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Assignments have been sent!

All assignments have now been sent.

Please check your SPAM filter before you tell us that you never got your email.

You MUST CONFIRM receipt of your assignment by August 18th, or we will assume that you no longer want to participate (after trying to contact you, of course, but please don't make us waste time doing that).

Also, sometimes I fail at copy/paste, so if the link included in your email does not match the name given to you, then GO BY THE NAME, and just let me know so that I can dig up the correct sign-up link for you.

If you absolutely hate your assignment, or your recipient (hey, it happens!), then let us know and we will see what we can do. Please do not freak out if you see something in their wants/likes that you do not do or are not familiar with...you were all paired up for a reason, and there is AT THE BARE MINIMUM one thing that you have in common with your recipient. Work with that! Any prompts given are guidelines only and do not need to be followed. The only thing we require is that you AVOID AT ALL COST anything listed in their squicks. This is non-negotiable, and also rude (that last should go without saying).

Be inspired! Come to us if you need help - it is what we're here for!

taradiane, dysonrules, and bryoneybrynn

ETA: LOL yes I am aware that I left the due date in the email as 2011. I used last year's template and, well, clearly I overlooked that. Feel free to laugh and point - I'll take the shame!

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