Дженнифер (zhonnika) wrote in hd_holidays,

Help me out!

If you've signed up for this fest, you MUST reply to this post by 22 November 2006

I need to know how many of you will be done by the deadline of this Saturday (thanks, Flora). As it stands, I only have 10-11 things to post. That isn't a lot, as you can probably guess.

If you are NOT going to be done by Friday, please give me an approximate date.

Likewise, if you are NOT GOING TO TURN IN YOUR ASSIGNMENT, please let me know.

All comments are screened.

If I do not hear from you at all by Wednesday, I will be finding a backup writer for your assignment.

Thank you.

ETA: Yes, you can have an extension as long as you let me know when to expect the submission.
Tags: [admin] mod post

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