hd_hols (hd_hols) wrote in hd_holidays,

Having sign-up problems?

It's come to our attention that some of you are having technical difficulties (through no fault of your own). Apparently for some it's browser specific, for others it's style specific. Le sigh. If you are having issues getting your sign-up to post, please try the following:

  • If your 'post comment' button is grey (a known issue, apparently, which I was not aware of until just now) please try this fix!

  • If you hit 'post comment' and nothing shows up in the entry, then it is likely your sign-up was too long for a single comment and LJ has simply failed to tell you that (because it should, but we can no longer trust LJ to be reliable these days, can we?).... so try again but in two comments (PLEASE REPLY TO YOUR INITIAL COMMENT FOR THE SECOND HALF to make sure that your sign-up stays together in one piece). Some of you may even need three.

If it's still not working, send an email to us (hdhols at gmail dot com) and we will proxy for you. But please put in the subject line of your email 'PROXY SIGN UP' so that it doesn't get lost in the sea of emails that are coming through right now.

Tags: [admin] mod post

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