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Regarding this year's fest...

'Lo everyone! Well, we're getting close to the time of year...so let's get right into it with some of the changes/requirements for this final year.

Last year's rules regarding word count, html requirements, etc etc etc are here. Aside from the particpant caps and due dates, nothing else is changing.

The participant cap will be increased to 90 this year for writers, and artists will be unlimited. *gulp* This is about as much as we can handle without causing me and dysonrules to commit Hara-Kiri on New Year's Eve. We also think that this is about the limit that you guys can handle in terms of fest enjoyment and keeping up with postings.

Because we're increasing our participant count, we need everyone's commitment level to be, well, astronomically high. We're talking DEFCON 1 level of commitment here, okay? If you're going to have, say, an extra heavy courseload at school this fall term, maybe you shouldn't sign up. If you're only thinking about signing up because it's the final year and dammit you have to be a part of it, but you know your heart really isn't in HP anymore, maybe reconsider (because it is hard writing/drawing for something you dont feel passionate about). As the Guide to Participating in Fic Exchanges notes, be aware of your own abilities and limitations! <--- That is a *must read* for first-timers!

Our dates are getting bumped a little bit (again, because of the increased count). Things will proceed as follows:

  • Sign-ups begin on July 22nd midnight EST (that's just two weeks away, folks)

  • Sign-ups close on July 29th midnight EST

  • Assignments will be sent on August 11th (possibly sooner, but that would be the absolute latest)

  • Assignments due on October 21st

The lottery will be the same as last year for writers (one for returning participants, and one for first-timers). Artists will, again, be unlimited. Why? Because for a mod, art is easy - literally no maintenance required except for uploading.

Artists, the only thing that we require if you are new to the fest is that you show us your existing portfolio, so if you don't have it online now, find a place to do so...in your LJ, over at DeviantArt, wherever. Knowing your style helps us match you with a participant.

As we did in prior years, if you are one of those select few who both writes and draws, and you plan on signing up as an author and do not make the lottery, we will invite you in as an artist instead. We will ask first - we won't just toss you on there for art, but heads up that we may be asking for the small handful who are multi-talented.

Rules regarding extensions have not changed. You must attach your work in progress if you are asking. Several people forgot this last year - we let it slide a few times, and got burned, so there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to that this year. If you email for an extension without an attachment, we will ask for it once - just once - and if we do not get it, we will assume you haven't even started and may eliminate you from the fest.

Okay, I think that's enough for now. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to participate (please do not assume that if you dropped out in a prior year that you are banned - we know some of you had extraordinary circumstances and won't hold that against you! - please email us! hdhols-at-gmail-dot-com.

The sign-up template will be posted the Wednesday prior to sign-ups starting for those of you who like to get it ready early. Remember, this is not first-come first-serve, so whether you're the first or last to sign up, it doesn't matter. You can, as always, have someone sign up for you if you are going to be offline during that week.

taradiane, dysonrules, and bryoneybrynn (who will be doing assignments again this year!)
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