close to his face, and the knife dug into his side.

The cut was far deeper than any that had come before and Draco let go of the knife as if he had been burned. As the colour drained from Draco’s face Harry started to laugh softly.

“So it was a game after all,” he coughed and winced at the pain. “Cut me up a bit and…”

The pain in his side was intense and after all that had gone before Harry could feel himself slipping from consciousness again.

“Fuck off Potter,” Harry was half aware of something tugging at his wrists. “You’re not fucking dying on me before I get an apology!”

Harry wasn’t really aware of anything anymore except that he was no longer cold. He could see Draco above him but nothing was clear. He wished he had his wand with him, he felt naked without it. Slowly it came back to him, he was half naked on the floor of some shack bleeding to death and Draco…

There was a stabbing pain in his side and Harry screamed.

“Stay still you idiot!” Firm hands pressed him back down and he felt something press against the deepest wound, cold and hot at the same time it seemed to numb the pain. As he came back to his senses Harry realised Draco must be using his wand and he lunged to grab at it but Draco was faster.

“Oh no! I may not want you bleeding to death but you’re not getting a bloody wand.”

Draco had Harry pinned to the floor, one hand pushing hard against his chest, knees pressing down on his legs. Harry pushed upwards trying to break free of Draco’s grip but he was just too weak from his earlier fight and the loss of blood and all he succeeded in doing was shifting Draco’s position.

“What now,” Harry was struggling to control his breathing. “Have you got any idea what you’re fucking doing?”

Draco’s expression was completely unreadable, to Harry at least, and he leant down so that their faces were centimetres apart.

“Don’t like not being in control do you?” Harry tried to move again but Draco’s body weight kept him from moving anything but his head. “I wonder how you’d have coped with being told to ‘lie low’ for months on end? Probably about as well as that bastard godfather of yours.”

Unable to effectively answer Draco’s taunts Harry craned his head up and bit Draco’s lip hard. The Slytherin jerked his head back allowing Harry the chance he needed to move.

“Apologise. Now!” Harry grabbed Draco’s shoulders and slammed him back against the flimsy wall of the shack.

“You wish!” Draco laughed at Harry’s fury and, pulling at his hair, kissed him with a ferociousness neither was quite expecting.

At first Harry fought to free himself but as he pulled and pushed at Draco his hand slipped under the waist band of Draco’s jeans and the he leaned in desperately to the heat.

Draco was laughing again, this time against Harry’s mouth, infuriating him so much he tried to slam Draco’s head back against the wall but the effort produced a searing pain in the scar on his chest and he gasped.

Draco took the tiny advantage and, once again, pinned Harry to the floor but this time there was no talking and no quiet glare. Not breaking the kiss, Draco’s hands ripped at the waistband of Harry’s trousers, pulling them and his pants down in one scrabbling movement. Harry tried to dislodge him again by biting Draco’s lip but this time Draco didn’t flinch, instead he leaned in harder letting the blood from his own lips mingle with Harry’s.

With some surprise Harry realised that all the friction had given him an erection that even the cold air of the room wasn’t diminishing.

“Needy little bugger aren’t you!” Draco surveyed Harry’s flushed face and his hard cock and fumbled with his own trousers.

Trying to push Draco away Harry found himself rubbing against the harsh fabric of Draco’s jeans and a groan escaped his lips. Having pushed his jeans down around his ankles Draco pushed back against Harry so that their cocks brushed against each other and mingled in the blood that seemed to cover them both now.

“Fucking hell Malfoy!” Harry arched off the floor desperately. “Please…”

“Your turn to beg now Potter. If you can’t fucking apologise then you’d better learn to fucking beg!”

“Never!” the growl in the back of Harry’s throat undermined his claim. “You’re crazy, you’ll kill me!”

Draco chuckled and before Harry was aware what he was doing he shifted so that his cock was poised at Harry’s entrance.

“No! Draco!” Harry’s hands scrabbled desperately at the floor but couldn’t get any purchase before he felt Draco enter him with a burst of a new type of pain.

“So fucking tight Potter,” Draco moaned as he watched Harry thrashing beneath him. “So tight and hot and needy.”

Harry dug his nails into the palms of his hands fighting for control as Draco pulled out and then slammed back into him. He was babbling now, desperate to stop the pain and the ache.

“That’s right, beg Potter, beg me to stop, beg me to go faster. See how you like. Being. Fucked.”

Draco’s words punctuated the air as he thrust into Harry. The initial pain had been overtaken by an all-consuming ache and Harry felt a tear squeeze from under his eyelids as he desperately fought for control.

Before he had a chance to pull himself together Draco took Harry’s cock in his head, pulling on it hard and making Harry’s eyes flash open.

“That’s it Harry,” Draco was staring down at him. “Come for me now, come for me lying there begging and desperate!”

As the speed of Draco’s thrusts and his hand increased Harry felt himself spiralling out of control until he came with a scream just moments before Draco spurted inside him.

For a moment they lay there, Draco’s weight draped across Harry’s chest, both breathing hard, before Harry started to laugh softly.

“What?” Draco rolled off to one side. “What’s so fucking funny?”

“You. Me. Here.” Harry’s giggles were becoming slightly hysterical. “Any moment now Kingsley’s going to walk through that door and..”

Draco stared at him in confusion.

“Next time could you just bloody well come and visit!” Harry tried to swallow the laughter as it pulled on the cuts that were starting to scab over. “There have got to be more comfortable places!”

“Next time?” Draco sat up suddenly. “If you just bloody well apologise there doesn’t have to be a next time you proud sonofabitch!”

Wincing slightly Harry sat up too and looked closely at Draco before leaning in for a deep, and slightly calmer, kiss.

“Now where would be the fun in that?”
Tags: [fic], rated: r, round: winter 2006

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